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Fall Protection

Safety is of the utmost importance here at A Plus Warehouse. All products sold at A Plus Warehouse are triple checked for safety! We stock safety equipment nationwide. Safety begins with our customers. It is important to have situational awareness and be prepared for anything. A Plus Warehouse is here to help you prepare!

Safety is important for any operation. If you are not doing projects in a safe way, you are certainly not doing them correctly.  Unfortunately, major falls can take place in any industry including construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and welding. Falls can leave employees seriously injured or even dead. At A Plus Warehouse we sell equipment made to prevent falls or rescue fallen employees. Learn more about our offering on this page.

Manufacturing Industry

Both these A Frame Fall Protection and Column Mounted Swing Arm Fall protection are very useful in the manufacturing industry, especially with use of cranes. They are both incredibly safe products and meet OSHA and ANSI standards.

Our A Frame Fall Protection can protect either one or two people depending on the model. They work best for temporary use and saves you money, time, and space. Simply roll system into position and lock in place! Heights come between 21 feet and 32 feet. The width can be between 20 feet and 40 feet.

We recommend our column swing arm fall protection when overhead cranes are in use. The product provides full 180 degree protection. The arm can also be expanded and retracted. It can also protect one or two people. Product also has easy instillation just as the A Frame model.


Safety Gates

Our safety gates are multi-functional, but a big function that made of our gates serve is fall protection! It is harder to walk over an edge when you see a gate in the way!

Mezzanine gates prevent many dangerous falls in the workplace. Our fully enclosed mezzanine gate is the pinnacle of safety. It is not only a fantastic addition to mezzanine, but also for pick modules.  The product includes a 4 inch safety toeboard and features counter balanced system that includes slam proof design.


After the Fall

What do you do in the case of someone actually falling? This is the time to get rescue! A Plus Warehouse also offers rescue equipment.

Our Power Assisted Rescue Descender Kit includes everything you need for a timely rescue including an auto descender, 130 feet of rope, anchor straps, and remote anchor hook up device as well as a carry bag. A 12 foot extension pole is also included and can be stored in the storage cag pole compartment. The rescue rope comes with a steel carabiner on each end. A rescue handwheel with drill attachment point is also included.


Your Right Source, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for fall protection equipment. Call us today at 800-209-8798. We will help you find the safest equipment at the best prices!


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