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Stainless Steel Shelf Trucks

A Plus Warehouse is where to order a stainless steel shelf truck and stainless steel utility trucks. Stainless steel trucks are used in food service, electronics manufacturing, laundry and other applications where the functionality, sanitation, and beauty of a stainless steel shelf truck is important.

Working with A Plus Warehouse gets you access to the high quality stainless steel shelf truck you require. We provide stainless steel trucks by Jamco, Lakeside, Gillis, Eagle and others. Platform trucks made with steel are durable and used to a great extent in industry. Of course these items are a staple for us as well. However, when a customer handles food or high tech electronics, stainless steel is usually preferred. A stainless steel truck will not rust like a steel unit would. There are laws in place regarding sanitation in the food service arena – and customers certainly don’t want to run afoul of these stringent laws. In the case of electronics, the reason for using a stainless steel shelf truck has more to do with the electronic properties of the stainless steel employed.

Much of the Jamco line of stainless steel trucks is made of stainless with premium #4 polished shelves in 16 Gauge. This affords ample capacity for the stainless steel truck line. Lets consider for a moment what customers may need to order a stainless steel truck from A Plus Warehouse. Any operation that has employees and clients spending long periods of time there will have a cafeteria or restaurant. Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Military, Prisons, Government entities and big businesses all feed their employees and in cases customers or students.

Any food service operation needs to use stainless steel trucks and at lease a stainless steel shelf truck to bus tables, move supplies and do other labor intensive tasks involved in moving food or supplies. Stainless minimizes the risk of rust being added to the environment. With over 30 standard designs, Jamco clearly provides the item you would need from the basic platform truck to the 2 and 3 shelf truck on up to the 5 shelf version. They even produce stainless steel drawer cabinet carts for your variety and convenience.

A Plus Warehouse is your source for conveyors, lockers, shelving, racks, janitorial supplies, and material handling – and have been for a long time. Our sales force is among the best and our regional distribution philosophy speeds orders right to your door. Coast to coast, A Plus Warehouse is here to help you. We are available by telephone at 800-209-8798 as well as fax, email and traditional mail as well. We handle the customer in the way that the specific customer requires. Some users never talk with us and prefer to use email – while others have an old fashioned traditional preference of knowing the rep that is helping with the transaction. We are staffed and trained to help both types of customers.

We offer value added by offering a wide line of products for our valued customers. Why make 5 purchase orders outfitting your warehouse when you have a company that can do it all for you. We are your right choice right now and look forward to helping you with your stainless steel truck or storage equipment order.

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