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In cooperation with Quantum Storage, A Plus Warehouse is now making it even easier for you to order . Take advantage of our limited-time free shipping program for all Quantum Storage products, including most of their bins with shelving units. This offer is restricted to 3 cartons or more,  Smaller orders are not included in the free freight program Other lines offered include Akro Bins and Lewis Bins. Akro is the original bin company and Lewis makes the heavy-duty Plexton Bin. 

Save Space with  Storage Solutions A Plus Warehouse offers

We believe our customers should experience A Plus service. This service extends to helping you find even something as simple as industrial storage bins. We offer a several types of plastic storage bins for you to consider and have outlined them here so you can order with confidence!

Stack and nest boxes are plastic storage boxes that stack one top or within each other. These industrial plastic containers are very handy because stackable storage bins that only stack and do not nest waste space when they are not being used.

Shelf bins are plastic containers with a lip on the back that sit on steel shelving units. They have flat bottoms and can store materials up to 4 inches high. If you’re looking for more space, we also stock a 6-inch version of these plastic bins. The shelf storage bin style nests but does not stack, and is ideal for dense storage in shelving units or standard storage cabinets.

Ultra bins are the Quantum version of the traditional Akro Bin. Remember that our Quantum Ultra bins ship freight for orders over 3 cases to get you the most bang for your buck. These large plastic containers fit onto louvers that can be mounted to a cabinet, wall, or even material handling cart. Most of our bin cabinets, including the KingCab, are outfitted with Ultra stacking plastic bins by Quantum, Akro, Schaeffer, Lewis Bins and other top brands.

A Plus Warehouse sells tip out bins in strips of 1 bin up to 10 per strip. These can be as small as 2 inches and as big as over 10 inches. We pre-configure tip out plastic storage bin systems for ease in ordering. Why worry about ordering the correct amount of nut, bolts, and strip-mounting hardware for your bins? A single model number from A Plus Warehouse tells us all that with no effort on your part.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Industry with Our Turnkey Storage Systems

For your convenience, we pre-package shelf units with our steel shelving to offer you completely turnkey storage systems. Ordering the proper amount of plastic containers to maximize your storage space can be a hassle. When you order preconfigured plastic containers, you eliminate the possibility that you might not have enough space for your equipment. In fact, you may even have more than enough!

In high tech fields, conductive bins are a necessity. We also have conductive bin cabinets that can safely store valuable semi-conductors with an added layer of security and storage.

If you need large stackable bins more than 24 inches, Quantum, LewisBins, and A Plus Warehouse have you covered.  Large plastic storage bins made by Magnum can fit an amazingly large amount of industrial parts and are available with casters for added mobility.

You may also want to consider our engineered wire shelving with plastic storage bins. We provide some of these wire shelving plastic bin carts with specialized stacking two-way bins. A two-way bin can be loaded from either side. This is a great feature that saves you from constantly rotating your cart or reversing the orientation of your bins over and over.

A Plus Warehouse offers all small or large storage bins to you at an affordable cost.  We have a very large selection of products to choose from.Simply pick out your ideal configuration and we’ll send it on its way to you in a timely manner!

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