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Utility Shelves

Utility shelves are a fundamental requirement for industry and A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide distributor of utility shelving. Utility shelves are typically steel shelves that are used for industrial and office storage requirements. Utility shelving can also be used for bulk storage as well.

When ordering utility shelving , you want to first consider the capacity requirements you have. A simple 22 gauge shelving unit can typically handle slightly over 100 pounds per shelf. This capacity can be adequate for office use. When you need to store up to 600 pounds per shelf , you would need industrial utility shelves with 18 to 20 gauge construction. Whatever capacity you need , A Plus Warehouse can help! Of course we sell industrial shelving beyond the capacity range of traditional utility shelving. A 16 GA die shelving unit has a capacity significantly over 1000 pounds per shelf – for example.

A Plus Warehouse is your source for many storage equipment items. We sell only the brands that customers trust. We are privileged to provide Edsal , Penco, Lyons, Hallowell, Republic, Parent and others as well! Only the best lines are sold at A Plus Warehouse. You have counted on us for over a decade for quality material handling and storage equipment , and we strive to be your one stop store.

Our expertise carries on to many other families of products as well. We do a great job with safety cabinets for example. Many of our customers that required utility shelves also require safety cabinets. Manufacturing often requires flammable liquids , acids, solvents and all types of chemicals that can also be quite dangerous if not handled properly. Using a safety cabinet by Securall, Eagle, Justrite, Jamco , Lyons or Stronghold will keep you and your workers more safe and in compliance with many federal , state , and insurance company regulations.

You can also count on us for power and gravity conveyors as well. We distribute Roach conveyors as well as Roll Away and Best as well. Roach Conveyors is a great line for us given their amazing ship times. Most of their conveyors ship on a next day basis. Even their power and semi-specialized conveyors that can ship from 2-6 weeks elsewhere can ship in as little as 3 working days! Rollaway is a great line also for their specialized gravity roller conveyors and expandable conveyors as well. With Rollaway , we are ablr to offer you a roller conveyor with a 3/4 inch diameter roller – the smallest diameter production conveyor that we are aware of. Small diameter roller conveyors are great for light , small and delicate transportation. Of course Best Conveyors is a premier line of expandable or accordion conveyors. They provide conveyors both with skatewheel and rollers as well.

Given A Plus Warehouse's great lines and customer focus – you can count on us for so many of your material handling requirements. Order your utility shelving from A Plus Warehouse today! We are your right choice right now!

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