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Every company small and large needs dollies! A dolly is used in place of people lifting and moving manually. Putting a set of wheels under any load makes it possible and easy to move items that could not safely be handled by hand. A Plus Warehouse stocks and sells items like the Akro Mils dolly cart and the old fashioned moving dolly as well.

Our dollies are made both domestically and overseas in maple, hardwood, plastic, aluminum and steel as well. You may prefer a dollie from Little Giant or a wheel dolly by Fairbanks. Heavy duty dollies are available from Akro Mils, Hamilton, Durham, Jamco, and others as well. When some people think of dollies they are really thinking about two and four wheel hand trucks.

A Plus Warehouse has some great products in the two wheeled hand truck line.  Wesco makes a fine two wheeler and the Gleason by Milwaukee is always a favorite.  An appliance dollie is used to transport heavy items like laundry machines and refrigerators.  Wesco manufactures an appliance dollie that is powered to make stair climbing a flash.  Why order a moving dolly at all? Simply put, it is very important to minimize injuries at work.  Manual lifting should be kept to an absolute minimum.  An injured back costs much more than the price of a few dollies!

Not only is safety a big motivation , but efficiency is improved as well.  A worker employing a dollie and move his load much quicker than another person lifting the item by hand.  People walk quicker carrying less weight – notice how thin runners are!

A Plus Warehouse is your source for locker related items as well as work benches, anti fatigue mats, steel shelving, cantilever racks, wire partitions and hoisting equipment as well.  We have been your trusted source for over a decade and will continue to handle our valued customers with our typical A Plus service and A Plus abilities.  We are a family owned small business with our corporate office in a labor surplus area as determined by the US Government.  We take pride in employing hard working people throughout our operation who take our customer focus seriously.  Every task is in the interest in bettering the customer experience at A Plus Warehouse.  Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, small business, municipalities, prisons, hospitals, the military, and international companies as well.  We do a very good job servicing our NAFTA country partners as well!

We have a CAGE number as registered with the US military and sell to all branches.  For bases beyond the lower 48 states, we handle military orders with a simple TCN number.  We understand the entire Federal Acquisition process quite well.

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now.

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