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Parts Bins

Everyone needs part bins in a storage, service or distribution operation. Lack of organization is a key culprit in lost valuables and lost time trying to find items that should be in reach. Parts bins go by many different names including but not limited to shelf bins, cabinet bins, and Akro Bins. A true parts bin is corrugated cardboard or injected plastic, is about 4 inches high and fits perfectly on a shelving unit. It can be time consuming to figure out exactly what bins would fit perfectly into your shelving unit. For this reason, we now offer pre engineered bin shelving.

Akro is actually a brand name, not a bin type. A Plus Warehouse is honored to be a dealer for Akro Mils company, maker of Akrobins. The traditional Akro Bin is a parts bin that fits well on shelving or within cabinets. Some people refer to hook on or stacking bins as Akro bins as well. It is important to know what type of bins you need, as stacking and shelf type are different. You find hook on bins mostly in our pre-engineered bin cabinets. In these cabinets, the bins hook on to louvers welded into the back and/or doors of the cabinet. Hook on bins normally stack as well. Parts bins are knows as shelf bins as parts bins normally are used with industrial shelving units.

What types of customer need shelf bins? We sell parts bins to Government entities, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Industry, Farms and many others. We even sell to high tech firms that require ESD parts bins or complete ESD bin systems. We sell many quality brands of parts bins including: Akro, Quantum Plastics, Lewis Bins Plus, Orbis, Linvar, Durham, and Schaeffer. Whatever parts bin you need, we are ready to help.

Parts bins are part of an integrated storage cabinets and distribution system. Visualize moving your part in our parts bin, transporting it through your warehouse on our power conveyors. You may then have to accumulate and move to you're work benches by using one of our wood platform trucks. You can clearly see how A Plus Warehouse has the product you need to help in increasing efficiency.

Our sales reps are available to help with any question you have. Our telephone number is 800-209-8798.

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