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Tennsco is a great brand and we do a great job of selling Tennsco electronic workbenches. These products are available with risers or without risers depending your requirements. Our Tennsco electronic workbenches are customizable with options such as power strips , ESD plugs, shelves drawers , etc. Some of these fine benches have closed legs and the other type is half cabinet and half drawer stack. Whatever your requirement, we are the source coast to coast for your Tennsco electronic workbench needs. If you don't understand our offering or have other question, please contact us. We are not a faceless Internet company – in fact we predate the www by quite a while and still maintain a great staff of salespeople . Although our website is by far the best online, the robots will never take over the people in the world of A Plus Warehouse. The technology is there just to support the buying experience of our valued customers.

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