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Recycled Bins

Recycled Bins are used everywhere. Not only does using recycled plastic bins help the environment, but it also saves money in many cases as well. A Plus Warehouse sells recycled shelf bins by Akro Mils and Quantum Plastics as well. Recycled plastic storage bins are used in conjunction with shelving and storage cabinets.  Many customers also use recycled shelf storage bins with the work benches that we provide. Our Work Benches vary in capacity from 300 pounds all the way to 7 tons!


For All Industries

Of course ordering recycled bins from A Plus Warehouse is an intelligent choice made by many customers nationwide. We sell recycled plastic bins as well as lockers to large and small businesses alike as well as government entities including the military. There are manifest reasons to order your Akro or Quantum recycled shelf bins from A Plus Warehouse.

We distribute our products nationwide speeding delivery to you wherever your delivery point is. We also save transportation charges by having stock close to our customers. We also have great sales people. Our A Plus Warehouse sales people can handle your business the old fashioned way by phone calls and faxes just as easily as the newer methods of email and instant message. Don't be surprised if there is A Plus Warehouse social media at some point as well. The modern dealer needs to make the order process quick and simple.  Some dealers confuse the process of ordering recycled plastic storage bins by forcing you to calculate the number of cartons of bins required based on the each count included per carton.  A Plus Warehouse simply pre-packs our recycled bins in popular quantities , and simply sell by the case.

Akro Mils

Akro-Mils provides the best storage, organization, and transport solutions to increase workplace efficiency.  The company was founded in 1947 and has been an industry leader ever since!

Akro Mils has come out with a new line of recycled plastic storage bins that merit announcement. The Akro EarthSaver bins look like normal Akro Bins , but are recycled and NOT in the standard black color. EarthSaver recycled bins are available in hunter green , sandstone and terra cotta as well! These attractive colors are not available in virgin plastic Akro Bins!


Your Right Source, Right Now!

Our integrated quotation system can help you with a price quote for any quantity of any product we sell. Again , the A Plus Warehouse concept is to make your buying decision as quick and easy as possible. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now. Consider ordering from us , we are sure you will be pleased.

Remember to order your industrial equipment from us. We can help with your loading dock equipment , receiving area, shipping area, and provide you with all the platform trucks that you may need. In fact it just so happens that our Akro line of bins also manufactures carts that are optimally designed to be used with their bins. We provide turnkey cart and bin combinations regularly.

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