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All About the Steel Frame Pedalift

January 6, 2016  |  Comments

Steel Frame Pedalift Options

Pedalift. Say it with me: pe-dal-lift. When you break it down like that, this product makes a lot of sense. It’s a lift you raise with a pedal. And that's what this blog is all about -- making sense of the steel frame pedalift products we now sell. Although they are considered part of the lift truck family, these items provide a much-needed kind of convenience around the workplace. But what makes them different from their other lift truck brethren?  

Join us as we explore what makes these products an essential part of your everyday work!  

steel fram pedalift

What is the Purpose of a Pedalift?

Like other lift trucks, pedalifts let you raise and lower product without causing strain on your body. These handy machines take on the hard work of picking up heavy loads and putting them where needed. Commonly used in packaging plants, industrial warehouses, and other facilities, pedalifts are the next iteration of convenient warehouse machinery.  

Choosing the Best Kind of Steel Frame Pedalift

When choosing a steel frame pedalift for your lifting needs, you've got some great options. Although all of these are framed with the superior durability of steel, our pedalifts feature several different designs.  

First, decide if your lifting needs requires forks or a platform. Forks are great for handling skids and pallets, while platforms lift boxes with ease. Whichever you choose, you'll have a capacity of 750 lbs. at your disposal.  

The second decision you'll have to make is whether you want a two-wheel or four-wheel steel frame pedalift. A two-wheel pedalift will let you cart your load around like a hand truck. A four-wheel can be used this way as well, but its additional wheels let you handle much bulkier loads. One key difference is that the two-wheel version makes contact with the floor, while the four-wheel sits at a minimum of 5.75 inches off the ground. So consider where you are lifting from and where you're lifting to when choosing your steel frame pedalift.  

You'll next have to choose between a foot pump or winch operated pedalift. The hydraulic foot pump version has a foot release pedal that eases loads to the ground. The hand-operated winch version is also an option if you want to get more hands-on with your lifting. Both are great choices and will let you lift either 40 inches or 54 inches off the ground.  

Now that you know everything there is to know about our steel frame pedalift products, get one for your warehouse. Or two, if you need one with forks and one with a platform. They're sure to add a huge amount of convenience to your daily workload!  

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5 Reasons Why You Need Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

December 2, 2015  |  Comments

Uses for Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

Need a reason to check out the new Stackbin hopper metal bins from A Plus Warehouse? We’ll give you five. These metal storage bins are an industry standard. They’re everything you could possibly want out of strong, secure storage. Here’s why.

 genuine stackbin

1. Each bin holds a huge amount weight.

When it comes to storage, capacity is everything. How else can you store all your important equipment and materials? Stackbin hopper metal bins are made of rugged 18 GA steel and are spot-welded for durability. These bins are made to last and can hold anything you can fit inside. Yes, that includes your cutting die, machine parts, and heavy duty nuts and bolts.

2. They can stack to save you space.

We’re all looking to make the most of our space. That’s why Stackbin hopper metal bins are so great. Each bin stacks on top of each other to create a sturdy wall of storage. Using vertical rows of bins rather than horizontal rows leaves you with more floor space. All the better to get work done, right?

3. They’ll look great in your facility.

Think looks don’t matter much in your industrial facility? Maybe a clean appearance is low on your list of priorities. But choose a color for your metal bins and see if you don’t feel more productive. Maybe it’s the way the stacked look gives your facility a neat, put-together appearance. Or maybe it’s the way they add some much-needed organization to the chaos of your warehouse. Either way, Stackbin metal bins add an aesthetic appeal you may not know you need until you get it.

4. The more bins you order, the more money you save.

Storage comes at a cost. A very high one sometimes. But Stackbin proves storage doesn’t have to cost you a ton. Each individual bin is set at a reasonable price to ensure you won’t have to dip into your savings. And who orders a single bin, anyway? Metal storage containers are at their best when ordered in multiples. Lucky for you Stackbins from A Plus Warehouse decrease in price per unit the more you buy. This way you’re getting the most storage and savings at the same time.

5. They’re the original Stackbin metal bin.

You might not think name brand products matter much in the world of industrial storage. But hear us out when we say you need to pay attention to Stackbin. They’ve been building these products since 1931. That’s over 80 years dedicated to strong storage! Stackbin has spent all that time refining and perfecting their product. And that’s a history we can get behind. Not all metal bins were created equal. And now you know five reasons why Stackbin metal bins are among the best. Order your Stackbin metal bins today and see for yourself how great they are at meeting your needs!

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New Restricted and Controlled access cabinets with bins

November 25, 2015  |  Comments

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Restricted and Controlled Access Cabinets from A Plus Warehouse

A PLUS Warehouse announces its new line of Restricted and Controlled access cabinets. These cabinets have an electronic lock that accommodates up to 250 users! Restricted access cabinets also have 3 different size bins for storing important items that are required to be audit-capable and user traced. The bins are also available in 3 different colors , red yellow or blue. The new restricted access cabinets come in three different  sizes, three feet wide, four feet wide and a jumbo five feet wide.. These are sturdy 14 ga steel restricted access cabinets, and the electronic lock records a total of 1500 open attempts for security and control. APLUS Warehouse combines versatility, security and aesthetics in this new product line. Check out the Restricted Access line today at


 giant restricted access cabinet with red bins


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Announcing the New Chrome Mesh Stackable bins

November 24, 2015  |  Comments

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Order Chrome Mesh Stackable Bins 


We are now selling Chrome Mesh Stackable bins these can stack with hangers and can also hook onto louvers like out popular stacking plastic binschrome mesh bins dividers


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Which School Lockers are Best for Your Employees?

November 23, 2015  |  Comments

Which School Lockers are Best for Your Employees?

Finding storage for your employees is as easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3. School lockers provide security you can count on for all your belongings. Simple yet tough, school storage lockers offer you a way to take storage back to basics.

Like your employees, school lockers for sale come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Which will work best for you? Let's look at a few different models and match them according to our favorite school archetypes. 

Inexpensive Metal Football Lockers

The Jock

You know the type. He's the hardworking member of your team who carries more than his weight to get the job done. Day after day, he lifts more than his fair share. And he doesn't mind going into overtime if it means improving your bottom line. A heavy duty work ethic like that has heavy duty storage needs.

An inexpensive metal football locker is perfect for your Jock! There's plenty of room in the main compartment, and it can include a foot locker for smaller items. Best of all, this school locker is affordable. These gym lockers have 16 GA bodies with 18 GA backs. Football lockers are a great fit for your Jock's practical yet tough personality.

The Cheerleader

This employee never fails to brighten everyone's day. She brings her smile and positive personality to every shift. Your other employees feel like part of the team when she is around. A hardworking employee you can count on deserves a secure school locker to store her valuables.

Extra Wide Triple Tier Lockers

Extra wide triple tier lockers can show your Cheerleader you appreciate her. With 15 x 15 x 24 dimensions, this school locker is a perfect fit for her generous personality. These models come in 3 x 3 columns for a total of 9 openings. Perfect if you have a squad of Cheerleaders!

The Brainiac

The Brainiac is the guy you rely on to always know the answer. When a problem has your team stumped, he can step in and save the day. He's got the smarts to solve docking schedule conflicts, sort distribution issues, and whatever else your industrial facility might encounter. And he does it all using his brains, not his brawn.

Six Tier Digitech Electronic Access lockers are a great at protecting your Brainiac's high-tech gadgets. These metal lockers have a battery-powered electronic lock that lights up when in use. They are extra secure, and the six tier version provides a convenient 12 x 12 space (with varying depths). You can always go with the double tier or triple tier school lockers if those are more his style. Whatever your Brainiac wants!

School lockers aren't only for places of learning. (And who's to say you don't learn while on the job?) School storage lockers for sale are just the thing. You can find enough different versions to meet the needs of your entire team. If you know your employees well (and of course you do), you shouldn't have much trouble finding just the right lockers for storage!


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The Benefits of a Portable Air Compressor

November 16, 2015  |  Comments

Portable Air Compressors 

Believe it or not, you can use a portable air compressor for more than just filling up bike tires. For industrial facilities, a portable air compressor is a pretty common sight.  They provide a range of benefits for employees on a daily basis. If you have yet to know the advantages of having a portable air compressor, then read on!

What is a Portable Air Compressor?

Air compressors generate power using air instead of electricity or batteries. They can provide power to a variety of devices, including tools and heavy machinery. Depending on your needs, they can be stationary or portable. Although many facilities get along just fine with stationary compressors, portable air compressors have been rising in popularity.

2 HP Single Stage Electric Compressor With 26 Gal Vertical Tank

Power on the Go

Many workers appreciate the ability to power their tools and machinery where needed. This is the main appeal of portable air compressors. Instead of having to power your tools or machinery in one place, you can move where you're needed. Portable air compressors add efficiency and convenience to the workplace.

Here's an example: Imagine you’re a foreman for a contract construction crew. You won the contract to put up a new city building, and the work is going smoothly. But then you realize you need a nailgun for the frame on the other side of the construction site. So you use a portable air compressor to take the tools to the site. A portable air compressor offers your team a mobile power source. It's more comfortable to use over long periods of time, too.

High Power and Efficiency

Why use an air compressor over another kind of power generator? Or better yet, why use one over electric tools? It’s true there’s nothing wrong with using electric tools. But for more specialized jobs, you will want air-powered tools.

Pneumatic nail guns are a popular application, as is air-powered painting. Although the cordless feature of electric tools is a big plus, air-powered tools have other advantages. For one, you get more torque from air-powered tools.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Air compressors have different power outputs. For big projects like painting a home interior, you'll need an air compressor with a large tank. Fortunately, you can get a portable 20-gallon air compressor that you can wheel where needed.

Of course, you can still use portable air compressors for tires that need pumping. But if you really want to get the most use out of them, you'll take advantage of their many benefits today!

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Learn About The Best Extreme Fire Resistant Cabinets by Justrite

November 5, 2015  |  Comments

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Justrite Extreme Fire Resistant Cabinets

Justrite makes an amazing Extra Durable 90 minute fire resistant cabinetjustrite en cabinets

This cabinet was designed in Europe to even tougher standards than American standards. This is the cabinet you want in laboratories , especially ones in higher floors when fire departments have a hard time getting to the fire in less than an hour.

Justrite invested a bunch of money to put one of these babies through a fire test.

Please check out the video and you'll see how amazing these flammable cabinets really are!

Call us at 800-209-8798 to make an order or get a quote.


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Why Industrial Chic is the Perfect Modern Look for Your Home

October 23, 2015  |  Comments

aplushwhs industrial chic



Industrial Chic with Warehouse Equipment

The “industrial chic” look is one of the more popular home styles we’ve seen popping up lately. Industrial chic combines the organic, natural appearance of wood with the hard, manufactured look of metal. Common warehouse products like casters, lockers, and work benches can help you create this appealing aesthetic for your own home. Just take a look and get some ideas!

The Rustic Look of Wood with the Reliability of Steel

Industrial chic gives your home a practical yet sturdy appearance. Your living room or other public space is perfect for showing it off to your friends and family. An industrial extra heavy duty work bench with a maple top can provide just the kind of industrial chic you’re looking for. It combines the rugged durability of strong gauge steel with a smooth, laminated wood top. Use this for a completely unique end table or counter; your guests will never have seen anything like it!

Storage, the Industrial Chic Way

Have you ever thought coat racks were kind of boring? Then consider using a locker with a coat rack instead! Lockers give you a little slice of industrial chic while providing handy storage for your guests. They definitely won’t be expecting a locker to offer them the same coat-hanging capability that a coat rack would! There’s plenty of room inside lockers for purses, handbags, shoes, and umbrellas too. You can also add wall mounted lockers around the room to make stylish industrial bookcases.

Make Your Home Move with Industrial Casters

In warehouses, things are always in motion. To really pull off the industrial chic look, you should think about what parts of your home could benefit from some warehouse-style movement. Casters are great for adding onto sliding barn-style doors, moving bar carts, and even portable kitchen islands. Industrial casters will add a bit of flexibility to your kitchen or dining room—great for when you feel like switching things up!

From the Warehouse to Your House

At first, a warehouse seems like an odd place to get inspiration from for your home. But if you want to add a style as unique as industrial chic, there’s no better place to look. At A Plus Warehouse, we sell warehouse equipment of all kinds that can enhance your home to achieve that perfect style. Be sure to explore all the options available to you at our extensive online selection!

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Extra Wide Skatewheel Conveyors Now in Stock

October 19, 2015  |  Comments

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Extra Wide Skatewheel Conveyors Available Online


What do you do when you are handling bulky boxes in your warehouse and the typical skatewheel conveyor is only 24 inches wide? Until now , you'd put two conveyors side by side or just balance boxes30 in wide skate wheel conveyor and hope for the best! Today your life changes for the better - because A Plus Warehouse now stocks  and the stands that go with them.  We have an amazing range of leg sizes [ 12 height ranges to be exact ] - from as shart as 7 inches to 104 inches!

Order your extra wide skate wheel conveyors before noon , and they typically ship the next day!

Of course A Plus Warehouse specializes skatewheel and roller conveyors

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and lets see if we can set you up with the conveyor to change your life!

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Industrial Lazy Susans AKA The Vestil Product of The Month

October 16, 2015  |  Comments


Vestil Manufacturing Industrial Lazy Susan


Vestil Manufacturing is a premier vendor for A Plus Warehouse.  These guys never sleep and are always producing innovative quality products for our customers! Consider their Industrial Lazy Susan 

Vestil makes these babies in aluminum, stainless steel and steel.  Lazy Susans are offered in so many sizes and capacities, it is just amazing

Check out the amazing video below and keep your eyes open - A Plus Warehouse is about to add the Vestil Stainless Steel Pallet Carousels!

For dock equipment and materials handling - so dealer is better than A Plus Warehouse - and Vestil is one of our better broad line manufacturers


Vestil Manual Carousels and Thin Spins

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