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You want rotabins, we got them. This is the highest quality revolving shelving on the market. We have five models-including our small, medium, large, extra large, and Beast Rotabin. Our Small Size is recommended for storing different types of small to medium size parts with a diameter of 17”. This model features a 60 Pound Shelf Capacity.  Our medium model features a much large 500 pound capacity and features a 28” Diameter. The large model features the same 500 pound capacity but a 34” Diameter. Our Extra Large model has a 44” Diameter and 625 Pound Shelf Capacity. Finally, we call our most massive model the Beast! This is the king of all bins with a 2,000 Pound Shelf Capacity and a 58” Diameter.

Durham Products

These rotating storage bins are brought to you by Durham Manufacturing. Durham has been in the manufacturing business for a very long time-since 1922 to be exact. They specialize in industrial storage.  They make high quality products that last! A Plus Warehouse features many Durham Products including Cabinet Systems,  Storage Bins, and of course our very popular rotabins.

                Why Rotabins? They save space, money, and time! This is the perfect addition to an efficient warehouse. The great thing about this product is they can be used in corners, aisle ends and under counters. These areas are commonly dead space  in a warehouse. The revolving nature of this product is particularly unique. Plenty of room to fit all your items.  These products also happen to be very easy to assemble and turns with just fingertip pressure.


Beyond Rotabins

A Plus Warehouse is your source for any type of bin your heart desires. We sell plastic, parts, recycled, shelf, stackable, and storage bins. Many of our bins also ship free freight- so make sure to take advantage of that deal! We are proud to offer our customers such a wide variety of product. We also sell bin cabinets. Our Jumbo Bin Storage Cabinets includes 171  removable bins! The extra heavy duty product is perfect for your storage needs.

Why should you order from A Plus Warehouse? Well for one thing, our gigantic and ever growing product catalog keeps customers on their toes. We want you to find the product that best fits your needs. Of course, our sales team is here to help in that mission. The team is highly trained to help you with your order. You will love our quick and courteous service. Order Now!

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