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Shelf Bins

Most every customer needs shelf bins and plastic shelf bins. A Plus Warehouse is your source for quality economy shelf bins nationwide. Shelf bins differ from hook on or stacking bins. Plastic shelf bins are designed to sit on a shelf and may be nestable but are not stackable. Standard shelf bins are 4 inches high , and of course we have a variety of standard plastic shelf bins by Akro , Quantum , and Lewis Bins as well. Akro Mils now produces an extra tall shelf bin as well.


Akro extra tall shelf bins are called ShelfMax product.  These bins are 50 percent taller than standard units ! For a six inch tall shelf bin , the ShelfMax provided by Akro and A Plus Warehouse is just what you need!   A Plus Warehouse is always on the lookout for new and interesting economy shelf bins.  The system bins are 33 inch wide â€" full shelf width bins 5 inches high with integral dividers.  You can slide a system bin out and have easy access to six compartments at one time.

As you know , A Plus Warehouse is your Lockers and Storage Cabinets source .  We also stock corrugated shelf bins and cardboard shelf bins as well. Corrugated shelf bins are the old standard for small parts.  In deciding to order cardboard shelf bins ,  you want to consider the cost versus durability.  Corrugated is less expensive than plastic , but plastic tends to last longer.

A Plus Warehouse has a renowned customer focus.  We are not the only dealers for plastic shelf bins, but we always behave like you are the only customer! We are a small distributor when compared to a national big box store.  Of course 1000 employee companies don’t get that large from doing a bad job.  The major dealers are quite good.  A Plus Warehouse however is small enough so that there is a good chance that your order is known by the sales staff.  All of our sales work is done at our corporate office , and we have friendly competition every day.  Who handled the most interesting customer â€" who handled the most challenging application, etc.  We all appreciate our customers , and get credit for providing A Plus service to all customers who have made the intelligent decision to buy their equipment from us.

Our nationwide distribution points speed plastic shelf bins to you promptly!  Also , by having products close to you , freight charges are minimized. We are ready to help with your requirements and look forward to proving that A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!


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