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Tilt Trucks

A Plus Warehouse is a national stocking dealer for tilt trucks. The concept of a tilt truck is quite simple. When you have bulk product that needs to be transported then dumped, tilt trucks are your choice. Compare our Rubbermaid tilt trucks to a standard Rubbermaid brute container with a dolly. First start looking at capacity. The largest square brute container is 55 gallons. 55 gallons converts to roughly 0.27 cubic yards. The largest Rubbermaid tilt truck available has 4 x the volume at 2 cubic yards. Additionally the wheels are quite a bit larger on the tilt trucks, so moving is much easier. The final selling point is the tilting feature.

If you have never tried to empty a 55 gallon container into a dumpster, we don't recommend trying to. A 55 gallon barrel can easily have 70 pounds of solid waste in it. It is awkward to either lift and dump or try to angle the barrel and hope the dolly doesn't slide away from you. Plastic tilt trucks cost more than barrels, but this is a classic case of getting what you pay for. So, who uses Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks?

A typical use is satellite collection. In a shopping mall, there are many small barrels through out the area that customers use for refuse. As these fill up, maintenance people roll Rubbermaid tilt trucks up and empty the barrels. After collecting a full tilt trucks worth of refuse, the maintenance person then rolls the item out to the dumpster and empties the cart by tilting. For ultra heavy use operation, we also sell automatic dumpers that lift the tilt trucks into the air and dump them automatically. This option is a few thousand dollars, but is worth the money in saved labor if there are 4-5 tilt trucks being emptied per hour. Other customers that use tilt trucks include the Government - federal, state, and local, Millitary, Universities, Churches, Schools, and Industry in general.

Many of our tilt trucks are in stock for immediate delivery in our nationwide distribution facilities. This results in quick ship times and low total cost. Some of the brands of tilt trucks we sell include Rubbermaid, Dandux, CR Daniels, Bayhead, Akro Mils and Rotron. Some use our product for work in progress inventory. If you could imagine a process requiring transportation of non fragile bulk goods from place to place within your plant, you'd quickly see that our plastic tilt trucks would allow you to efficiently get your work in progress to where it is required, then empty the product for the next stage of manufacturing. This can also be supplemented with the use of A Plus Warehouse conveyors. In a constant process environment, conveyors can make more sense than warehouse handling equipment such as plastic tilt trucks.

Many of these units allow the use of lids. We strongly suggest lids for outdoor use. Akro Mils offers integral lids that make use simple. The lids are pop riveted to the trucks so that they are not removable. We have sold these to Country Clubs, as well as Yacht Clubs and other social organizations. The heavier duty tilt trucks can even handle a load on their lids. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 800-209-8798. We are here to make your ordering process as quick, and easy as possible. We are the experts, and look forward to being of assistance.

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