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Heavy Duty Workbenches

At A Plus Warehouse, we offer heavy duty workbenches products to fulfill your needs. A Plus Warehouse is the place to buy your  heavy duty workbenches! It’s incredibly important to have a sturdy, reliable surface to assemble your equipment and products. Our extra heavy duty workbenches have heavy duty legs that can support thousands of pounds of capacity. Choose from our extra heavy duty workbench or extra heavy duty industrial workbench products—or customize your own to your exact requirements.

Use Heavy Duty Workbenches for All Your Industrial Applications

The work bench products at A Plus Warehouse are among the sturdiest in the industry. However, sometimes customers have a need for workbenches that require more than the normal capacity. If you work in heavy industry, you’ll need a workbench that can support it. Industrial facilities such as auto shops, heavy construction, and manufacturing plants can all benefit from the support provided by extra heavy duty work benches.

Choose Your Heavy Duty Work Bench

Our basic Extra Heavy Duty Work Bench products are all-welded and ready to use. Each features a workbench top made from strong 7 GA steel and are supported by heavy duty legs. These work benches offer you capacities of 2000 to 10,000 pounds—that’s 1 to 5 TONS of support! A work bench with that kind of strength will provide you with a lasting product for years of quality use.

Extra heavy duty industrial work benches are made with heavy use in mind. The tops of these work benches are 12 GA steel and are ultra-rugged to withstand an incredible amount of weight. These have the same heavy duty leg support as our other work benches at a standard height of 32 inches.

Customize Your Ideal Workbench at A Plus Warehouse

If you find that our industrial workbenches don’t quite meet your needs, don’t fret. You can easily customize your own wood-topped or metal workbenches right here at A Plus Warehouse, your right choice right now! You can choose to outfit your extra heavy duty industrial workbench with a number of useful options, including end pieces that prevent equipment from rolling off the workbench. You may also choose a laminated maple top instead of the steel top for a heavy duty wood workbench. Heavy duty workbenches with drawers are also a possibility, as you may customize your product with steel drawers and cylinder locks for added security.

Choose A Plus Warehouse for your warehouse equipment needs. Order your extra heavy duty work bench or contact us to customize your own!

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