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Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is a staple product of many warehouse equipment dealers. A Plus Warehouse stocks steel shelving in traditional 18-22 gauge as well as the industrial steel shelving produced with welded box design. Steel shelving systems with the welded box design offer a greater capacity than standard adjustable steel shelving. This is accomplished by making beams out of the steel shelving itself.

Basically, we take a standard shelf, bend it 90 degrees 3 times, welded back to the shelf and bend another time. The box created will then help support the weight of the steel shelving. The same concept works for stainless steel shelving as well as steel wire shelving. By taken advantage of box steel shelving, our customers can get 18 gauge steel shelving capacity with a 20 or 22 gauge shelf. Saving steel, in the age of steel commodity inflation keeps cost low. Although more work is required to make box steel shelving, there isn't material labor cost. Most all of our manufacturing is now by industrial robot, so a few bends and a weld is just a few lines of machine code - no major difference in depreciation.

There are a few issues to consider when looking at steel shelving systems. First of all, you need to decide if you want adjustable steel shelving (compression clip type) or standard industrial steel shelving (nut in bolt). The next question is open or closed - or partially closed for that matter. Most Steel Shelving sold is basic open type, but many customers prefer closed. Closed steel shelving is standard style with back and end panels - very handy for storing items that are loose. You may also want to order shelf dividers as well.

When ordering steel shelving systems from us, you probably want to order related items at the same time. Most users need to use Warehouse Ladders, platform trucks or even gravity conveyors. A Plus Warehouse is an integrated material handling dealer, so we can help with the various products you require for storage and handling within your warehouse or production facility. Isn't it nice to know that the very same company that provides your steel shelving is also capable to provide you with pallet racks as well. You would want to use an A Plus Warehouse pallet rack or Warehouse Rack when you have a bulky or heavy item. Warehouse rack is for hand loading with pallet rack being for machine loading.

We also provide cutting edge shelving like sloping shelving. This innovative product allows your warehouse people to see inside the boxes that are being picked. Some day most dealers will be selling A Plus Warehouse sloping shelving, but we have it now. We look forward to being of assistance

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