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Lumber Racks

  Lumber Racks are a must have for customers looking to store lumber and plywood. You can find them in many places including workshops, lumberyards, and home centers. The racks are easy to use. Lumber loads on the rack as the cantilever arms reach out to support the load. They are part of the perfect solution for lumber storage.

Lumber racking is a type of cantilever racking. Cantilever racking provides an efficient way to load and unload aluminum sheets, flake boards, drywall, and lumber. There in no need to keep bulky items on the floor when you have an A Plus Warehouse racking system. This is also a safety issue. Cantilever racking keeps raw materials safe, secure, and out of the way.

                A Plus Warehouse makes ordering lumber rack easy! Our preconfigured lumber rack comes just as you see it. Each has 3 columns and two 60 inch spreader sets and four 48 inch straight arms per column. Ordering racking piece by piece can be confusing. A Plus Warehouse takes the guess work out by offering preconfigured units! For customers that prefer ordering piece by piece, we also have our heavy duty racks by component. Ordering by component also gives customers more options. There is something for everyone here at A Plus Warehouse.

Our racking offerings extends far beyond lumber racking. We also offer can racks, pallet racks, storage racks, wire racks, reel racks, literature racks, wire racks, and warehouse racks. Racks are necessary for any industry. They are also very important for workplace safety. They keep your products stored and out of the way.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for lumber racking. We have been selling racks for years and love to help customers find the perfect rack to fit their needs. Our dedicated sales staff is always here when you need a hand. Order Now!

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