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Durham Safety Cabinets Now Available

May 30, 2015  |  Comments

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Durham Safety Cabinets

Durham Safety Cabinets are now being offered at A Plus Warehouse. Durham manufactures cabinets in USA from 16 Gauge Steel.  Many other manufacturers are satisfied producing lower capacity 18 durham flammable safety cabinetsGauge product. This is not the case with our friends at Durham Manufacturing.  Headquartered in Durham , CT - the company is so awesome , the city named itself after the company.

On the right you will see the whole family of these fine safety cabinets.  As of May 2015 - Durham is the ONLY company that makes a 4 gallon safety cabinet that is FM approved.  Customers needing a small cabinets do not have to sacrifice FM compliance anymore! Thanks , Durham!

Safety cabinets are provided with self closing or manual doors.  A self closing door can extinguish a fire that workers are not even aware of. The extra $50 can save a building or perhaps even a life. Now that is an investment!

Call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798 . We are your Durham MFG experts.

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A Plus Warehouse - Your Right Source Right Now



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Power Stackers

May 20, 2015  |  Comments

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Power Stackers

A Plus Warehouse is pleased to announce our new Power Stackers line. A Plus Warehouse offers a good amount of variety in all of our lines including this new one. We offer stackers of many kinds. Our product selection includes adjustable, fixed, narrow, and double mast stackers. We even have products that include a fork reach and other appliances not often seen on a everyday stacker.

            One of our new products it the Deluxe Stacker with Fork Reach. The product has almost anything a customer could want or need. A special feature of this product is its fork reach. It has the ideal reaching for shipping facilities. The product also has a power drive and lift. It is very easy to use and works well in condensed spaces. This is just one of the many new power stackers A Plus Warehouse has available.

            One of our trusted manufacturers is Vestil Manufacturing. A Plus Warehouse has had years of experience with this company, and they have never let us down. The company has been in business for over 50 years. With so much experience, the company has learned over the years and makes improvements at every moment. They aim to give customers the best possible experience. The company offers a selection of over 1000 different product lines. They know from experience that customers enjoy a wide selection of products Vestil is one of A Plus Warehouse favorite vendors and they should be one of our customers favorites as well!

            Order your Power Stacker from A Plus Warehouse today. You will not be disappointed. 

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Turnkey Inplant Offices available at A Plus Warehouse

May 12, 2015  |  Comments

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Inplant Offices

A Plus Warehouse is pleased to offer our customers Turnkey Inplant Offices. We give the best value for these products and customersTurnkey Inplant Offices will not be disappointed.  We include windows in every panel with no extra charge and having a glass door is also an option. Our panels are also a full 3 inches thick in order to meet the class A building code. We want you to order our products. A big drawer of this product that it has modular wiring! This makes the instillation process much less of a hassle. All a customer needs to do is mount the breaker box and connect it to the power source.  A Plus Warehouse even offers installation by factory personnel as an option. A Plus Warehouse also offers a great variety in our Turnkey Inplant offices. Customers have options of colors they can choose from. These colors include tan, gray, and white. Each of these colors is very attractive and adds a personal touch to your office. We offer Turnkey Inplant offices with 4 and 3, and 2 walls. Lights and outlets are also included in inplant office. Order your Turnkey Inplant Office Today!

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Bin Shelving Now Available with Free Shipping

May 12, 2015  |  Comments

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Bin Shelving

A Plus Warehouse is pleased to offer customer the best bin shelving on the market. We distribute only the highest quality products at a low cost to you. All of our products are made Shelf Bin Unitsfrom trusted manufactures you know such as Quantum.  If an organized work space is what one desires, than ordering shelving with bins is absolutely necessary.  This type of shelving makes it possible for customers to have plenty of space to store items. A Plus Warehouse also offers several bin sizes for shelving so that customers have the appropriate bin size to meet their shelving needs.

Bin Shelving with Free Freight

Currently, we are giving free freight to customers ordering bin shelving. However, you should act now before the offer ends!  A Plus Warehouse takes pleasure in providing the best service to our beloved customers.  At  A Plus Warehouse we are aware that every customer matters and  treat every customers as a person and not just a number.  We want to offer our customers the best deals on the market.  If you are looking for Bins and Shelves or other material handling  products A  Plus Warehouse is always happy to help. We offer a large variety of bin shelving for each customer’s needs. We offer bins of many different sizes and shelving of many different sizes. Customers will not be disappointed by our large selection. Order Now!

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Plastic Jersey Barriers Now Available

May 11, 2015  |  Comments


Plastic Jersey Barriers

are in great demand and A Plus Warehouse has them in stock in two sizes and 3 colors.  A Plastic Jersey Barrier for less that costs than $200 can protect a $10.000 machine.  How is that for ROI ?Select from Orange Yellow or White and in two different sizes.  They can be added together to make most any length for whatever protection is required.  Simply put the barrier in place then load plastic jersey barrierswith ballast - sand works fine as does water.


The picture on the right says it all! Three colors - two sizes

Buy Jersey Barriers

from a company you can trust! A Plus Warehouse has been in business since 1996 and we know all about customer satisfaction.  Once customers experience the A Plus Warehouse way - they remain with us for a long time! Look out for those Johnny Come Lately dealers that have not gained your trust like A Plus Warehouse has.


Feel free to call us at 800-209-8798 and experience the A Plus Warehouse difference!

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We are 100 percent mobile friendly and look forward to being of assistance.


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Now is The Time To Order Aluminum Bleachers

May 7, 2015  |  Comments

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Aluminum Bleachers

Now is the time to order Aluminum Bleachers !  A Plus Warehouse has them in stock - but supply can get tighter when schools start ordering.  From single benches to giant bleachers with gates and aisles , A Plus Warehouse is your source!5 row  We provide only the best products from All Star Bleachers - a division of Penco Products.  Customers have counted on A Plus Warehouse for quality Penco Lockers for over 20 years.

The unit shown on the right is a 5 row version with security gate.  Larger aluminum bleachers can also have a center aisle.  Although the product line is super easy to order , A Plus Warehouse has a staff of sales people that can help with your requirements.

As always we suggest you be social with our blog posts and share through the blogosphere. Twitter , Facebook, Youtube, Vine , Myspace - any way you want to be social is fine with A Plus Warehouse.

We always like to see our products in use so we can share this information with our customers.  Please send us a video of your A Plus Warehouse aluminum bleacher in action , and you may be qualified for a $50 credit.

Buy Aluminum Bleachers

Feel free to call at 800-209-8798 for any help.

We look forward to being of assistance




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New Low Cost Dock Seal And Shelter Section

May 7, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is pleased to announce our new offering of Vestil Dock Seals and Shelters.  Vestil has been manufacturing dock seals and shelters for decades in Indiana.  A Plus Warehouse is a dock seal and shelter combofully franchised dealer for Vestil - selling their line for over 21 years! We make the process simple at A Plus Warehouse. We make the ordering process simple , and have a handy design sheet we have all customers fill in when getting a dock seal or shelter quote.  We do this so there are no surprises when an order is delivered. Customers have counted on Vestil for lifting equipment , loading dock equipment , materials handling and such a wide variety of items they can not all be described.  A Plus Warehouse is pleased to sell the product from a 'one stop shop' manufacturer!


Call A Plus Warehouse for quality service at 800-209-8798 and you will see why A Plus Warehouse is the 'Dealer of Record' coast to coast.  We also do a nice job overseas , so feel free to contact us from anywhere!

A Plus Warehouse is your source for low cost and high quality dock seals!

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Submit a video of your Vestil dock seal purchased from A Plus Warehouse in use , and you just may qualify for a $50 credit!


Order Dock Seals

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Strong Hold Cabinets Now Available

May 4, 2015  |  Comments

Strong Hold Cabinets now have their own section at A Plus Warehouse.  Strong Hold Products are differentiated by bein exclusively 12 Gauge.  So customers have a brand that is understandably the strong hold floor cabinetsheaviest duty cabinet on the market.  Ulike other horizontal suppliers that offer capacity from low to medium to high - Strong Hold Cabinets stick with ultra rugged 12 gauge.  In this way , customer can expect ultimate quality and durability from the American Made brand

The cabinet shown on the right is a Storage Cabinet - which means the shelves are full width.

There are many interesting new items such as the roll up door cabinet which offers amazing storage capacity without swinging doors getting in the way!

AWe are all excited about the new Strong Hold Cabinets offering at A Plus Warehouse and the sales staff is ready to help. As always , feel free to call us at 800-209-8798

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International Orders for storage cabinets

April 20, 2015  |  Comments

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Storage cabinets are not just for customers in USA and Canada. The fantastic StrongHold 12 GA cabinet shown on the right is in demand world wide.  Our international customers may want to know  howstorage cabinets

they can get their hands on these fine cabinets.  Very simple! The international customer doesn't even need to contact a salesperson - although that is always a possibility. When the cart is started , an international customer can click on the request a quotation button - and the site prompts the user for his customs broker information.  The quotation then will include the transportation fees to the freight forwarder in the lower 48 states - and the site will even produce a commercial invoice valid for clearance. When shipping into Canada, APLUS will generate a commercial invoice and NAFTA Certificate if applicable for frowarding to your customs broker. International orders made simple!

A Plus Warehouse has an installed base of storage cabinets worldwide EXCEPT Austrailia [ We are talking to you Queensland ! ]

Although Outback Steakhouse may be an A Plus Warehouse customer - does that count as Australia ?

The video below shows our heavy duty storage cabinet in action as demonstrated by a spokesmodel way prettier than your hard working blogmasrter.

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Thanks as always for reading!



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How To Order Roller Conveyors

April 18, 2015  |  Comments


Our loyal readers know that A Plus Warehouse sells Roller Conveyors by Roach Conveyors and Roll A Way - with each company having their own benefits.671

The roller conveyor on the right has .300 inch thick 3 1/2 inch rollers and have an enormous capacity - we call this the KingConveyor.

There are several steps in ordering a roller conveyor - and this blog post is about the process.  Here then are the steps..

(1) Choose the right dealer - You have chosen us already - so this is covered

(2) Consider the total weight being transported. Our conveyors have a capacity based on stands every 5 ft and every 10 feet.  Roach Conveyors have the heaviest duty structural steel stands with maximum capacity of 12,000 pounds per leg

(3) Consider the conveying surface needed - The Between Frame measure is distance between the frames

(4) Think of the smallest load being conveyed - you want 3 rollers under every load at least to prevent submarining.  All of our roller conveyors have various roller centers

(5) Now you need to think about length . Roach Conveyors stocks conveyors from 1 to 10 feet in length.  Although we only show 5 and 10 foot sections, we can quote specials easily. The price is the same per foot plus a nominal cutting fee

(6) Next consider the rollers - we typically set them high [ above the frame ] but we can set low for no extra cost

(7) For all roller conveyors with 2 1/2 inch roller diameter and greater - we can provide guard railings - if you need them , let us know

(8) Now choose the type - steel , aluminum , stainless , or PVC coated rollers

(9) Get a quote from your friendly A Plus Warehouse sales rep

(10) Place your order and enjoy roller conveyor bliss


As always - please share our lovingly written blogpost and make any comments you like.

We are your roller conveyors source




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