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Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving units are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. We have been providing high quality heavy duty shelves to industrial facilities nationwide and internationally since 1996. We know that not just any shelving will suffice for your needs. That's why we carry the top brands in the industry, including Tennsco, Hallowell, Penco, Edsal, Lyons, Republic, as well as Metro.

The Best Heavy Duty Shelving Online

We at A Plus Warehouse are pleased to offer you the best heavy duty steel shelving for your industrial needs. These shelves are great for storing dies, heavy tools, parts, or even large quantities of office supplies. Take a look at our selection and choose the type that will provide what you need.

We have Tennsco heavy duty shelving for sale that is among our most reliable shelving available. This is a brand consumers have relied on for years to provide them with sturdy storing. We have Tennsco shelves available in a wide variety of sizes and uses:

  • Heavy duty shelving (open or closed)
  • Heavy duty die rack
  • Extra heavy duty shelving (open or closed)
  • Medium duty shelving (open or closed)


You may have more specific shelving needs beyond the norm. A Plus Warehouse is happy to accommodate you! We have heavy duty shelves for garage, warehouse, and other industrial facility applications. We also have back room shelving in a powder epoxy coat that gives a chrome-like finish to your kitchen or break room. Or if you work in government, our strong prison shelving provides you with shelf storage comprised of no loose pieces that inmates could fashion into weapons.

Need Uncompromising Storage Strength? Go with Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

If you work in an industrial facility, you can't afford to skimp on your shelving. Although racks are similar to heavy duty shelving, they have different storage uses. The biggest difference between them is that heavy duty shelving is typically comprised of individual steel shelves that measure no more than 48 inches wide and 36 inches deep. This size is adequate for your typical hand-loaded storage, offering capacities up to 1200 lbs. per shelf. However, some applications require additional storage. In general, if you intend to store individual bins or boxes of product, heavy duty warehouse shelving may fit the bill.

Modern Shelving Improvements Give You a Reliable Product

Recent improvements in shelving design gives you a heavy duty shelving system you can rely on. Back in the 1970s, customers paid attention to what gauge steel the shelves were made out of. Lower gauge steel is thicker, so all things being equal, lower gauge has greater capacity. Back then it made sense to order 18-gauge heavy duty shelving units because getting lighter gauge metal to hold more weight was difficult.

Basically, when you take a piece of metal and bend it 90 degrees, the bent metal is able to take more load. When you bend it again and make a box weld, you make a sort of I-beam to help support the shelf. While the physics were the same as now, this process required labor to make these precision bends and welds. Now, industrial robots make the bends and welds with precision, and 20-gauge steel or thinner has the capacity of what basic 18-gauge had a few decades ago. This is great news given the amazing inflation in steel over the past several years.

So when you want to order heavy duty shelving units for garage, warehouse, or other industrial applications, give A Plus Warehouse a call. We are your right choice right now!

Order from A Plus Warehouse Today

When ordering heavy duty shelving units, you want to know you are dealing with a company that can handle your business and deliver value every time. So make the smart choice and go with a vendor you can trust—A Plus Warehouse! Contact us today and let our talented salespeople meet your needs!

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