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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking provide much-needed organization and safety for many factories and warehouses. A Plus Warehouse provides you with industrial storage you can rely on. We offer pallet rack shelving that you can order by component or pre-configured at your convenience. Whatever kind of rack system you need for the pallets upon pallets of products or materials you have, A Plus Warehouse wants to provide it. Simply check out our selection, make your choice, and build a better functioning warehouse today!

We also now offer Galvanized Pallet racks. Galvanized product stands up to decades of harsh abuse without rusting - great for outdoor or freezer use!

Palletized Racks of All Sizes for Your Industrial Storage Needs

We at A Plus Warehouse have a wide range of pallet racks for sale. This is to ensure you’re making the most of the space in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or other industrial facility. These offer you an economical advantage, as the more racks you order the lower in price they get. Choose by individual uprights, beams, and decks or from entire rack systems.

Pallet racks with wire decking are superior to particle board decking for many reasons. Fire safety is a top priority for choosing pallet racks. In a worst-case scenario, wire decking offers a flue effect, allowing fire and heat to reach the sprinklers on the ceiling and letting water drip from the top shelf all the way to the very bottom. Wire decking also does not gather dust like shelves do.  We sell pallet racks pre-configured with wire decking as an easy-to-order option.

Teardrop pallet racks are among the most traditional pallet rack types. We have standard and heavy duty teardrop racks, the latter of which have a capacity of nearly 25,000 pounds! The frames have a teardrop design that secures each rack beam and ensures your items are stable.

Structural racks are incredibly strong! We are among the only online dealers who sell these, which is why we offer several styles to meet your needs. Choose racks from 36-inches to 48-inches deep. When combined with pallet supports, you get a sturdy structure you can rely on!

Design Your Ideal Industrial Storage System

You need to choose your pallet racks based on how much space you have. Remember: Your power stacker needs to be able to maneuver in the right place to get your products off the racks. Not every rack system will be ideal for you. It’s important to determine your needs and the needs of your warehouse.

We have pallet rack drum cradles. These are great if you are using your pallet rack shelving for additional functionality. These can carry 30 and 55 gallon drums, which make it easy to access industrial fluids safely and efficiently.

We also have pallet rack guards for added warehouse security. These are placed across your rack shelves to prevent product from falling out, causing a potential work hazard. They can also protect your products by sitting flush against or 4 to 6 inches from the rack.

Whatever your needs, designing a warehouse rack system that works for you is easy with A Plus Warehouse. Our products are designed for safety and ease-of-use.

Contact A Plus Warehouse to Find Your Pallet Rack Needs

Do you know how much pallet rack capacity you need? We can help you determine it. When you need pallet racking systems for warehouse applications, you can count on A Plus Warehouse. We offer our products nationwide, as well as in Canada. From the west coast to the east, anyone can benefit from our warehouse pallet racks!

Contact us or call 800-209-8798 for our expert assistance. With your help, we can help you choose the best racking system for your facility. Get in touch with us today!

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