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Hallowell Shelving

Hallowell is a trusted name in the storage industry. Hallowell shelving is used by industrial and commercial industries. Simple to use and easy to assemble, Hallowell offers sturdy shelving units for a range of applications. Extra shelves and racks may be added as needed, making Hallowell industrial shelving a practical choice for any customer.

We at A Plus Warehouse proudly sell Hallowell shelves to you. Take advantage of our prompt shipping and order your shelves now!

Hi-Tech Medium Duty Hallowell Shelves Meet Any Application

Medium duty Hallowell hi tech shelving are always in stock at A Plus Warehouse. They also happen to be among our most popular shelving units. This is because they are easy to assemble and capable of holding a great amount of weight. Hallowell medium duty shelves use beaded posts that allow a continuous run of shelving. Shelves can be installed at custom heights to allow for more space. We sell Hallowell hi tech shelving with 5, 6, or 8 shelves to fit most commercial and industrial needs.

Medium duty Hallowell shelves hold a maximum of 500 pounds per shelf. Adder units provide you with plenty of extra shelving. Make sure to order enough for your facility as needed!

Get Organized with Hallowell Economy Reel Racks

Hallowell economy reel racks store and hold cables, wires, ropes, and coils. These shelving racks keep your coiled materials organized and safely out of the way of the rest of your facility. Each axle bracket has a capacity of 2000 pounds. Axles are included in each rack unit. Choose from racks with three or four sets of axles that stand at 99 or 123 inches high.

Hallowell reel racks are highly customizable. Axle brackets adjust on three-inch centers to accommodate a variety of reel sizes. So whether you’re working with heavy electrical cable or thinner wires, you can be sure that Hallowell reel racks will more than meet your needs.

Choose Hallowell Shelving with Confidence

Hallowell is well known for their quality-made lockers and cabinets. Using proven manufacturing techniques, Hallowell brings this same design philosophy to their shelving units. They provide you with quality craftsmanship and strong support for your equipment and products. Hallowell is a name you can rely on.

Hallowell Shelving ships from several strategically positioned warehouses to promptly deliver your shelving units. Hallowell shelving and reel racks ship immediately from stock. Choose your ideal unit and order now for your warehouse or industrial facility!

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