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New Year, New Recycling Bins

January 2, 2019  |  Comments

Happy 2019! We wish you all an amazing new year! What is a better way to start off the new year than purchasing that recycling bin that you have needed for a while. Did you know A Plus Warehouse sells recycling bins? We are proud to do so! Recycling is important for taking care of our planet. Let us help you to reduce, reuse, and recycle with our recycling bins.

                Our mix and match waste receptacle is a good option for a café or restaurant  where customers may have a mix of different sorts of recyclables and waste. The shape allows for endless configurations. Product features steel base and stainless steel lids. Customers can choose their lid inscription. Inscription can say cans, paper, plastic, recycle, waste, and you can also have a lid without an inscription. This product fits in those  typically unusable corners! Orders over 700 dollars are also free freight for this item! If you are looking for a more standard recycling bin, we got those too!

                Our large recycling containers are the most recently added item of 2019! They include drain holes that prevent liquid build up and range in size from 14.9” long to 25.8” long. Bin covers and bin dolly is also available. Order yours today!

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now! Our sales staff is dedicated to finding the perfect product to fit your needs. We have been in business for over 20 years. Order now!

recycling container

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What is a Baler

December 27, 2018  |  Comments

What is a baler? A baler is a waste handling product that presses down your cardboard and shrink wrap. It keeps down on waste materials and keeps your property looking nice and clean.  Balers save our customers space and money and are simple and safe to operate.  A Plus Warehouse sells a baler that has a low noise level of 64-68 DB and a press force of up to 66,200 pounds. The strap rolls are also easy to replace.

                Every industry can benefit from our range of waste handling products. We sell trash cans, and Aerosolv Aerosal Can Disposal System, Drum Tops, and more. When ordering a waste handling product from us, you know that is it safe and will protect from germs. We all have waste, and we all need a way for it to be handled!

A Plus Warehouse offers our customers three different types of balers with different press forces. Our BALER-L has a press force of 6,600 pounds, BALER-M has a press force of 11,000 pounds, and the BALER-H has a press force of 66,200 pounds. They also go up in size with our BALER-L having dimensions of 33.26” X 29.33” X 77.36” and or BALER-H having dimensions of 80” X 43” X 129/93”. The cycle time for all three balers are between 39 and 45 seconds.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. We have been in business for over two decades and  know how to  direct customers into finding the perfect product that fits their needs. Our sales staff is always eager to help customers. We are a big enough company to fill  your order, but small enough to realize that every order matters.



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Portable Drum Roller

December 18, 2018  |  Comments

Drum Equipment is a popular line of product at A Plus Warehouse. If you are looking for the best way to mix and move drum contents, you can not go wrong with out portable drum roller. Our drum handling equipment is top notch.  We offer drum stackers, de headers, skids, trucks, and more.  We want to offer our customers many great options!

                Our portable drum roller is the safest and easiest way to move and mix drums. It mixes the contents while eliminating worker exposure and reducing the amount of clean up. It agitates the contents of the drum without even opening it! Drum pours directly into five gallon pail. A faucet can be attached to drum while rotating. Product handles 55 gallon drums. We offer standard, explosion proof, and air motor drums. Our drums have a fixed RPM of either 16 or 20 depending on the item. It can hold 500 pounds of liquid content and 300 pounds of dry content.

                This product is very easy to handle. It is easy to rotate the drum on its side. Built in tipping helps in loading drum upright onto drum roller and setting drum back to upright. The drum roller is also very compact.  It is 21” wide by 35” long. The handle drum diameter is 6” to 28” with a maximum drum length of 40”.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now for drum handling equipment and more. We have been in the business for over two decades.  Our sales staff is very helpful in getting our customers the products they need in a timely manner. We realize that every customer is important, great customer service is a top priority.


portable drum roller

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We now have texting!

December 11, 2018  |  Comments

Here at A Plus Warehouse, it is important for us to keep of with modern technology. This is why we offer customers the option to send order statuses and confirmation via text.  We realize that the world and the material handling industry in particular is always growing and changing. With this growth comes new technology. Our website is also optimized for cell phone users. We make it easy at A Plus Warehouse.

                When hearing about our new texting system, many customers worry that  we will send customers unwanted messages after the order is complete. There in no need to worry. The last text you will get from A Plus Warehouse is your order confirmation. We will not spam you!

                Modern technology has transformed the material handling industry in the past couple of decades. For one thing, the invention of the internet has made this blog post possible and our entire website.  Email also helps in making a efficient office.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now! We have been in this business for over two decades, we know our stuff! Our sales staff is very eager and ready to help. If you are looking for the best material handling, look no further than A Plus Warehouse!


aplus logo

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Safety Gate

December 6, 2018  |  Comments

If you are looking for a safety gate, you have come to the right place.  We provide you the safest gates for you work place. Safety is a priority at A Plus Warehouse.We sell all sorts of industrial gates including our defender gate,  self closing double swing gates, and mezzanine pivot gates.

                Our standard defender gate has a 5,000 pound teste capacity. It is easy to install is great for preventing loading dock falls. This product is made in the USA and is shipped free freight. It features a locking gate mechanism and 1” pivot pins with oilite bronze self oiling bushings. Self closing double swing gates meet in the middle. They are a simple and economical solution. Gate features a steel spring for self closing actuation. Industrial gate is made with carbon steel construction and 1 ¼” tubing. If you are looking for a mezzanine gate, look no further than our mezzanine pivot gate. This product easily pivots up or down and only requires 10-20 pounds of lifting force. We have models than can accommodate one or two pallets. They can be made to order to fit your specific opening. Ask a sales representative for further detail.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for safety gates!


defender gate

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Happy Holidays

November 26, 2018  |  Comments

Happy holidays from your friends at A Plus Warehouse! We hope that our customers had a wonderful thanksgiving and black friday. This holiday season,  we want to thank our customers for their continued loyalty. For this reason, from today until January 5th we are offering a 5 % discount off everything on the website.  Just enter or mention the discount code HOLIDAY-FIVE.

What is your favorite holiday festivity? Many of us enjoy a thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends. Many eat until they drop! When colder weather comes, many enjoying cuddling up by a fire while drinking hot cocoa. Christmas carols spread joy across the nation. This time of the year is about family and love. Yet, it is also an exciting time of gift giving and receiving!  Getting a gift is always exciting!   If nothing else, receiving a gift shows that an individual has cared and thought about you enough to get you a gift. Consider our HOLIDAY-FIVE discount a gift from us to you. We care about our customers and want to get them the best deals!

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now. Our sales staff is highly trained and ready to help you place  your order. Order Now!


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Heavy Duty Road Mat

October 22, 2018  |  Comments

Many industries need an A Plus Warehouse Mat of some sort.  We offer mats that serve different purposes. We have anti fatigue mats, entrance mats , safety mats, and wearwell mats just to name a few. Our most recently added mat is the heavy duty road mat. We are so excited to add this to our extensive product line up!

tufftrax mat

                Our heavy duty road mat is a huge mat that can support up to 150 tons! This is enough to support large vehicles. Because of the nature of the mat, instillation is required with heavy construction equipment. It is designed for an extra wide roadway and is manufactured as one solid piece. It features a low-profile surface on the reverse both incorporating micro traction to further increase grip. The chevron traction surface nub design provides maximum grip. The product is ideal for transmission projects, as mat in nonconductive. It is made up of recycled high molecular weight polyethylene construction. The mat also has efficient weight dispersal or soft or boggy ground.

                 You can rely on A Plus Warehouse to make your mat buying process a quick and easy one! Our experienced sales staff will always help you find the perfect product fitting your needs. Order Now!

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Look Out Warning Lights

October 9, 2018  |  Comments

Light is a very important aspect of our modern world. A Plus Warehouse sells products that utilize light for safety purposes. Warning lights are a very important piece of dock equipment. They save lives! Many fork lift accidents can be easily prevented with proper safety equipment and usage. A Plus warehouse features safety equipment that is meant to stop and emergency as well as equipment meant to effectively handle emergency situations.  You can trust A Plus Warehouse with your safety needs!

A warning light is a great way of exclaiming “look out!” There are many actives in daily life where it is important to look out and watch your surroundings. This is especially true at a loading dock. Our look out warning lights drastically cut down on injuries and fatalities. They are also mounted up and out of the way. You will hardly notice they are there until you need them. They alert pedestrians when forklifts are crossing. Mounting hardware in included with this product. It has a 24V transformer installed overhead and 100,000 hours of life. This warning light also ships free freight. Look out lights come in variations including lights with loud audible alarm, pulsating lights, and pulsating lights with loud audible alarm.  Order yours today!


look out light

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Tripod Cranes

October 5, 2018  |  Comments

Here at A Plus Warehouse, we have a large product offering. We want to offer our customers many options! In our hoist section, we have many great and high quality products offered such as the tripod cranes. Tripod cranes are a great way to lift in tight corners. Their telescoping legs are adjustable in 6 inch increments.  This product is available with aluminum flat feet or steel mud feet. Steel mud feet are suggested for applications on soft ground. Aluminum flat feet can be used on all hard surface. A cable lashing kit is included with crane. This keeps legs from spreading. Tripod cranes are very easy to use. They can be set up on most surfaces, even uneven surfaces. The free swiveling eyebolt hangs plumb to protect tripod head from twists and strains while keeping the lifting device plumb. If you are looking for a lift that will save space and easy to use, this is your product!

                The tripod crane is one of our many products in the hoists section. We offer several different kinds of hoists including chain hoists, electric hoists, and gantry hoist. A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for hoist and hoist equipment.

tripod crane

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Multimedia Storage Cabinet New at A Plus Warehouse

September 28, 2018  |  Comments

                Our multimedia storage cabinet is new this week to the A Plus Warehouse lineup. We are always adding a large variety of new and interesting products to the company website. This keeps things fresh!  It is also important to us that our products keep up with modern technology.  We feature products from several different categories including but not limited to dock equipment, hoists, material handling equipment, office furniture, and of course cabinets.

                We are so excited to now offer the multimedia storage cabinet. It can store all sorts of different media including cards, CDs, and DVDs.  This product is available with between 5 and 8 drawers. This is more than enough room to store all your media! The 8 drawer model can store 43,400 3X5 or 4 X 6 cards, 1024 standard CDs, or  1920 slimline CDs. It also comes in five different attractive colors including sand, putty, light grey, medium grey, and black.  The product is very durable and functional. A Plus Warehouse also sells a multimedia cabinet for video only.  The construction for this product dissipates static electricity and may provide electromagnet radiation protection. It includes 4 drawer, but product can be stacked up to 2 high. So a customer can order two of these and have an 8 drawer unit. Order your multimedia cabinet today!

multi media storage cabinet

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