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Storage Bins

Storage bins are a requirement for many of our valued customers. A Plus Warehouse is a national distributor for storage bins by Quantum, Akro, Schafer, LewisBins and many others. Quantum products now mostly ship FREE of CHARGE ! When ordering most customers are concerned they get a quality product at a fair price, obviously. The major concern of many customers is availability. As a national dealer, we are sure to get your delivery quickly. We stock many types of storage bins, and it is a good idea to delineate the function of these items, and their place in an integrated storage system.

Industrial Bins

Manufacturers often require heavier duty bins. These industrial storage bins have heavier capacity than consumer plastic bins. When handling industrial dies, customers are wise to order from the likes of A Plus Warehouse, and not a consumer Warehouse Club type company. Warehouse clubs are great for consumer storage bins like you may find in your garage. There are many kinds of industrial storage bins used in heavy industry, and we provide them all.

Shelf bins are quite popular. These are open bins with hopper fronts that are not stackable, but sit on steel shelving, and store parts of various sizes. Stackable storage bins are handy when you have shelf clearance, and can access parts through the hopper front. Imagine a bin 5 inches tall sitting on a shelf with 15 inches of clearance. By using a shelf bin in this application instead of stackable storage bins, you will be wasting two thirds of the vertical storage space. Multiply this through an entire facility, and you are paying for too much warehouse!

Integrated Storage and Handling System

How, then are storage bins used in conjunction with an integrated storage and handling system? A Plus Warehouse provides products for every stage of storage and handling systems. Let's start with the receiving area. We provide wheel chocks, dock plates, and dock boards. The truck may be unloaded with assistance of an expanding conveyor, then loaded on a platform truck. Incidentally, storage bins are often used in transportation of raw materials and work in progress inventory within any given facility. From there, the platform trucks can be unloaded to work benches, metal cabinets , racking or steel shelving. We also provide bin storage systems, whereby bins are included with the shelving or cabinets to optimize storage ability.

Clearly , A Plus Warehouse provides quality equipment throughout any given facility. There are many reasons to award us your valued business. You can trust A Plus Warehouse to handle your order. We have customers nationwide , and have been filling industrial storage bin demand over a decade. We provide the best service, offering actual live people, and not 800 call center operators when you call. Each of our salespeople has used our products and has been extensively trained. Our fulfillment system is highly automated offering you very prompt shipments on a great cross section of our products as well. Call us at 800-209-8798, and let us show you how well we will handle your business.

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