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Ten Tier Lockers | Now Available

June 21, 2018  |  Comments

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Have you ever heard of a ten tier locker? Do you know where you could even buy one of them? Well here at A Plus Warehouse we provide you with those unique items you cannot get anywhere else. This ten tier locker is very efficient because not only is it compact so it saves space, but also many people can use it at once. We have at most a three wide version, so you can get as many as 30 different individual sections. This product is great for storing your smaller items such as keys, a wallet, cell phones, and many more items. These lockers are all steel construction, so we know they are built to last a while. Something that gives this product another unique quality is that it can come in different colors. Not to mention it is also a free freight item! Customers love our free freight items, so we make as many items free freight as we can.

ten tier loocker

When you work with the A Plus Warehouse team you are sure to get A Plus service. We want the best for our customers, and we will do what we can to make sure that happens. The products we sell are high quality because they come from the best vendors. When choosing our vendors, we do not want any ordinary vendor, we want ones that have great qualifications. Our vendors have been doing business for a while, have excellent product, and are very responsive. With vendors like these we know we are supplying our own customers with the best. You can trust us with your warehouse equipment and supplies needs. Just give us a call and our sales reps will be ready to help you with any inquiry you may have.

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Bigblue Crazy Cap Shelving

June 20, 2018  |  Comments

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Are you searching for shelving that can come in funky colors? Look no further than A Plus Warehouse. We have a large supply of funky colored products. With the Bigblue Krazy Cap Shelving we have the basic gray and blue color, but also orange, putty, beige, yellow, green, red, black, and brown. With colors like these your item is sure to stand out. Not only does this product look great for storing, but it can also store heavy objects. The shelf capacity is 1175 pounds. There are not many racks with a shelf capacity quite as massive as this. This item comes with 5 adjustable shelves on two inch centers. With 5 shelves and each being able to hold high capacities, there couldn’t be a greater product. A Plus Warehouse is one of the only places that can sell you an item like this.

A Plus Warehouse is always thinking of creating product that would not be seen elsewhere. Our entire Bigblue line is unique because of its variation of color. Many customers like these unique qualities because it is very different from the usual. Why not buy something from A Plus Warehouse if you cannot get it anywhere else?

bigblue krazy cap shelving

Our Team

The A Plus Warehouse staff is well trained and is always ready to help our customers. Whether you want a quote, have a question, or any other need for help our team will be responsive. We want the best for our customers, so we do what we can to make that happen. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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Divider Box Containers

June 19, 2018  |  Comments

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Are you searching for a page with not only bins but dividers that go along with it? Do you want a page that is easy to navigate? Look no further than A Plus Warehouse. Our Divider Box Containers are sure to fit those needs. With each box, we have another section for the dividers. We make it easy for you to put together your order. 2 snaps are included with all boxes. A reason to buy the slide in dividers is because it allows for an instant configuration. Most bins like these will be seen in commercial, industrial, and health care markets.


Unlike any ordinary bin and divider set ours can bins can come in a variety of sizes and colors. With color choices ranging from dark blue, grey, light blue, or red, these containers will not only organize your items, but it will make it look nice as well. We like having color option so not only can our products be great for storing items, but they also will be appealing to the eye.

A Plus Warehouse wants the best for our customers. We have a team that seeks out the best vendors. Many of our bins are from Lewis Bins. This vendor supplies us with many high quality and good valued bins. When we supply our customers with Lewis Bins we know they will be happy with the product. Whether you are searching for bins and dividers like these, bins with built in dividers, or stacking bins, we have what you need. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now. Give us a call today, we have sales reps by the phone ready to answer your calls and help with any inquiry you may have!

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Metro Shelving

June 18, 2018  |  Comments

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Metro shelving is a reliable source for wire shelving in health care services, food services, and even commercial markets. We have a handful of different ones, each with different sizes, capacities, mobility, and doors. Our most popular shelving is the metro super adjustable 2 shelving one. Something unique about this product is that the shelves are clip adjustable. This storing system is easy to assemble and requires no tools. Instead of getting the standard 4 shelf version you can also get a deluxe 5 shelf version.  With an item like this, you do not have to worry about any hassle, because it is easy to put together and is a simple piece of storing equipment. What could be better?

metro shelving blog

When choosing what sort of wire shelving you want there is a process. Luckily A Plus Warehouse can help you with each step of the way. When buying the product first decide whether you want an open or closed unit, most customers prefer our open, but we still like to have a closed door as an option. If you want quick and easy access an open shelf is better. The cases you would want a closed one is if you are searching for security. Then you also can choose what size you need and how many shelves. Some shelving is adjustable so keep an eye open for those, many customers like the adjustable shelves.

If you are searching for warehouse equipment and supplies, then you came to the right website. We have all sorts of items in stock. Our sales staff is ready to help you find the products you need. So give us a call at 800-209-8798. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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U and E Shaped Liftts Now Available

June 15, 2018  |  Comments

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We know everyone has heard of a U shaped lifts, but have you heard of an E shaped lift? At A Plus Warehouse we are always finding new products that are unique and interesting to add to our page. Our E shaped low profile lift is excellent for many applications. If you have an item that may be heavier in the middle, the center support will prevent the pallet from deflecting downward. Many industries will need something like this at one point because not all loads are simply shaped or have equally distributed weight. That is when we come in handy because we are one of the few places that will have an item that will completely suit your needs for this. Because this is a low profile lift there is greater flexibility and you will not need a floor pit.

e lift low profile

Safety is a very important factor for us at A Plus Warehouse, we want ultimate safety with each product we sell. For this scissor lift there is a low tension 24V control box with up and down buttons. It also features an electric circuit reset button incase anything goes wrong. Not only do we care about your safety, but we also like to incorporate convenience. With this scissor lift you will not need a loading ramp. The machine is easy to work, has a high capacity, and doesn’t take up too much space. This is the product you need for your warehouse. The vendor for this item is Lift Products; they sell us several different high quality lift products. This vendor has been selling these items for years now and similarly to us, they are planning to stay a while longer.

A Plus Warehouse is always growing and finding new ways to improve. We want our customers to be satisfied with the quality of product and in order for that to happen we have our team to find the best vendors to work with so we know they will give us high quality products. We are your right choice – right now, so give us a call today and we will be ready to help.

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Stackbin Products

June 14, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is now selling a new line of Stackbin items. They are steel constructed bin units that can be reconfigured at any moment. Some are mobile whereas others are still.  The Standard Mobile Stackbin is one of our newer items, it has a 2000 pound capacity and is easily mobile. The standard one has medium sized compartments whereas there is also a smaller compartment version and larger compartment version. Stackbin products are great because each unit is stackable, so any product can be reconfigured at any moment. Not to mention Stackbin Corporation has been around since 1931 and they are not planning to go away anytime soon. We know they are a trusted vendor not only because of how long they have been in the business for but also because we have been working with them for years now as well.

mobile stack bins

For when you can’t decide what bin size you want we have the A Bit of Everything Stackbin for you. This stackbin consists of several different sized bins all with one model. With this you can store smaller items, and even those bulky items. We know that not one size fits all, so we decide to give you all sizes in one fantastic product. Many of these products have the color options. The newer ones have 6 options; there is blue, black, gray, green, beige, and vivid blue. These colors use a baked enamel, so you can get that glossy look. Now, not only is your bins unit a great storage system but it is also pleasing to the eye. These products can be found anywhere ranging from a personal office to an industry.

Check out our new Stackbin products today and give us a call for any questions you may have. Our sales reps are always by the phone ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to call!

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Industrial Hose Reels | Available at A Plus Warehouse

June 7, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse has recently added more products to our line of industrial hose reels. We now have hose reels from ReelCraft and CoxReels. These vendors both have top of the line products that we can sell to our customers. ReelCraft has manufactured over 500 models of hose, cord, and cable reels. CoxReel has all their products made in America which is very unique. Both these vendors are the right choices for buying all sort of reels. Whether you are look for a heavy duty reel or regular we have both. We even have retractable hoses for safety purposes and easy cleaning tactics. Some industrial hoses are manual whereas others may be automatic. Choose between the permanent model or mobile model, all depending on your facility. Our products titled EZ Coil tend to be the CoxReel ones and many others are ReelCraft.  

dual hose reel

Our favorite reel now is our dual pedestal auto retractable reel. This one features a base and guide arm to keep this equipment stable and free from wear. It can be used for portable service trucks as well as permanent use. It is resistant to corrosion, so this is sure to last a while. This dual pedestal can work with low pressure for air in water, but also medium pressure for oil, and high for grease; so be sure to look carefully when choosing the reel for your warehouse.

A Plus Warehouse is your right source for anything relating to material handling equipment, warehouse equipment, and most other equipment. We are very selective with our vendors because we want the best product. In order to get our best vendors and products for industrial hose reels we have to do some searching until we came across CoxReels and ReelCraft. Buy your reels today, we heavy an endless supply and amount of variation.

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New Strapping Machines

June 5, 2018  |  Comments

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Here at A plus Warehouse, we have recently added more products to our strapping machine category. Many customers have been buying the few we had, but now we have even more. We have strapping machines that are, portable, semi automatic, and high speed. Some containing all three factors for example, our high speed strapping machine. The high speed strapping machine has automatic strapping and features an easy system to access and reload the strap. It has up to 30 cycles per minute and is heat welded. This item contains features that prevent this machine from having problems, for example there is a jam free feature, along with auto positioning. With these features you are less likely to run into those little, yet complicated problems.

Along with some of the strapping machines we always have had, we also now include strapping carts. A strapping cart is a similar idea, the only difference is the way it is use. It is still easy to use but the operator does more work because this piece of equipment is manual. This is better for smaller and easier items to work with. We can sell you a typical standard strapping cart, or we can also sell a vertical and horizontal strapping cart, an industrial one, or even one that can be mounted to a wall. With these strapping machines of course you can buy more straps to go along with it but the strapping carts will typically come with a 1/2" strapping (8" X 8" core) and it is a roll of 9,000 feet. Our strapping carts and other packaging supplies comes mostly from Vestil Manufacturing. We have been working with this vendor for years now, so we know their product is top of the line. They too have been in business for years and is planning to stay. Whether you are looking for packaging supplies or another sort of supplies A Plus Warehouse is the right place for you.


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A Plus Warehouse Industrial Safes

June 1, 2018  |  Comments

Safes at A Plus Warehouse are guaranteed to protect you. Safes save lives! If you are a gun owner with children, you will most certainly need a gun safe. This prevents gun accidents! Pharmacy safes also keep people safe. Prescription drugs can be very dangerous if in the wrong hands! You would not want to leave substances stored without protection. Many people need a safe in day to day life to protect valuables such as a wallet, jewelry, phones, and so on and so forth. Whatever your need, A Plus Warehouse has you covered.

                If you are looking for a convenient on the go gun safe, you can’t  go wrong with the portable handgun safe. It is used primarily to store a hand gun but can also store other small valuables such as a wallet, or cellphone. This safe is travel sized. It can fit in a briefcase, under a seat, and in your luggage. Product includes lock with two key locks. Our drug dispensary safe is meant to lock up controlled substances.  The electronic keypad lock makes it virtually impossible for unwanted people to get access. The digital lock is programmable with an override feature. Product also includes key for manual locking and unlocking. The wall mounted security cabinet is a unique product. It doubles as both a security cabinet and electronic safe. This product easily stores your laptop. Adjustable elastic straps holds laptop securely when safe is closed. Left and right sides of cabinet can hold power cords and allow for charging. Cell phones and cameras can also be stored in the safe.  The product includes an electronic keypad that is run by 4 AA batteries.

wall mounted safe

                All our industrial safes are very high in quality. What are you waiting for? Order a safe from A Plus Warehouse, your right source right now, today.

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Colorful Dumpers

May 29, 2018  |  Comments

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Want hoppers with a bumper release for convenience? Need a safety lock to prevent accidental dumping? Are you tired of those dumpers that are always breaking or aren’t secure? Well, here at A Plus Warehouse we have hoppers with all that, the hopper is also secured to a forklift with a safety restraint. Many of our dumpers feature this type of security but our most recent one is the colorful hoppers. With this hopper you can get the light duty version which is 12 GA steel, medium duty 10 GA steel, and heavy duty 8 GA steel. The heavy duty one can hold up to a massive 6000 pounds and the light one can hold up to 2000 pounds. Choose dumpers with a volume up to 3 cubic yards. With a volume this large you can dump nearly anything.

colorful dumpers

This product will do well with our customers. Every warehouse needs a dumper, these dumpers are great quality, and to add to it there are many colors. Not only will you have a great machine to do your trash work, but it will be appealing to the eye. For an object that does a gross job, having attractive color options makes the object more pleasing. When you buy this dumper, you can have the standard color which is blue, or if you want to have an even more unique hopper you can choose green, grey, orange, red, sky blue, white, or yellow. Of course you can choose the colors for a number of reason but something that we have noticed about the colors is they each tend to go with a certain job. The red usually resembled hazard, white is paper, gray is metal, yellow is glass, and blue is plastic. Not everyone chooses to categorize the trucks like this but that is the trend we have seen the most.

A Plus Warehouse is the source you can trust! We have an endless supply of product that you are sure to like. Give us a call today at 800-209-8798, our sales reps are ready to talk with you and answer any question you may have.

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