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Industrial Bookcases| New at A Plus Warehouse

April 23, 2018  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse has been in the business of selling office furniture for years. Offices tend to get cluttered, there is no better way to get a hold of this than with office storage equipment. Recently, the company has added a new subsection under their office furniture section.  They now dedicate a section of the company website to industrial bookcases.  A Plus offers a large variety of bookcases including mobile and combination units. Bookcases are popular in schools, homes, and more.


all welded book case

                New industrial bookcases comes in many attractive colors including red, charcoal, burgundy, tropic sand, dove gray, blue, putty, forest green, black, sky blue, white, multi granite, yellow, and navy blue. Product is finished off with a nice powder coat. The All Welded Bookcase is the standard industrial bookcase. It comes with shelves adjustable on 1” centers plus a raised bottom shelf. Shelves feature 200 pound capacity. Customers will not be disappointed with our bookcases!

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New Jib Cranes Products

April 16, 2018  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse has been relatively jib crane focused for this past week. New products added this week include Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes, Light Duty Cranes, Deluxe Pivoting Boom, and Tie Rod Jib Cranes. A Plus Warehouse is hoping these new items garner much attention. A Plus Warehouse only distributes top quality products.

                Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Pillar Mounted models are floor supported and top stabilized. They include 2 mounting plates and end stops, though bolts are not included. Light Duty Cranes are recommended to use as an auxiliary crane. These cranes are floor mounted. Deluxe Pivoting Boom pivots from 0 to 35 degrees and easily fits into standard forklift trucks. The product includes one swivel hook, one shackles, and one safety chain. Tie Rod Jib Cranes provide 180 degree rotation and is mounted directly to a building column.  A Plus Warehouse hopes customers find the perfect jib crane to fit their needs. A Plus Warehouse is always here to help.

pillar mounted crane

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Skinny AKA Narrow Pallet Racks In Stock

March 18, 2018  |  Comments


What is Skinny Rack ?

Quite simply , Skinny Racks are super narrow pallet racks.

Most dealers sell pallet racking that is 42 or 48 inches deep - but what is a user to do if he uses 24 or 36 inch deep pallets?


A Plus Warehouse now stocks pallet rack uprights in 24 and 36 inch depth - virtually unheard of in the marketplace.


If you need narrow pallet racks and don't have 8 weeks of patience that a production order will take - count on A Plus Warehouse for quick ship Skinny Racks!


Order Now

skinny rack

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Deluxe Panel Saw

March 16, 2018  |  Comments

You need a Deluxe Panel Saw today. This is one of the best saws out on the market. This product gives you the ability to cut large panels all day long.  Find out more about this unique product.

    A Plus Warehouse is no stranger to saws. Our vertical panel saws cut plywood, styrene, and foam board.  Our product catalog includes our good better and best saws, which are relatively popular. They were the start of A Plus Warehouse’s venture into the vertical panel saw line. We know that two of the most important things when ordering a saw are accuracy and ease of use. You will be impressed with the Deluxe Panel Saws .005” cutting accuracy. It is also incredibly simply to use. The operator can leave a panel stationary while blade moves both horizontally and vertically thanks to the traveling beam.

    This dream saw also has all the extra features.  A lot of customers love the carriage that traverses the full length of the machine frame. The product also includes panel mover, built in gauges with length stop, stops for horizontal cuts, self moving panel supports, and a MID-WAY FENCE system which brings small panel work to waist height. This saw is dust collection ready. A vacuum is not included with this product, however A Plus Warehouse does sell vacuums. Our industrial super quiet backpack vacuum tackles large areas as well as hard to reach spots with minimum effort.

    We highly recommend checking out the video shown below for a better idea about the product.  Trust A Plus Warehouse for high quality products you can rely on. We are always here to answer all customer questions. Our sales staff is very highly trained. When you call A Plus Warehouse, you are talking to a person-not a robot. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now

deluxe panel saw

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The Best Packaging Supplies | A Plus Warehouse

March 15, 2018  |  Comments

Did you know that A Plus Warehouse sells packaging supplies? Have you ever shipped something? If so packaging supplies was probably part of your equation. Our packaging supplies include packing tape, shipping boxes, strapping machines, stretch wrap, packaging equipment, and shipping bags. Each of these lines serves a different function. Shipping boxes and bags are used to store items for shipment.  Packing tape and stretch wrap secure items for shipment.  Strapping Machines and packaging equipment offer a more efficient way to store and secure large amount of product.

    Technology does make many areas of our life much easier. Packaging is one of these areas. Our packaging equipment greatly increases worker productivity. One of our more interesting products is the Deluxe Steam Shrink Tunnels. This product also includes a variable speed conveyor and steam generator. Best of all, it’s in stock! The purpose of this item is to shrink full body shrink bands on most any container type and can use any shrink film material. This machine can band more containers than any human can. It can ban approximately 25 bottles a minute.   If you are looking for something a bit less deluxe but still uses modern technology for assistance, check out our gummed tape dispensers.

steam shrink tunnels

    Using a gummed taped dispenser is the best way to secure your items. Gummed tape is much stronger than any standard tape. Our manual gummed tape dispenser dispenses up to 30 inches in a single pull! Choose between 2 level brush moistening system or 3 level brush moistening system with top heater! The dispenser also has some extra room at the top for carton knives and hand stamps.  

    A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now! We have all sorts of packaging supplies. Just give us a ring and we will help you find the perfect shipping supplies.

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Gantry Cranes| You want them, we got them

March 14, 2018  |  Comments

It is time to share with you information about a product line that is very near and dear to our hearts.  We are talking about our gantry cranes.  One of the reasons this line is so special is because we have recently increased our product catalog. At A Plus Warehouse, we do not lag behind. We always update our offerings to give customers the best possible product so fit their needs.

    Spanco is a very prominent manufacturer of Cranes. They have been in business for over three decades.  The company started by making adjustable gantry cranes and tripod cranes. They eventually expanded to jib cranes and workstation bridge cranes. With a Spanco product, you are getting something that is safe and reliable. All of their products exceed CMAA, ANSI,OSHA, and MMA standards. Their cranes get the job done!


    Lets put spotlight on some interesting gantry cranes we have available! First up is the Outdoor Crane. What makes this product so unique is its large tires. These are the best for rolling over soft or uneven surfaces such as grass. The crane is aluminum, so you can rest easy knowing it will whether outside conditions. The product is also very easy to assemble and disassemble! This feature is very convenient if you always need to move the location of the gantry crane. Capacity goes up to 3 Tons. The deluxe aluminum gantry crane is very similar to our outdoor crane but without wheels. It is best used on an even floor and offers very excellent floor protection. Product comes with four position swivel lock casters with molden polyurethane wheels.


cemetery gantry

    Order from A Pus Warehouse: Your Right Choice Right Now! We promise that you will not regret doing business with us. We always want the order. Every customer matters! Questions are always answered in a quick and efficient manner. Order Now!

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Questions of the Week| Conveyors

March 12, 2018  |  Comments

I'm looking to transport dirt and debris, what type of conveyor is right for me?

We highly recommend an aggregate conveyor. It is made for these types of operations.

Do you have any Conveyors in Stock?

Yes. WE have many of our power and gravity conveyors in stock. We do not have aggregate conveyors in stock. Ask a Sales Rep for more Information.

contractor companion

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Questions of the Week| Casters

February 26, 2018  |  Comments

What Products Use Casters?

Many products use casters for mobility such as material handling, carts, seating, cabinets and more.

What’s the best Wheel to Use for a Hardwood Floor?

Polyurethane is a quiet rolling wheel and will not harm a wood floor as a steel wheel could.


900 8TL

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Questions of the Week| Cabinets

February 20, 2018  |  Comments

What does GA mean in terms of Cabinets?

GA is shorthand for Gauge. Gauge is the  unit of thickness with 12 being more thick and 16 being less thick. Lower Gauge Cabinets tend to be Stronger than higher Gauge counterparts.


designer cabinet


Do you Offer Mobile Cabinets?

Yes many of our cabinets come with a caster option.

What is the difference between Stainless and Galvanized Cabinets?

First of all, these are both corrosion resistant. The key difference is galvanized is actually normal steel undergoes over goes treatment to become galvanized where as stainless steel is its own metal.  Stainless steel is more common for food service whereas galvanized is more commonly used outside.

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Questions of the Week| Bollards

February 12, 2018  |  Comments

What is a Bollard?

Bollards are very common and used mainly for property protection and traffic control. They come in many varieties such as indoor and outdoor, in ground and above ground.

What is the Function of a Curvy Bollard?

The curve of this bollard is used for forklift traffic.   Standard Bollards typically get in the way of forklift traffic.

curvy bollard

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