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Mobile Carts and Benches

What is better than an A Plus Warehouse bench? An A Plus Warehouse work bench on wheels of course! Mobility makes everything better. We have mobile options in all different style including shop desks, garage, electronic, computer, and of course carts. The mobile option is great for customers looking to use their product for more than one type of use.

Types of Casters

In order to move, all our workbenches need casters or wheels of some sort. For this reason, it is important to have knowledge about different types of casters.

Industrial casters are used most office with our industrial equipment. If you want to move something heavier, they are the perfect option. Our industrial casters have capacities up to 18,000 pounds.

Most of our carts and benches combine both rigid and swivel casters.  Swivel casters spin 360 degrees, making it so they can steer in any direction. Rigid casters on the other hand do not turn, this makes them great for moving materials in straight lines. By using both types, customers can get the best of both worlds. They can mover greater distances while also being able to steer around corners.

Steps to Ordering a Mobile Cart

If you need a mobile storage cart, you may wonder where to start. Once you have conclude that you need one of our mobile storage carts, just come to our website with two pieces of information. Know the ideal size and shelf capacity. If you want 2,000 pounds per shelf, you want one of our 12-gauge work benches. If you want 200-500 pounds per shelf, then any of our other lines will work fine for you. Finally, we strongly recommend pre-assembled or all welded units. Although customer assembly saves shipping and usually some money for the product, you should consider the labor and hassle of customer assembly. Unless you have a dedicated maintenance person, set up may well be the right option. Assembly of work benches can be tricky unless you have prior experience.

Benefits of the Work Bench

Our work benches provide an easy way to store and organize! Many of our benches include cabinets and shelves for additional space as well. We even have drawer cabinets with dividers for storing small parts!

There is a lot to think about when ordering a work bench. A huge benefit is the unlimited options our customers have. Choose between different top types and additional features including risers and pegboards.

Our 5 caster mobile storage cart is truly the cart that seems to have it all. Its unique 5th caster prevents the unit from tipping. The top can also be used for either storage or as work space. Product even provides a hook to hang bag and coat.


Benches at A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse sells the best mobile work benches at the best prices. Our sales people are here to help. Do not hesitate to call us at 800-209-8798.

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