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What is a Straddle Stacker

July 26, 2019  |  Comments

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Most people know that a straddle stacker can move stacks of pallets from one area to another through one piece of equipment. Typically, on wheels and with adjustable straddle heights. Some may wonder what makes this different from any other lifting equipment and what exactly is it aside from its known purpose. An essential piece of equipment in warehouses are traditionally forklifts, but at we are here to explain why a straddle stacker is the most necessary lifter for your working space.  

A Straddle stacker is used to easily maneuver series of pallets through a tight and cramped floor space in any given warehouse or facility. Not every warehouse has limitless space for moving items around, oftentimes there is limited square footage to work with so companies will learn have to work with their limited space. The best way to handle the limited space problem in a warehouse is the straddle stacker. This machine is used specifically to transport your pallets through narrow aisles, tight corners, and overall small areas. Even if you are in a small area, the need for transporting heavy pallets is still apparent, and the solution to this problem is choosing the right type of material handling instrument.

Fork Lift Vs Straddle Stacker

A forklift is very compact and does not require an area for an operator to sit down and operate complex machinery. That is the area that typically adds the bulkiness to a forklift, and when you don’t have the space for it then you do not need it there. A straddle stacker is operated with just one person behind the machine with controls like a simple pallet jack. When a company doesn’t have the space for a forklift their next choice is usually a pallet jack. A Straddle Stacker can do just what a pallet jack does, and more efficiently too. A pallet jacks uses hydraulics to lift pallets a few inches off the ground for easy transportation. That’s not the only piece of equipment that can however, there is one that is better to use. A straddle stacker also serves the same purpose and can typically lift much higher with more efficiency. The control is electronic rather than hydraulic which means less effort is needed to move these items. This machine is just as compact as any jack, and even more so sometimes. All these features make the straddle stacker an essential tool in the offices that have limited space and need to promote efficient pallet management.


A Plus Warehouse Favorites

Our favorite stacker is the Dependable Straddle Stacker because it has high capacity, strong build, and variety with dimension. This is the type of product that our customers look for when they share their lack of space problem, we always direct them to this stacker. For more stackers and any other lifting truck in general clink the link below for more information.


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Office Must Haves

July 24, 2019  |  Comments

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What do you need in your office? What will add efficiency, clarity, comfort and more? What will make your office the perfect layout for your employees and customers? In this blog entry you will find our tips to the perfect office, along with our favorite office item, and any other interesting thoughts. In the A Plus Warehouse office we are firm believers in first worker comfort, then followed by organization, and storage. Comfort improves happiness and efficiency, organization creates a better work structure, and storage makes for working space, all are must haves in any office. Whether it’s a small or large office, personal or community, industrial and warehouse, we have tips for you.

Tips for Your Office

Comfort: Comfort should be a top priority in any business, when workers are comfortable everything else right will be able to fall into place more easily. If workers are not comfortable then the work done may not be their best and efficiency may decrease. Overall a comfortable worker is a happier one, and a happier worker is likely to do a better job than an unhappy worker.

Know Where it is: Most offices are sure to have several supplies, paperwork, tools, and other sort of materials that are either constantly used, referenced to, or used occasionally. To keep track of it all the best way is to organize it. Whether it is large organization tactics such as pallet racks or smaller ones such as bins, if you organize your office equipment then it will be easier to find when needed. Labeling as you organize is also very useful that way you can remember where you stored items and certain types.

Space: Having clutter and little space can be a distraction in the office. It is best to have a clear surface for one to do work, and for clutter and materials that are not needed to be temporarily stowed away. The best way to do this is through storage materials such as cabinets or lockers. Once you store away the items you do not need then there can be more focus on your own work.

A Plus Warehouse Must Have Favorite Product

Our favorite office furniture must have items are file storage. The Tennsco Vertical Files can come as a 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer version. These are great for either letter files are legal files. The draws can open effortlessly, and the entire products is durable. Chose from 5 colors to suit your own workspace. To decorate your space even more the top of the cabinet can hold other items such as a flower for decor purposes or pens and pencils for storage purposes. Arrange the file cabinets however you want. To view some more office supplies and furniture be sure to clink the link below.

SetSize200200 120

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Stacking Bins Vs Shelf Bins

July 22, 2019  |  Comments

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Stack bins and shelf bins both serve the same purpose of storing and organizing tools and supplies, but the application is different. They are just as they sound; stacking bins stack on top of each other whereas shelf bins go into a shelf. Both are great storage systems that can provide simple and easy organization.  Both these products can have dimension variability along with style and color. Many customers who purchase our bins like our color options because it gives them a chance to personalize their own warehouse. The main difference between these two storage systems has already been covered, but now what?

Why the Difference Between Shelf Bins and Stacking Bins Matter?

A major part of storage is space, and these two products take up space in different ways. Typically stacking bins will take up significantly less space than shelf bins but may be less easily accessible. Shelf bins go into a shelf, so you cannot adjust overall sizing, but you can still choose bin sizes. For stacking bins to an extent there is no limit, aside from the fact that if it is stacked too high certain bins may not be able to reach, or the tower may become unstable. The benefit of stacking bins is that you get to decide how much space you want to take up. With shelf bins the spacing is already preconfigured so there is not much you can change. For people who like their products to already be thought out and setup, shelf bins would be the way to go. For those who want to personalize the space setup more stacking bins are recommended. Stacking bins are not necessarily standing alone, they can hook onto louvered panels. When not in use these types of bins can easily be stacked and stored away, but you cannot easily store away shelf bins. If the items you are organizing are used daily than the shelf bin makes more sense. If they are used less often and can be stowed elsewhere at times, then stackable bins are the way to go. To view some of the stackable bins on the A Plus Warehouse website click on the link below.


Industrial Shelf Bins

Shelf bins are usually more money than stacking bins because more equipment and material is involved with shelf bins. These bins take up more space but can also be more durable and longer lasting. A more popular one that we sell is the Hopper Bin Storage Shelving, it can be bought as just the shelf alone, or with the bins that fit. Shelf bins and stacking bins are both good for different reasons so be sure to learn more before choosing your storage.

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How to Prevent Costly Spills

July 19, 2019  |  Comments

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Warehouse spills can be very costly, and steps should be taken to avoid and prevent this problem. A spill can’t always be stopped but the next best thing is to contain it well. A spill means little if it isn’t pricey and destructive, containing a spill is sure to avoid costly issues. To prevent this the right spill containment equipment should be used. Not to mention some spills can be dangerous and vital when working with oils or other liquids that may be harmful to humans.

Industrial spills are not good in general because it effects our environment, can harm people, and is very expensive to take care of. Some liquids should not be spilt into nature or meet human skin if it is harmful or poisonous. A System is needed to control and maintain a spill if it happens. A Plus warehouse cares about the environment and safety of our customers and because of this we have a page dedicated to industrial spill equipment. When possible, we want to protect our planet from deadly chemicals and to help us with that, we use spill equipment.


Some products used to eliminate spill damage would be berms, spill control pallets, spill control kits and other containment supplies. For large trucks containing liquids such as oils, our drive though flexwall berm will do the trick. Anything that may leak from the truck will end up on the berm rather than spilling and spreading elsewhere. For leaks that could be contained pillows, socks, sorbents, pads, rolls, and more are all items uses to absorb thee liquid and soak it up it from the ground. With the proper equipment spills and hazards can be reduced in just a few easy steps. For more information about individual spill containment products be sure to view them on the A Plus Warehouse website.

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What is a Strip Door and Why Do I Need It?

July 16, 2019  |  Comments


What’s a Strip Door?

A strip door is a simple way to create a barrier and separate two spaces through over lapping flexible strips made to resemble a doorway. Strip doors replace regular wooden doors, you would see them in a similar spot. The reason for choosing strip door over standard wood one is the amount of travel. If the doorway is a heavily traveled passageway then it is more convenient to have a strip door rather than a regular one. With strip doors you can walk through it with little effort and push. If you are carrying something with two hands then you won’t have the ability to turn a nob and open door, but you do have the ability to walk through, typically pvc, strip doors. These doors are used when there is a high workflow.

Where are Strip Doors Seen?

The most common place to find an industrial strip door is at a kitchen area, whether it is a smaller one, restaurant attached one, or industrial one. In the kitchen people are constantly handling items and typically with two hands to prevent spills and accidents, but the problem is transportation with no hands. This is when the strip doors come in handy. Rather than balancing a boiling pot in one hand with hopes it goes well and holding the door with the other hand, you could just walk through strip doors. Some are even see through which is necessary in the kitchen to see if there is someone on the other side because the last thing you would want to do is run into someone when you have a plate full of prepared food. The most common strip we sell at A Plus Warehouse is the See Through Strip Doors. They open with less than a pound of force, it is perfect for walk in coolers or freezers because it can separate the differential in temperature between rooms. With kick panels included and a variety of sizes to choose from you are sure to find the right strip door to suit your industrial needs.

see through strip door2

Why Is a Strip Door Necessary?

Strips doors can create efficiency in the industry which is a plus for every company. Rather than having to take more time and do a balancing act to hold an item in one hand and turn a nob and push through the door with the other, you could spend less time and effort walking through a strip door. These doors can come in several different ways. The ones on our website are all durable and can create a perfect seal. Once you walk through strip doors, they will close behind you with a tight seal so no bugs or critters, or temperature differentials can be mixed. If efficiency is what you want, then you need strip doors.

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3 Steps to Warehouse Security

July 15, 2019  |  Comments

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1.Safety and Security Units

2. Right Tool for the Right Job, Durability

3. Organization and Barriers

First, to ensure security in your warehouse you must make sure you have proper safety with your locks. Know what needs a lock and how it is used. When you lock a piece of equipment it typically stops an unauthorized person from using it and getting injured. Locks are also used when equipment is in use. For example, when someone is on a ladder, there may be a guard and lock so no one else can get onto the ladder and mess up or distract whoever was originally on the ladder. Locks prevent the wrong people from using equipment and it saves the right people from others potentially distracting them.  Locking equipment in place is very important for personal safety. The last thing someone would want is for their material handling tasks to go wrong because of a loose and unlocked item. Let’s say one is on a personnel lift, they would not want the bottom moving or sliding without purpose. Because of this the wheels can lock. Locking wheels are very important because even though a wheel is made for items to be transported easily there is a time that it can be dangerous.

Choosing the right product for the right job. Many mishaps occur when the wrong item is used for the wrong job. When a job must get done learn more about the application in order to determine what tool will help you do the job.  When the right piece of equipment is used the right way then the risk factor minimizes. Durability is important in the warehouse. With materials such as metal or glass, they better be durable. If metal goes bad it can be harmful to the blood stream. You don’t want your metal corroding, and you would not want glass breaking or shattering. When buying your warehouse equipment be sure to spend extra money for the better material to save you in the future.

Warehouse gates make for great barriers and dividers when necessary. Gates can be used for safety reasons or organizational reasons. When it comes to safety, an area that is being constructed on may use a gate, so no one accidentally walks into a construction zone unknowingly. When it comes to organizational purposes, dividing a room can create for more organization and designating locations for certain jobs. With all these steps combined, your warehouse is sure to be a safe and secure one. You can count on A Plus Warehouse to provide you with security and give you helpful information about your workspace. To view our wide range of safety equipment for your soon to be secure warehouse check out the link below.


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What's Die Rack?

July 12, 2019  |  Comments

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A die rack is a type of rack designed to hold very heavy metals such as dies. These racks specifically are called die racks because die weights are significantly more massive than other materials, so a shelving unit was created to hold massive capacity. Many companies work with dies and other large heavy items and there is always a need to store items and create space. It is hard to store an item this large in any ordinary shelving, and because of this die racks have special die shelving. With racks built for ultimate support, dies can be stored safely and comfortably. Given the size, weight, and inability to stack it makes sense for these products to have their own racks to stay on.

When looking for the right rack to hold the dies you want to find a rack with the strength, capacity, and flexibility to store dies in a convenient and efficient way. Aside from this specialized rack for storing dies, it is also great for motors, jigs, and other heavy metals and materials. The way the shelves are designed creates for easy access to material. The dies can easily slide on and off the rack for accessibility and storage. A standard heavy duty die rack from A Plus Warehouse has a capacity around 11,000 pounds and shelves with a metal gauge of 16 and 14 for the supports. With many different size options, you can hold die racks of all different sizes. Choose as large of a rack you need or as small and spacious as you need.

SetSize200200 die rack 2

When people hear die racks other products that come to mind may be pallet racks, cantilever racks, lumber racks, pigeonhole bar racks, and reel racks. They are all similar in the sense that they hold products in one system, but they serve different applications and different items. Most of these types of racks work as they sound; a pallet racks holds pallets and regular shaped items, cantilever and bar racks can hold similar thing such as flat ladders, a pigeon hole rack holds items that are longer and bulky like a metal rod, and lastly reel racks can hold wire coils.

To find all the rack variety A Plus Warehouse can provide click on the link below.

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How Bins Are A Life Saver In Your Warehouse

July 9, 2019  |  Comments

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Do I really need to have bins in my workspace? Our answer to this is yes. Bins are not just rectangular shaped items you store supplies in, it does much more when used efficiently. Bins are the key product when it comes to storage and organization solutions. Bins are preferred to other items because they are cheap in comparison and can be bought in a bulk. A bin can store and organize your items in one place. Some bins can be labeled, some may have different shapes based on what you want to store.

Why Bins

One product that has the most amount of variation are bins. They can come in all different sizes, shapes, style, material and more. A product like this is widely favored because it is likely to suit most any application. No matter how large or how small of an items or group of items you want to store and organize, bins will differ from large bulk carrying ones, or small part specific ones.

Types and Design

Depending on what one is storing there may be different bin materials that will work better. For example, nonconductive bin, metal bins, glass, plastic and much more. If you were storing electronics and batteries, you would most likely want a nonconductive bin. Plastic bins are the ones that usually can come in array of colors. If you are searching for a more personally designed space and have color preferences, then colored plastic bins would be a good choice. The ability to have colorful bins lets you personalize your workspace even more.

esd safe part bins with divider

Storage and Efficiency

Once items are stored in bins and either in a bin shelf or other sort of bin organizing system that leaves a clean and organized space. An organized space will work to eliminate distraction and add efficiency. What better way to create an organized area than by having a bin system? The best way to get ultimate use out of a bin is to use and space the items in it efficiently. Know when you need a larger one, know how deep or shallow they need to be, and see how easily stackable certain bins may be. With all tasks accomplished your warehouse is sure to become the one with perfect bin storage.


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Why is Ladder Safety So Important??

July 9, 2019  |  Comments

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Ladders can be very dangerous if used irresponsibility; to prevent hazards and injuries we suggest taking many safety precautions when working with ladders. It is important to know the usage of a ladder; who is using it and with what application. Only one who is authorized and able should be climbing a ladder the right way. There are many different types of ladders, access ladders, folding ladders, rolling ladders and many more. If one is looking to do roof work, then they should use the right ladder for the job. In this case an access ladder, more specifically roof access ladder, is the type they need. If you use the right ladder for the right job, then that is the first step to ladder safety.

Though you can strive for safe application use by picking the right tool for the right job, when it comes to ladders, they are already automatically dangerous. Just because you are working with equipment the right way that does not mean it will be perfectly safe. This is where other warehouse equipment distributors like ours come in handy. We sell you ladder safety equipment such has guards, cages, and locks. A cage is great for the very tall 90 degree climbing ladders, because it provides a catching system incase you fall backwards while climbing. A guard will prevent others from coming onto the ladder while it is in use to avoid any mistakes or unauthorized people from climbing on. A lock stops people from getting to the ladder who should not be. The sort of mistakes that may result in fatality are not necessarily the individual user’s mistakes. It can be caused by other people, and because of this our safety gear not only protects the user on the ladder but it keeps other from climbing up to them and distracting them.


5 Ladder Safety Tips

Check the ladder is in good condition: There should be no rust and no corrosion. Are there grips on the bottom so the ladder doesn’t slip away? Are there any loose screws that could fall out?

The right people: make sure the right people are the ones climbing, don’t have any ordinary person climbing a ladder. Even though there may be a ladder guard there should still be people at the bottom watching the ladder and keeping an eye out for unauthorized users.

3 point contact: while climbing always keep both feet and a hand or both hands and a foot on the ladder. Move one limb at a time, and keep the rest gripped onto the ladder.

Ladder location: set your ladder in a safe place. Make sure the floor it’s grounded on is firm and leveled. Avoiding having it near a highly traveled area or throughway such as an exit door.

Balance: Don’t do actions that will throw off your balance such as far reaches. Do not carry an item that will cause you to lose balance.

Ladder safety is extremely important and at A Plus Warehouse we want our customers to be safe in their work environment. View our wide range of safe ladder on its landing page on our website.


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3 Things You Need to Know About Warehouse Equipment

July 5, 2019  |  Comments

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Safety, efficiency, and product knowledge are the three most important factors that go along with warehouse equipment information. Safety is the biggest factor in any warehouse, industry, or place of work because no matter how big or how small a threat, safety must be a top priority. Some jobs are in general safer than other which we cannot change, but in those situations having the proper gear and extra safety gear is the way to go. Efficiency creates for a well developed company. Efficiency makes for more work getting done with less effort. When you work more efficiently you are creating more time for other work to be done. Instead of spending a while on one task, with efficiency you can do several more tasks in a shorter time span. Product knowledge is also very important with material handling. Terms that are used to describe warehouse equipment is not everyday vocabulary. For example knowing about metal gauges, material properties, capacities and more.


Safety is the most important part to be aware of in a warehouse. With heavy machinery and moving material, there is risk of injury. Whether the injury is something smaller or large, due to a lack of security or a lack of safety mechanisms, they are all factors that should be eliminated from warehouse work. There are many ways to do this. You can create security by having a ladder guard so that no unauthorized people climb on the ladder who are not supposed to. There is also cages that can go with those tall ladders that protect the user keeping them caged in. Gates are also used for safety, if an area must be closed off a gate will do the trick. At A Plus Warehouse we have an Expandable Gate that can either be stationary or mobile. These gates are helpful because it keeps the people doing the work in their area and prevents unauthorized people from coming in and creating a risk for themselves and others.


Efficiency is what keeps a business running; when there is a task you can do quicker in a shorter amount of time, that is what we call efficiency. Every warehouse should strive to have an efficient system. When talking about efficiency it is usually paired with comfort because worker’s comfort helps create efficiency. If a worker is not comfortable then they cannot be efficiency and because of this a worker should be comfortable. By this I mean workers should not be straining their backs to move items, a conveyor belt is better. If one’s job has them standing all day, they should be standing on an anti fatigue mat rather than hard concrete. The main thing to keep in mind is that a happy and comfortable worker is an efficient worker.

Product Knowledge

Lastly having product knowledge is very important in a warehouse. You will need to know how your machinery works and the different sort of applications that may go with different products. Knowing the different types of material and other characteristics of individual products is important as well. Knowing when to use wood, plastic, metal, steel, aluminum and others is useful when figuring out the needs for your application. When working with metal you will want to know what gauges are and what the higher and lower one means. A higher gauge will be a thinner metal and will haver lower capacity whereas a smaller gauge will be thicker and have higher capacity. When you put together safety, efficiency, and product knowledge you are sure to create a well put together warehouse.

SetSize200200 1016

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