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Roller Conveyors at A Plus Warehouse

May 17, 2019  |  Comments

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At A Plus Warehouse we have an extensive amount of warehouse equipment, one of which being our line of roller conveyors. Roller conveyors are a must have piece of equipment in any warehouse, and A Plus Warehouse is here to provide you with exactly that. We have all different sorts of roller conveyors, whether you are looking for a smaller light duty one or larger heavy duty one, we have it all. Some may be powered whereas others work with gravity to get movement. Either way you want your conveyor, we can help you find it.

We care about our customers and their employees which is why we provide you with items that help take the strain off workers. Rather than moving a heavy box on one’s own, a conveyor will easily transport something from one area to another. This makes for less risk in the work zone ultimately resulting in happier employees. A happy employee is an efficient employee, which is why roller conveyors are a necessity in any industry.

power roller conveyor

One of the more popular items is the Maximum Capacity Roller Conveyor. This item is a quick ship at A Plus Warehouse. With a massive capacity of 2,500 pounds per roller and a frame capacity of 16,000 pounds at 5 foot center support, this product is sure to handle your heavier items with ease. If you came looking for a heavy duty roller conveyor then you certainly came to the right place. For something with more power try the Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor. This product is relatively similar, the only difference is that it’s powered.

A Plus Warehouse is your trusted source for not just roller conveyors but any other material handling equipment such as pallets, docks, forklifts, ladders, lockers and much more. We want only the best for our customers, so we choose our vendors carefully. We choose vendors who can give high quality material at a great value. Learn more about what we sell at or call us at 800-209-8798. No question is too big or too small, we are always ready to help our customers attain complete satisfaction!

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The Best Meat Grinders for Industrial Kitchens

February 26, 2019  |  Comments

Did you know that A Plus Warehouse sells Meat Grinders? Do no miss your chance to stock up your industrial kitchen with the best food service equipment including bread slicers, mixers, fly traps, and of course meat grinders. If your kitchen works with a lot of meats, a meat grinder is a must have.  Learn about some of these meat grinders at A Plus Warehouse.


                Our meat grinders come in three sizes: standard, deluxe, and grand. They are all made with stainless steel and easy to maintain. Our standard meat grinder is in #12 cutting group and grinds 8-12 pounds per minute. The deluxe meat grinder also features stainless steel head, worm, and knife. It also comes with a sausage stuffing attachment.  Customers can choose to have this deluxe meat grinder in cutting group # 12 o #22. The #22 cutting group deluxe meat grinder can grinder 14-20 pounds per minute. If you are looking for the best meat grinder, look no further than the grand meat grinder. This grinder has a capacity of 50 pounds per minute and I in cutting group #32. Customers can choose between a 3 or 5 HP motor.


                Order your meat grinder today at A Plus Warehouse. They are a must have for any industrial kitchen. A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer a large variety of food service equipment products. Let out sales staff help you to find the perfect product to fit your needs!


deluxe meat grinder


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Trailer Stabilizing Jacks| A Dock Safety Hero

February 18, 2019  |  Comments

Loading Dock Safety is very important. With so much happening on a typical loading dock, it is unfortunately very easy for somebody to get hurt without proper attention to safety and loading dock safety tools. With proper use of a trailer stabilizing jack, our customers prevent accidents.


What happens if you try loading and unloading trailers without a jack?  Customers run a large change of upending semi-trailers. This is both unsafe and costly.  This is why trailer stabilizing jacks are necessary. When using a trailer stabilizing jack it is also important to use it correctly. The product will be useless if not used or used incorrectly. You should always be careful when operating heavy machinery!


                Learn more about some of our trailer stabilizing jacks. We currently offer five different kinds of stabilizing jacks including our Lo J, Big Foot, Spin Top, Standard, and economical trailer stabilizing jacks. Our standard trailer stabilizing jack levels trailers parked on sloped ground and prevents landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. It features a removable pipe handle for quick 39 ½” to 51” height adjustment.  Product also permits works to stay upright while operating. Stabilizing jack also meets OSHA requirements and has  an overall capacity of 100,000 pounds and a lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds. It features a 14” base and a 7 ¾” top cap. It accommodates up to a 9 degree tilt off level and rolls on heavy duty 8” solid rubber transport wheels. Stabilizing jack is made with steel construction.


                Be safe and order a trailer stabilizing jack today. You will not regret it!


trailer stabilizing jack stand






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Industrial Laundry Carts at A Plus Warehouse

February 11, 2019  |  Comments

If you have a great deal of laundry, you may need a laundry cart.  They are especially popular in the hospitality and medical industries. Laundry room carts make it easy to transport clean or dirty laundry. Trust A Plus Warehouse to  help you with your laundry cart needs.

                Our Vinyl liner truck is a popular option that comes in a large variety of colors. Color choices include white, gray, black, navy blue, blue, forest green, yellow, beige, and red. The product is lined with flame retardant liner and includes heavy duty black rim for additional rim protection. Vinyl liner truck can be nested and capacity increases as amount of bushels increase.


Our wire laundry cart is also a great option for your laundromat. The wire cart requires no maintenance because of sturdy chrome plating. Non marking bumpers also protect equipment and walls from damage. Bases are built with fully welded 7/8” heavy steel tubing. Customers can choose between 2..5 or 6 Bushel capacity.


                The bulk truck and transport can do two jobs in one. The cart converts from clean linen delivery to soiled linen bulk truck. The product is 48 cubic feet and features chrome plated wire shelving and 6 inch non marking ball bearing casters. Two of the casters are fixed and two are swivel. Truck switches between bulk truck and delivery truck by simply repositioning the wire from a horizontal to vertical position. 1 inch support poles handle heavy payloads easily.


                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for laundry carts. Order Now!

vinyl lliner truck


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Janitorial Supplies Equipment

February 5, 2019  |  Comments

You can rely on A Plus Warehouse for your Janitorial Supplies Equipment needs. Currently, we focus mainly  on three areas of Janitorial Supplies Equipment. These areas are waste handling, carts, and cabinets. Our janitorial product offering is expanding every day. Janitorial Supplies Equipment are needed by most industries. A sanitary and organized workplace is a happy and safe workplace. A Plus Warehouse Janitorial Supplies can help with this goal!

                Everybody produces waste, so everybody needs a way to get rid of waste.  Look no further than A Plus Warehouse waste handling equipment. Consider our Baler. This product is a simple and safe way to take care of your cardboard and shrink wrap. It also saves money and space.  Our high capacity baler can press 66,200 pounds! We also have more affordable balers with a lower press force. The noise level on our balers is only 64-68 DB. We also sell popular recycling bins and garbage cans. You can see these products anywhere you turn!

                Janitorial carts make it easier for janitors to do their job! Janitorial carts a very important part of janitorial supplies equipment. Organization is needed for all industries, including the healthcare industry. Our healthcare cleaning caddy is a great way to organize cleaning chemicals and other supplies. The product is also JCAHO compliant and will not rust. It is also easy to maneuver.

                Cabinets are one of the most popular lines at A Plus Warehouse. We offer so many differ kinds of cabinets including bin cabinets, plastic cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, and our janitorial cabinets. Janitorial cabinets come in all different types including stainless steel, storage, and combination cabinets. Our standard janitorial storage cabinet includes three shelves for cleaning supplies as well as an extra tall storage space for vacuums and brooms. The product is all welded.

                A Plus Warehouse is you right source right now! We have been in business for over 20 years. Our sales staff is highly knowledgeable and will help you find what you are looking for. Order Now!


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Stainless Steel Cabinets at A Plus Warehouse

January 30, 2019  |  Comments

Our stainless steel cabinets are here to stay. Stainless steel is a great material for customers who want long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing material. Stainless steel is very strong and is corrosion resistant. Stainless steel cabinets are great for many industries including the restaurant and medical industries. A Plus Warehouse has many products made from stainless steel, not just our cabinets! For example, most of our food service equipment is made with stainless steel. This makes for a more sanitary work place. Our products keep your kitchen efficient, safe, and clean.


We have several different styles of stainless steel cabinets including janitorial cabinets, bin cabinets, and storage cabinet. Our janitorial cabinet can store broom and vacuums on one side of the cabinet while the other side can hold buckets and supplies. Because the product is stainless steel, it is rust proof and makes for a sanitary application. Our Stainless Steel Bin Cabinet with Drawers includes 110,4 1/8” X 7 3/8” X 2” high bins and 16, 7 ¼” X 14 ¾” X 7” bins. Each drawer is 30” Wide by 14” Deep. Our stainless steel storage cabinet can be used in a variety of places including restaurants, hospitals, and pharmacies. It is an incredibly durable storage cabinet and is rust proof.


                You will not regret ordering a stainless steel cabinet from A Plus Warehouse. We are your right source right now!

stainless steel storage cabinet


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Mezzanine Gates

January 24, 2019  |  Comments

Safety gates are everywhere. They keep people and equipment safe. Mezzanine gates is are important for fall protection.  Nobody wants  to risk people get seriously injured by not having a gate. It is better to be safe than sorry! A Plus Warehouse offers many kinds of fall protection equipment. We also offer different kinds of mezzanine gates. Learn more about our selection!

                The economical mezzanine gate is the most affordable way to prevent dangerous falls. The product includes 6 self closing arms and includes 8” tall rack frames. The gate is also easy to install. Use our self closing mezzanine pallet gate to forklift your pallets through gates and back away. Gates close up against material while protecting the mezzanine edge until material is loaded. If you are looking for complete protection, we recommend our fully enclosed mezzanine gate. They are great for mezzanines ad well as pick modules. It utilizes counter balance and includes a slam proof design. Gate also comes with a 4” safety toeboard. Pivot gates are also a good option for full coverage. The gate easily pivots to the up or down position and only requires 10-20 pounds of lifting force.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. Order Now!

mezzanine pivot gates

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New Year, New Recycling Bins

January 2, 2019  |  Comments

Happy 2019! We wish you all an amazing new year! What is a better way to start off the new year than purchasing that recycling bin that you have needed for a while. Did you know A Plus Warehouse sells recycling bins? We are proud to do so! Recycling is important for taking care of our planet. Let us help you to reduce, reuse, and recycle with our recycling bins.

                Our mix and match waste receptacle is a good option for a café or restaurant  where customers may have a mix of different sorts of recyclables and waste. The shape allows for endless configurations. Product features steel base and stainless steel lids. Customers can choose their lid inscription. Inscription can say cans, paper, plastic, recycle, waste, and you can also have a lid without an inscription. This product fits in those  typically unusable corners! Orders over 700 dollars are also free freight for this item! If you are looking for a more standard recycling bin, we got those too!

                Our large recycling containers are the most recently added item of 2019! They include drain holes that prevent liquid build up and range in size from 14.9” long to 25.8” long. Bin covers and bin dolly is also available. Order yours today!

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now! Our sales staff is dedicated to finding the perfect product to fit your needs. We have been in business for over 20 years. Order now!

recycling container

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What is a Baler

December 27, 2018  |  Comments

What is a baler? A baler is a waste handling product that presses down your cardboard and shrink wrap. It keeps down on waste materials and keeps your property looking nice and clean.  Balers save our customers space and money and are simple and safe to operate.  A Plus Warehouse sells a baler that has a low noise level of 64-68 DB and a press force of up to 66,200 pounds. The strap rolls are also easy to replace.

                Every industry can benefit from our range of waste handling products. We sell trash cans, and Aerosolv Aerosal Can Disposal System, Drum Tops, and more. When ordering a waste handling product from us, you know that is it safe and will protect from germs. We all have waste, and we all need a way for it to be handled!

A Plus Warehouse offers our customers three different types of balers with different press forces. Our BALER-L has a press force of 6,600 pounds, BALER-M has a press force of 11,000 pounds, and the BALER-H has a press force of 66,200 pounds. They also go up in size with our BALER-L having dimensions of 33.26” X 29.33” X 77.36” and or BALER-H having dimensions of 80” X 43” X 129/93”. The cycle time for all three balers are between 39 and 45 seconds.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. We have been in business for over two decades and  know how to  direct customers into finding the perfect product that fits their needs. Our sales staff is always eager to help customers. We are a big enough company to fill  your order, but small enough to realize that every order matters.



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Portable Drum Roller

December 18, 2018  |  Comments

Drum Equipment is a popular line of product at A Plus Warehouse. If you are looking for the best way to mix and move drum contents, you can not go wrong with out portable drum roller. Our drum handling equipment is top notch.  We offer drum stackers, de headers, skids, trucks, and more.  We want to offer our customers many great options!

                Our portable drum roller is the safest and easiest way to move and mix drums. It mixes the contents while eliminating worker exposure and reducing the amount of clean up. It agitates the contents of the drum without even opening it! Drum pours directly into five gallon pail. A faucet can be attached to drum while rotating. Product handles 55 gallon drums. We offer standard, explosion proof, and air motor drums. Our drums have a fixed RPM of either 16 or 20 depending on the item. It can hold 500 pounds of liquid content and 300 pounds of dry content.

                This product is very easy to handle. It is easy to rotate the drum on its side. Built in tipping helps in loading drum upright onto drum roller and setting drum back to upright. The drum roller is also very compact.  It is 21” wide by 35” long. The handle drum diameter is 6” to 28” with a maximum drum length of 40”.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now for drum handling equipment and more. We have been in the business for over two decades.  Our sales staff is very helpful in getting our customers the products they need in a timely manner. We realize that every customer is important, great customer service is a top priority.


portable drum roller

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