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Twine Rope


Are you looking for twine rope? You have come to the right place! Twine and rope is used for many industrial or commercial applications and even specialty applications such as sailboat rigging. We mainly sell industrial twines. Twine comes in different variations including cotton, seine, sisal, and polypropylene twine to name a few. What is twine rope? Twine rope is rope made of fibers or thread twisted together to make a stronger line. Twine can be used for several purposes such as tying packages, and even sailboat rigging.  Explore the website more to learn more about our twines!


All of our twines currently have a 300 dollar minimum. They are also all safe and easy to use. Our twines are only the highest of quality.  Cotton twine is recommended for general use. The cones are ideal for automatic tying machines. The material absorbs a high amount of water. This moisture actually increases the strength of the twine. The twine is available from 4 to 24 Ply. Our polypropylene tying twine features a smoother surface that is kind to hands. It is very easy for tying and handling. This rope resists rot, mildew, and insects. This twine comes in plys 1 to 3 and size 350 to 1050. This is the go to twine if you are looking for great uniformity with minimum stretch. It can also be used to pull rope through conduit and fishing systems. Sisal twine are sisal fibers twisted into a smooth, strong, moisture resistant twine. It is great for corrugated boxes, newspapers, hides, laths, and lumbers. The knot strength is 50 percent of the breaking strength. Twine is soft enough to not cut edges of a package and is biodegradable. This twine also ranges from 1 to 3 ply.

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