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Drawer Cabinet

A Plus Warehouse is your source for drawer cabinets. If you have small parts that may roll off a shelving unit, a drawer cabinet is just what you need. A Plus Warehouse stocks drawer storage cabinets by Penco , Lyons , Durham , Edsal, Akro Mils and others as well. Lyon and Penco make great modular drawer cabinets and cabinets with drawers. Consider the quality Durham line of drawer cabinets.

Available in Many Different Sizes

Drawer cabinets are manufactured with 2.75 high drawers and 3.5 inch high also. These are as small as one cubic foot to 36 x 17 x 70. As you can see, we offer a large quantity of Durham drawer storage cabinets. All together, 21 different designs are available from the A Plus Warehouse site. If you are looking for maximum storage of small parts we recommend our 96 drawer cabinet system. Durham drawer cabinets are in stock for immediate delivery and are made right here in the USA by great local workers!

Why Drawer Cabinets

Why make a drawer cabinet system? That is certainly a good question. Warehouse space is extremely expensive to build and maintain. If you have ever looked at an industrial shelving unit within a warehouse or factory, you may have noticed that there is a lot of air space between the shelves and on the shelves. Drawer cabinets allow you to make maximum use of the space allocated. By densely storing small parts, there is less wasted space, so less warehouse space needs to be used for the same work. Additionally, when storage is dense, workers have less walking around to find the items they need to pick for assembly or shipping.

Why A Plus Warehouse

Why trust A Plus Warehouse with your drawer cabinets requirements? We have the best sales people in the industry.  They have been trained in such complicated tasks as designing conveyor and lifting systems. All our reps have had experience in complicated racks and shelving jobs as well as material handling applications of all types.  With this valuable experience, it is obvious that they have the skill to sell relatively simple items such as drawer storage cabinets.  A Plus Warehouse has been in the wholesale distribution business over 12 years, and we will be here to support our valued customers for many more years to come.

We are the right choice right now. The US Government, Military, Police Departments, Fortune 500 companies, and companies and municipalities all trust A Plus Warehouse to be their dealer of choice, give us a chance to serve, and you will be pleased.

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