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Wire Shelving Video

Most any company needs shelving. Luckily for these companies, A Plus Warehouse has the best shelving available. Shelving is used for storing your equipment. There is no better place to store your items than with A Plus Warehouse shelving.  We have a wide variety of shelving available at A Plus Warehouse. The text below will explain how A Plus Warehouse shelving can work for your business.

Do you need display quality storage? A Plus Warehouse sells wire shelving nationwide with prompt delivery and low prices and quite simply makes your product look better. Order wire shelving as starters and adders to make more runs of shelving. An adder unit will share the middle post while the starting unit is a complete unit. This wire shelving has a 400 pound per shelf capacity but we provide square post wire shelving with capacities to 1,000 pounds per shelf also. Notice how our shelving can be preconfigured with plastic bins, this makes storage even easier. By adding casters we can convert our wire shelving units into wire carts. Our wire shelves range from 12 X 36 all the way to 24 X 72. Order your wire shelving now by calling 800-209-8798 or going online at Our trained sales people are ready to help you now.

The video talks a great deal about shelving and in particular wire shelving. Our customer love that a good amount of our wire shelving is Free Freight. This is one of the many benefits of ordering wire shelving from A Plus Warehouse. Just like with the rest of our products, we also offer a wide range of wire shelving. We have different sorts of wire shelving including chrome wire shelving, Amco wire shelving, extra deep wire shelving, and more. We also provide shelving parts for our customers who are not interested in having an entire shelving unit. Our chrome shelving parts are perfect for customers who wish to select their own shelves and posts. Just like the shelving, this item also includes free freight. Chrome Shelving Parts are easy to install. By buying the parts, customers can make their own ideal wire shelving. The parts have good air circulation and the shelf has a capacity of 800 pounds. A Plus Warehouse also sells casters and dock bumpers to be used to mobilize wire shelving or for any other use.  Order wire shelving today was A Plus Warehouse and learn about the great quality of A Plus Warehouse!

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