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Strong Hold Cabinets Now Available

May 4, 2015  |  Comments

Strong Hold Cabinets now have their own section at A Plus Warehouse.  Strong Hold Products are differentiated by bein exclusively 12 Gauge.  So customers have a brand that is understandably the strong hold floor cabinetsheaviest duty cabinet on the market.  Ulike other horizontal suppliers that offer capacity from low to medium to high - Strong Hold Cabinets stick with ultra rugged 12 gauge.  In this way , customer can expect ultimate quality and durability from the American Made brand

The cabinet shown on the right is a Storage Cabinet - which means the shelves are full width.

There are many interesting new items such as the roll up door cabinet which offers amazing storage capacity without swinging doors getting in the way!

AWe are all excited about the new Strong Hold Cabinets offering at A Plus Warehouse and the sales staff is ready to help. As always , feel free to call us at 800-209-8798

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International Orders for storage cabinets

April 20, 2015  |  Comments

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Storage cabinets are not just for customers in USA and Canada. The fantastic StrongHold 12 GA cabinet shown on the right is in demand world wide.  Our international customer may want to know  howstorage cabinets

they can get their hands on some.  Very simple! The international customer doesn't even need to contact a salesperson - although that is always a possibility. When the cart is started , an international customer can click on the request a quotation button - and the site prompts the user for his customs broker information.  The quotation then will include the transportation fees to the freight forwarder in the lower 48 states - and the site will even produce a commercial invoice valid for clearance.

A Plus Warehouse has an installed base of storage cabinets worldwide EXCEPT Austrailia [ We are talking to you Queensland ! ]

Although Outback Steakhouse may be an A Plus Warehouse customer - does that count as Australia ?

The video below shows our heavy duty storage cabinet in action as demonstrated by a spokesmodel way prettier than your hard working blogmasrter.

As always - please feel free to be social and share this or any blog post.

If you have ideas for other blog posts you'd like to see - I'd have no way of knowing that if you don't comment!

Thanks as always for reading!



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How To Order Roller Conveyors

April 18, 2015  |  Comments


Our loyal readers know that A Plus Warehouse sells Roller Conveyors by Roach Conveyors and Roll A Way - with each company having their own benefits.671

The roller conveyor on the right has .300 inch thick 3 1/2 inch rollers and have an enormous capacity - we call this the KingConveyor.

There are several steps in ordering a roller conveyor - and this blog post is about the process.  Here then are the steps..

(1) Choose the right dealer - You have chosen us already - so this is covered

(2) Consider the total weight being transported. Our conveyors have a capacity based on stands every 5 ft and every 10 feet.  Roach Conveyors have the heaviest duty structural steel stands with maximum capacity of 12,000 pounds per leg

(3) Consider the conveying surface needed - The Between Frame measure is distance between the frames

(4) Think of the smallest load being conveyed - you want 3 rollers under every load at least to prevent submarining.  All of our roller conveyors have various roller centers

(5) Now you need to think about length . Roach Conveyors stocks conveyors from 1 to 10 feet in length.  Although we only show 5 and 10 foot sections, we can quote specials easily. The price is the same per foot plus a nominal cutting fee

(6) Next consider the rollers - we typically set them high [ above the frame ] but we can set low for no extra cost

(7) For all roller conveyors with 2 1/2 inch roller diameter and greater - we can provide guard railings - if you need them , let us know

(8) Now choose the type - steel , aluminum , stainless , or PVC coated rollers

(9) Get a quote from your friendly A Plus Warehouse sales rep

(10) Place your order and enjoy roller conveyor bliss


As always - please share our lovingly written blogpost and make any comments you like.

We are your roller conveyors source




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Now Selling Lockers With Built In Locks

April 18, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse has been selling Lockers and locks for over 20 years.  We recently came up with a genius idea - sell lockers with built in locks . We decided to name these creatures LOCKMASTER lockers.2t3w 1

The image shown on the right is a double tier lockers with built in locks 3 columns wide

We show a magnification of the built in combination lock - but built in key type is also available with the handy drop down menu.

We sell most all school lockers lockmaster style - including single tier , triple tier and box style as well.

Count on A Plus Warehouse to continuously offer new and interesting locker products as well as our entire line.

Please feel free to comment and share this and all other posts from our blog.

Thanks as alway for reading.

As a parting gift - please check out our expertly produced video of the Valumaster locker. Quick secret-- Valumaster + built in lock = Lockmaster - if you couldn't guess!



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Bin Shelving Now Available With Free Shipping

April 13, 2015  |  Comments

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Bin Shelving is always in great demand shelving with bins

The bin shelving shown on the right is shelving with stackable bins by Quantum.  Quantum does a great job as well do our other manufacturers such as Akro Mils and Lewis Bins.  For your reading pleasure - here is the list of 7 reasons why you need bin shelving from A Plus Warehouse.

  1. Free Freight -- No Kidding - free freight in the lower 48 states - dock to dock - business delivery.  Freight for bins can run up to 35% of an order - this is a crazy good deal
  2. Bins are removable - use some shelves as regular shelving units
  3. The plastic bins can be used is bin cabinets as well.
  4. The plastic bins are available in many different colors
  5. Most all of the bins can be divided
  6. High capacity
  7. Always in stock!

Now that shipping is free - bin shelving can be ordered as needed - as opposed to ordering in quantity to save on freight.

Contact us at 800-209-8798 to discuss your plastic bins and bin shelving needs!


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Ballymore Ladders Now All in One Location

April 12, 2015  |  Comments

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Ballymore Ladders can now be found at one location at A Plus Warehouse

In the past we displayed Ballymore ladders mixed in with other ladder manufacturers.  Now customers know what ladders are made in USA by Ballymore.  This is information customers want to know.

Interesting ladders include the monster ladder shown as well as the Cantilever ladder. Here is a curious fact about Ballymore ladders.  In the 1980's - a heavy duty ladder was 450 pounds.  Ballymore now produces 600 pound capacity ladders as a standard!


A Plus Warehouse is looking forward to helping with your rolling ladder requirements

Call 800-209-8798

monster ladder ballymore




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The Basic Bench Has Now Been Added To The Stronghold Work Bench Page

April 12, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse published out StrongHold Work Bench .  Of course with product quality and durability that StrongHold offers , it is obvious we did well by that content.

However , your hard working blogmaster just realized that the noble basic 7 GA bench was no where to be found in the content - yikes! Customer should certainly get the widest variety of funky products available.  A Plus' philosophy has always been to put a model number on an interesting items along with a price , and see what demand is! Still - popular items should not be excluded!

The StrongHold basic unit shown in this blog post has a 7 GA top and the smaller sizes are in stock for immediate delivery.

Contact us at 800-209-8798 with any questions.

Feel free to share this post and make any comments you'd like.

If you send us a Youtube video of a Stronghold work bench in action , we'll send you a $50 credit for your effort.

We love seeing our excellent products in the field and hearing from out loyal and satisfied customers.


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Announcing The New Low Cost Shipping Archive Shelving

April 11, 2015  |  Comments

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Archive shelving is aways in demand as our information society makes lots of paper records! We have been selling excellent products to solve various storage needsquality archive shelving racks
, but realized that shipping can be restrictively high.  A Plus Warehouse had to do some serious thinking , but we decided that by focusing on ONE popular size , we could offer a crazy good price through lower freight costs due to volume. That along with the cooperation of the good people of Safco Products allowed us to release the low cost archive shelving product.



The Safco Low Cost To Ship Archive Shelving.

Available in any size you want - so long that the size you want is 69 W X 33 D X 84 H ! Also in any color you want so long that you want gray! 

A Plus Warehouse picked the MOST popular unit as a 'loss leader' so our valued customers can get the most popular record racks at a fair [ ridiculously low priced ] value !

We even offer lower price with quantity

Our sales people want to help ! Feel free to call us at 800-209-8798

If you have not clicked on the link - you can simply tell your representative the model number - which is.. LFS-RR-693384-4


We are excited to be offering this new product - and we are quite sure our customers will appreciate having access to a quality record storage rack that is less expensive to ship.


Feel free to share all of our blog content - we are a fairly social organization AND mobile friendly.


If you send us a Youtube video of the LFS-RR-693384-4 in action - A Plus Warehouse will send you a $50 credit for your bother

We love hearing from our customers and seeing our awesome equipment in use.


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Cantilever Racks | Learn All about Them

April 6, 2015  |  Comments

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Cantilever Racks are an important part of many warehouses.  A Plus Warehouse has been selling quality cantilever racks since day one.

Customers can order their racks pre-configured as shown below or by components - uprights , arms and spreaders.

We are showing  single sided cantilever racks with straight arms - but they are available with inclined arms as well - and also with double sided access.


Why Cantilever Racks ? These items have full access fronts.  Pallet racking has uprights that can get in the way.  Lumber yards use cantilever products to a large extent.  Also customers stocking long round product are cantilever rack candidates as well.  PVC tubes , pipes, bar stock - all these can be stored well on cantilever racks.


A Plus Warehouse understands that ordering any rack can be a daunting task - so just call us at 800-209-8798 for help!

I'd like to leave you with a bit of math..

Customers often worry about how many spreaders and columns to order and what the allowable overhang is.  Here comes the equation... If the number of uprights being used is X - then the total overhand is 1 X times the load length. So - a 20 foot load with 2 uprights can have a 1/2 * 20 ft overhang total = 10 feet - 5 feet on either side. For a 12 foot load with 3 uprights , the calculation is 1/3 *12 = 4 feet of ovberhang = 2 feet of overhand on each side.


Feel free to use our masterful equation - or just drop us a line at 800-209-8798

The world needs to know this information , so PLEASE be e-social and share as you like [ while giving credit to your hard working blogmaster ! ]


pre con cantilever

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Forklift Attachments

March 16, 2015  |  Comments


We are changing the way we sell forklift attachments

Historically , we sold drum equipment with drum handling and other forklift attachment in materials handling.  This makes little sense.  A fork mounted snow remover is it's own creature - not an electrical hoist.forklift mounted snow plow

A Plus Warehouse has a simple purpose - to make ordering materials handling and allied items easy to order - either online or the old fashioned way with real life salesmen!

Your hardworking blogmaster is also a seasoned sales person - having run an operation that has sold a good percentage of $100 million dollars in equipment since A Plus Warehouse started over 20 years ago.

Interact with the blog and spread some A Plus Warehouse joy.






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