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Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving, also known as Rivet rack, wide span rack, double rivet shelving, double rivet boltless shelving, or speedibilt  is becoming a very popular type of shelving or rack style. The benefits are manifest. Rivet shelving offers spans of up to 8 feet wide and depths of up to 4 feet deep. Capacities run to over 2000 pounds per level in some cases. Assembly is simple. The shelf components are put in place with the use of a rubber mallet. No nut and bolts or shelf clips required! Our rivet shelving is available with wire decking – for compliance with local fire codes where applicable , with pre cut particle board – for convenience, with steel decking – for capacity and finally – with no decking at all – for economy.

Let's consider when you would want Penco, Lyons, Hallowell, Frick Gallagher or other rivet shelving. If you have a bulky load that is light enough for hand loading, a 48 inch wide industrial shelving unit with 24 inch depth simply will not due. Also, if your load requires machine loading you need pallet racks.

Rivet rack from A Plus Warehouse is available in Gray or Tan and is always in stock. This product is used in consort with an integrated storage equipment regime. In any warehouse customers require shelving, metal storage cabinets, conveyors as well as the plastic bins that you may want to use along with this product.

Labor dollars count, and rivet shelving takes very little time to install. In fact, one person could install this shelving system without help. Labor is also saved by keeping greater amounts of similar product on one shelf rather than all over the warehouse.

So, why should you consider shelving at all? The answer is clear to this question. A thriving business is always growing. Although you may have floor space available now, with time you will outgrow your current space. By taking advantage of your building height , you may well be able to stay in your current space and do more business. Why double your rent for double the space , before you have taken maximum advantage of A Plus Warehouse industrial shelving. We are here to save you money by helping you optimize the productivity of your space.

There are three types as rivet shelving, and we sell them all.

Single Rivet shelving – is low capacity , and is used in non-industrial application
Double Rivet steel shelving - is industrial strength – Tennsco calls this riveted Z BEAM
Double rivet shelving - double rivet with bent beams, allowing the same capacity with less beam clearance. IE: you can have more shelf levels with Z Beam than tradition double rivet with the same height post.

Most customers have us provide the particle board decking when they order rivet shelving from us. This saves the effort of contacting the local lumber store, ordering the wood and coordinating the second delivery. Convenience is a driving force here, and we want to make the whole process of ordering rivet racks as simple and quick as possible. If you need help in design of your shelving system , please feel free to contact our sales department. We have many years experience selling shelving and other materials handling, and are ready to help with your requirements.

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