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Safety Gates

You see gates everywhere. They keep people in and/or out of an area depending on its use. If you are looking for an industrial gate, you have come to the right place. A Plus Warehouse is your number one source for materials handling equipment.  Our products are very safe and efficient. Our safety products include showers, lights, fall protection, and industrial gates. Many of these products are in stock nationwide.  We do not want anybody to get hurt because of our products! We offer safe products, but it is also important that customers use products correctly to ensure personal safety. If you leave a safety gate in the closet, it will not help protect your construction zone!

A Low Cost Solution

Safety gates are a low cost solution to workplace safety and crowd control. They often prevent costly and damaging falls.  The little money employers pay is worth it when they do not need to pay out for work place injuries!

A gate is also a sure way of letting pedestrians know where they can and cannot be. Our gates cannot be missed! They are also light weight and easy to handle.


Gates for Loading Dock Safety

If you are working by a dock, you already know how dangerous of a place it can be. With forklifts and people everywhere, accidents can happen! At A Plus Warehouse we sell a large variety of products to prevent accidents and increase overall dock safety. Gates play a role in overall dock safety!

Our standard loading dock safety gate has a  massive 5,000 pound test capacity. This prevents most any loading dock falls. The product is also easy to install and exceeds OSHA standards. It is also made right here in the U.S.A!


Our Products

 Learn more about our products. Our mezzanine pivot gate is easy to use and only required 10 to 20 pounds of lifting force. The gate is made with all welded tubular steel construction. The gate can be made to order to fir your specific opening at no additional charge. We have models than can accommodate one or two pallets. You know you are getting a safe product since this gate is OSHA approved. Our self closing double swing gate is also OSHA approved. Best of all, it is in stock! Steel spring is included for self closing actuation. It is a simple an economical solution for your workplace. This gate is made with carbon steel construction but is also available with stainless, aluminum, and galvanized construction. Ask your sales rep for more detail.


Your Right Source, Right Now!

A Plus Warehouse wants your order! Our website is easy to navigate so orders can easily be placed online. For customers that prefer talking over the phone, call us at 800-209-8798!

Make A Plus Warehouse your go to for safety gates. We are you right source, right now. With over twenty years in business, you know you can trust us. Our staff is always here and eager to help customers!

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