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Preconfigured Work Benches

Welcome to the preconfigured work benches landing page. We are happy to offer many industrial work bench stylings for our customers. It takes a lot of the  extra time and hassle away from the equation. We make it easy! These benches can also be customized. You like everything in an image except the light? We can take that light out.  Our most popular lines of preconfigured benches include our named benches and  Big Blue Benches.

                If you take a look at the names of some of our industrial workbenches, you make think that you are back in school. We feature names of famous scientists such as Edison and Einstein, Greek Gods Poseidon and Zeus, and even the Philosopher Nietzche for good measure. Often times ordering industrial work benches might be a bit boring, we try to make it fun with our funky bench names. These benches have neat variations such as lights, drawers, instrument shelves and more.

Big Blue Benches

Our Big Blue line expands past the world of industrial work benches to cabinets, shelving, and carts. This line is very broad and very popular. When you are getting a big glue product, you know you are getting the highest of quality. Our Big Blue Line is heavy duty, with most of our products being 12 GA. Big Blue products come in a variety of colors with the most popular clearly being blue with red drawers if applicable. But We also offer grey, dark brown, black, vista green, dark green, yellow, putty, orange, and beige. Some of our Big Blue preconfigured work benches include them with drawers, pegboard, and a shelf. These items are often requested as an add on to our regular work benches. We also have our pink elephant benches with the same variations. This is a very unique color. Not many of our customers have ever heard of a pink work bench!

                When looking for benches, don’t stop at our preconfigured series! Also be sure to check out our mobile, wood, and stainless steel benches! Stainless Steel tends to be particularly popular with many of our industrial products because it is rust resistant and has a nice look! Why should you order industrial work benches from A Plus Warehouse? We are good at what we do and will get the job done. We pride ourselves on quality service for over two decades.  We work efficiently and effectively in a courteous manner. Order from your friends at A Plus Warehouse today.

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