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Boltless Shelving

Using boltless shelving is a great and efficient way to storage inventory and equipment and A Plus Warehouse is your nationwide source for steel boltless shelving. Boltless steel shelving is at times called bulk rack and at times wide span rack.

What differentiates industrial boltless shelving from traditional steel shelving is that boltless shelving is made from uprights and components that make a frame as it were. Once the frame is created, and simple piece of particle board or steel deck is then placed on top to form the shelf. Because the shelving is mostly open air, the price stays low. Traditional shelving has steel under the entire load! Check out our popular rivet rack.


Another feature of industrial boltless shelving is the amazing width available.  Boltless shelving is also known as wide span shelving in many cases because the shelving is so wide.  We stock boltless shelving as wide as 8 feet! Traditional shelving is typically no wider than 48 inches due to difficulties in manufacturing extra large shelves. With steel boltless shelving you will be able to store wide bulky items simply.

If you want to learn about industrial boltless shelving, you may want to view our boltless shelving video.  In this instructive video , you will see application and basic assembly as well. Some customers refer to traditional clip style shelving as industrial boltless shelving as old fashioned shelving had shelves fastened by nuts and bolts , and the newer clip style like Penco Clipper shelving has shelves that sit on compression clips.Of course the customer is always right , but the industry refers to boltless steel shelving when speaking of wide span shelving.  We certainly sell the old style as well,as it certainly has its place. Whatever your needs and requirements, we are ready to help.

Boltless shelving is at times confused with pallet racks . Pallet racks are also wide span by design, but there is a major difference. Industrial boltless shelving is for hand loaded storage only, while pallet racks can be loaded by forklift or other machinery. Obviously boltless shelving has a much lower capacity , but quite adequate for many customer requirements.

You can count on A Plus Warehouse for boltless steel shelving.  Our nationwide distribution speeds delivery to you pronto!  Local shipping not only minimizes chance of freight damage , but also gets you prompt delivery.  We provide great industrial boltless shelving from such well respected names as Penco , Lyons, Durand, Parent Metal, Hallowell, Nexel and Scotland Rack as well. We ship traditional double rivet units as well as light duty single rivet type when lower capacity is what you require.

As you well know , A Plus Warehouse is your quality source for many items such as Lockers, Storage Cabinets, and Conveyors as well. We provide these items on a quick ship basis along with a wide range of other industrial equipment as well.  We do this.

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