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Questions of the Week| Bollards

February 12, 2018  |  Comments

What is a Bollard?

Bollards are very common and used mainly for property protection and traffic control. They come in many varieties such as indoor and outdoor, in ground and above ground.

What is the Function of a Curvy Bollard?

The curve of this bollard is used for forklift traffic.   Standard Bollards typically get in the way of forklift traffic.

curvy bollard

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Questions of the Week | Bins

February 5, 2018  |  Comments

What is a Rotabin?

A rotabin is a revolving shelving. They are perfecting for fitting into those previously unusable corners!

Do you offer Bin Cabinets?

Yes! And They are very popular!

beast rotabin

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Designer Mobile Storage Cabinet

February 2, 2018  |  Comments

We are incredibly excited to introduce our  Designer Mobile Storage Cabinets. We always try to keep our website fresh and new!  This product makes a great addition to the A Plus Warehouse line up. It is a very attractive looking  cabinet with beautiful colors options  including Solar Oak, American Cherry, Honey Maple, Oiled Cherry, Black, Chestnut Woodline, Antique White, Hardrock Maple, and Folkstone-A great color Variety! The cabinet is constructed of Thermal Fused Laminate with matching PVC edge banding.

designer storage cabinet


We also sell many designer lockers including  single, double, triple, four, box, and S Style lockers. When ordering a designer locker or cabinet,  you know you are getting a high quality, attractive item.


                When order a Designer Cabinet, you have options. This goes beyond just colors. Choose your size and what you want in the cabinet.  This is the mother of combination cabinets. You can get fixed and adjustable shelves , file drawers, center divider, garment rod, and tote trays. Each Designer Cabinet looks very different depending on what you choose to include.  All cabinets leave plenty of space to store your  goods. All of these cabinets also comes with casters, making it easy to move from place to place. The product also ships fully assembled!


                These Cabinets are the best of the best! You will not regret ordering one today.  A Plus Warehouse is the right choice right now for  cabinets and more!


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Introducing Questions of the Week

January 29, 2018  |  Comments

Welcome to questions of the week. This is where we answer your frequently asked questions! Today's questions are going to have a general focus.


Do you Offer Custom Orders?

Yes! Ask a Sales Rep for Assistance

Do you Offer Inside Deliver?

We Unfortunately do not. A Plus Warehouse delivers dock to dock and mostly business to business.

What is your typical lead time?

Lead times differ from product to product with many being in stock and  most offering under 4 week lead times. Custom orders typically have a slightly longer lead time.

a plus logo

Don’t be afraid to Contact us at 800 209 8798 for additional information. For questions about specific product lines,  Check out the Links Below.

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A Plus Warehouse FAQ

January 2, 2018  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse has a very large product catalog. Natural that leads to many questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:


When Ordering Shelving, how many Starter and Adder Units Should I purchase?

The Key Difference between Starter and Adder Units is that a Starter is a stand alone unit whereas and adder is not.  Every shelving row needs only one starter unit and as many adder units as desired. For example, if you are looking for 10 shelving units for your row, order 1 starter and 9 adders.

I can’t find exactly what I am looking for on the Company Website. What should I do?

Ask A Sales Rep! We are more often than not able to customize an order to fit your desires!

What  are Typical Lead Times?

Lead Times differ from product to product. We have many items that are in stock. Most of our drop step items ship within 3 weeks. Some customized products may take longer. Ask Your Sales Rep.

I see that many Lockers  are labeled as “KD” , what does that mean?

KD stands for knocked down.  These models are unassembled making them cheaper than assembled lockers.

Do you Offer Inside Delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer inside delivery. We deliver dock to dock.


Do you have any more questions? Contact a sales rep today. We are always happy to help! 

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Safety Showers

December 29, 2017  |  Comments

Does you facility or work environment not have sufficient water pressure or plumbing? We have just what you need! Our emergency tank showers are the right fit for you, offering practicality and a safe environment. These more heavy duty products are designed to provide tepid water almost anywhere! Perfect for areas in water shortages with a 317 gallon (1200) liter availability makes this perfect for areas with water shortages.  This product is very easy to activate-just push the panic bar! It is designed to withstand temperature range between 14°F(-10°C) to 104°(40°C). Comes unassembled but easily set up with basic hand tools!

emergency tank shower

safety shower immersion heater

Need an even bigger tank shower? We have it all! Check out our Mobile Safety Shower With Immersion Heater! This is an outstanding product and a great investment especially for location where water supply is unavailable or on a shortage. This safety shower provides continuous flow of tepid water for 15 minutes, and the immersion heater maintains water at constant temperature by a dual safety thermostat. Standing at 117.2” in height, including the shower sign, this monster can handle the biggest of accidents, providing service to many people at once. It hold up to 528 gallons (2000-L) of water with eye and face wash features as well. Its four wheels each come with breaks, making your move easier to where you need it. It’s durable and heavy duty polyethylene tank includes an electric submersible pump. Meets ANSI and supports OSHA requirements.

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Spring Loaded Pallet Positioner

December 26, 2017  |  Comments

Why is our Spring Loaded Pallet Positioner right for you? Our products are the best of the best. If you need high-quality material with superior engineering to last you a long service life-search no longer! This product allows them to work on loading and unloading pallets quickly and effectively, without risking the safety of injury. Control and minimize the risk of injury on the job- that of straining by bending, squatting, or walking around.


Our product is manufactured to be heavy duty, handling loads up to 4,500lbs! Wow! With its flexible feature on pallets and boxes, the turntable rotates 360°! With built-in Fork Pockets, you can easily relocate the pallet positioner at any place you need! It’s no secret that the heavy duty spring and shock absorbers are the key to lowering and raising pallets or boxes to the perfect height your workers need! The strong steel frame includes a durable powder-coat finish to ensure a quality look for a long life. No power or air supply is needed, making this hassle and worry-free!  Make your working environment efficient and comfortable today!spring loadedipallet positioner


The unit can be equipped with a variety of accessories –request more information about the options! We have a variety; such as a Phenolic cover, to prevent debris or small items from falling through the turntable. We also offer the solid disc cover to use with small or odd shaped pallets. Bellows skirt, leveling feet for uneven floors, portability options such as 4-pocket caster kits, a removable access step to give shorter workers better access to the top.


We have it in stock and ready to ship now! At A Plus Warehouse we care about efficiency and safety. Rest at ease knowing that your workers are in safe hands with our pallet positioner!

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Debris Netting at A Plus Warehouse

December 21, 2017  |  Comments

Debris Netting is now available at A Plus Warehouse. Our Netting is huge- meant to be put over your rock, brick or construction site. The product is deisgned with 1/6” Mesh Opening. It protects your  area! Nets come in sizes as large as 30’ X 100’!  Customers can also choose between standard and Fire Retardant Nets.  Fire Retardant Nets keep your workplace extra safe! Workplace safety is very important at A Plus Warehouse. We have a section of our website dedicated to safety equipment. Some of our other safety equipment includes safety showers, defender gates, and of course our New Debris Netting!standard debris netting

                We offer free freight on our debris nettings. This is a huge money saver for our customers.  We know that customers are always looking for good deals. A Plus Warehouse has been offering  fair prices and superb quality for over 20 years. Our debris netting meets OSHA and ANSI standards. You know you are getting good quality. Best of all, this product is in stock!

                Order your netting today from A Plus Warehouse. We want your order! We do anything it takes to accommodate our customers. If it weren’t for customers, we know we wouldn’t be here. Give us a call today and one of our knowledgeable sales people will help you out!

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Black Friday at A Plus Warehouse-3% Discount!

November 22, 2017  |  Comments

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We hope that you had a good Thanksgiving day full of Family and Fun.  We at A Plus Warehouse are very well aware of what traditionally happens the day after thanksgiving…..

It’s Black Friday at A Plus Warehouse! And you know what means…. discounts! In honor of Black Friday we are rolling out a 3 % Discount on our entire Catalog from now until the first of December. Just say the Special Code-2017BLACKFRI.  black friday

                Our Black Friday deal gives you access to the entire line of products, yet you may be a little lost wondering where to start. After all, our catalog is quite massive. Our Access Ladders is one of our more popular lines currently-and for a good reason. Roof Access Ladders offer you a safe way to travel from ground level to the roof. A Plus Warehouse is all about safety. No workplace accidents on our watch!

                You may be wondering why you should order from your friends at A Plus Warehouse. And that’s because we are the best…duh! In all seriousness, we have been at your service for over 20 years and always aim for fast and courteous  service. Our staff is highly trained, so they know exactly the right steps to take to help you.

                We hope that you enjoy the holiday.  And remember.. if you are looking for high quality roof access ladders, and other industrial equipment A Plus Warehouse is your right Source. Happy Shopping!

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Skinny Racks on Skinny Friday

October 27, 2017  |  Comments

                A Plus Warehouse has its own company wide holiday- and that is called Skinny Friday!  And no, this isn’t a holiday about the office staff trying to lose a few pounds. This holiday is celebrating one of the most popular products here at A Plus Warehouse-Skinny Racks!

                Customers LOVE our skinny racks. Many deals stock 48 and 42 Inch Deep Rack, but many times customers simply don’t need all that extra space! Enter our skinny racks. We sell our racks as small as 24 inches deep. Customers find that our skinny pallet rack page is very easy to navigate. You have everything you would want for your rack on one convenient page. We offers skinny uprights and beams as well as galvanized wire decks. Our beam sizes range from 48 X 3.5” to 144 X 6” with our uprights ranging from 24 X 96 to 36 X 192.  Wire decking ranges from 24 X 46 to 36 X 58.

skinny rack

                Skinny Rack Uprights comes in Vista Green and Beams comes in safety orange. We find that this color combination goes very well together. Wire Decks put a finishing touch on the unit. This galvanization prevents rusting. After all, you want your racks in the best shape.

                Remember that A Plus Warehouse sells much more than skinny racks. If you are looking for more traditional rack sizes check out our Tear Drop Pallet Racks. These racks go deeper than our skinny racks. This product also offers you a variety of options including post protectors, wire decking, and crossbars.

                                When ordering skinny racks at A Plus Warehouse mention Skinny Friday and you will get 5 % off on your order! What are you waiting for? Order today. Call us at 800-209-8798 and one of our sales  people will be glad to help you with your racking needs!

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