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Mobile Work Benches

Looking for that must have material handling equipment? A mobile work bench is that item you need then. It can be used for many different reason and is found in many different places. You can store items in one or you can use one as a working table. This sort of product is found in offices, industries, facilities and many more places. A work bench can be used anywhere, but can it be moved anywhere? Here we have a line of mobile work benches, so you can easily move them around. They no longer must stay in one position, they can be moved around for your convenience.

Our Products

If you are searching for a standard mobile bench, then the one for you is our Basic Mobile Work Bench with 6 Inch Drawer. With this item you can get the basic model or even the ESD one if you want to go deluxe. This table has a 1500 pound capacity so it is sure to hold your items while at work. This bench is also easy to assemble so as soon as you get it, you will be able to start using it. If you are looking for something a bit funkier and that has more storage you may also like the Kingcab Drawer and Shelf Mobile Cart. The top surface is great for doing work, and when you are done you can store the tools inside the shelf and drawers. This is one of the most convenient ways to store tools you work with regularly.

Why Us

A Plus Warehouse has been supplying customers with high quality products for over 20 years now. We are careful when choosing which items we want to include, and what vendor we want to work with. In order to give our customers the best we have to work with the best which is why we have a team that helps to find the most reliable vendors. At A Plus Warehouse we want to provide our customers with great service along with their terrific product. Our team of sales reps are all well trained and ready to take on any phone call they may receive. Whether you are searching for mobile work benches or any other sort of warehouse equipment you have come to the right place. Give us a call today, we are ready to help!

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