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sheet storage rack

Sheet Storage Rack

  • Perfect for sheet metal storage
  • Often used with vacuum lifts, hoists, and forklifts
  • 5,500 pound shelf capacity
  • 7 Foot Upright Height
  • Shelves extend a full 100% on 4 roller bearings
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Product No. Shelf SizeOverall Dimensions Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
SM84-4896-4 48" D X 96" W103" D X 114" W $11,927.94 $11,689.38
SM84-48120-5 48" D X 120" W103" D X 135" W $14,471.14 $14,181.72
SM84-60120-6 60" D X 120" W127" D X 135" W $16,804.89 $16,468.79
SM84-60144-7 60" D X 144" W127" D X 162" W $19,930.44 $19,531.83
SM84-72144-8 72" D X 144" W151" D X 162" W $22,668.54 $22,215.17

Our sheet storage rack is guaranteed to reduce machine down time, man hours, aisle way space, manufacturing floor space, and injuries. You can place the sheet storage rack by fabrication machinery, eliminate a forklift driver when material charge over is necessary, load and unload rack with an overhead crane, and utilize vertical space while still having access to multiple types of sheet materials. All of this combines helps to eliminate work place injuries.

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