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Stacking Racks

Why order stacking racks? Pallet rack is excellent when your requirements are fixed and predictable. If you need 3 bays of 2 wide 3 high, just order beams and uprights and you are all set. What if your requirements are elastic. IE: you need as much storage as what is coming in today. Modular stacking racks allow you to take advantage of the unit load concept and save money by single handling. Just use a forklift to stack the stackable racks to whatever height you require ( subject to maximum published by vendor).


We provide stacking racks by Dyna Rack, the pre-eminent source for modular storage. These are provided with open deck, solid deck, flush deck or whatever type you require. The platforms can be 4 or 2 way entry as well. For convenience, we offer stacking racks on wheels as well. For a lighter load, why get a forklift operator to move your rack, when the mobile unit can be pushed by hand. We do not recommend mobility option for capacities exceeding 2000 pounds.

Another type of stacking rack is the Modern Equipment Company (MECO) U Rack. The U Rack is an interesting stacking rack that looks surprisingly like a U with a flat bottom. These are great for stocking bars of all sized and weights. Other brands of U racks we sell include Jarke, as well as Durham's Hodge division. Meco and Hodge alike offer U Rack stackable racks welded to giant metal carts making massive bar carts. Can you think of a better way to transport several thousand pounds of bar stock in your plant than using a custom designed cart with massive 10 inch plus wheels? I didn't think so. These items sell great in heavy manufacturing locations.

So, what do you do if you are just confused about ordering the stacking racks you need? Well, that is where our staff comes in. Just call us at 800-209-8798 and a friendly salesperson will guide you through the necessary analysis required. If you don't want to be educated on stacking racks, and want us to design what you need, just send us a detailed fax at 800-244-6231 and we will quote what is required. Do not worry if you do not provide enough information for us to quote – if we need supplemental information on your stacking racks, we will simply call or fax back with the information we need to provide the quotation.

  • Designed to support pallet loads - up to 5 levels high and up to 4,000 lbs. per level.
  • Breaks down for easy storage when not in use, saving valuable floor space for other uses.
  • Comes in a variety of capacities, sizes, colors, and options.
  • Nests for short term storage when not being used temporarily. Allows greater flexibility in a variety of situations when product levels vary from season to season.

When not in use, many Dyna Racks nest to minimize the amount of space unused stacking racks occupy. Unlike pallet racks, dyna stacking racks do not take up significant space when they are not being used.

There are other dealers selling stacking racks, but A Plus Warehouse offers the best service, lead times and overall value. Please call us and experience the A Plus Warehouse difference for yourself .

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