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kaBOOM | Learn about Our Industrial Booms

August 9, 2016  |  Comments

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Industrial Jib BOOMs

A Plus Warehouse carries the best quality jib booms around. Our booms are perfect for carrying heavy objects such as drums in a safe way. Our booms are safe and easy to use. They make the process of transporting material quite efficient. This is the way to go for transporting your drums and other objects.

The Hydraulic Drum Carrier BoomSetSize200200 868 is a great carrier of ours. It is a quick ship which is always very convenient. This piece of equipment allows one person to easily lift, transport, and dispense fully loaded drums. A job for several will become a job for one with this tool. The drum is safely secured to the saddle and lifted by pumping the hydraulic foot pump. You can buy this powered or with a hand crank. The hand crank is good because it is cheaper, and the powered boom is better because it can be handled faster. This item has a full range of rotation to accomplish tasks simply. This product can hold a massive 800 pounds! Perfect for many drums!

Looking for Strength?

Our Empire State High Riser Booms SetSize200200 high rise boomis just what you need if you are searching for a product that is a Large and Sturdy Boom. You have the option of 4,000 pound capacity, and even 6,000 pounds. Our capacity is measured from our 30 inch hook position, so if you move it your capacity will vary. Your fork spaces can range from 24 inches, 30 inches, or 36 inches. This tool can have a handful of uses. You can always count on this tool when you need to transport heavy

A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse shows the best quality products on our website. We only sell you the best because we care. We are well known for our lockers, work benches, dollies, shelving, conveyors and many more. With each product we like to give several options for you to choose from. Our options range from sizes, colors, and even lock options.

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 or even check out our website at

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The Well Known Tilt Trucks

August 8, 2016  |  Comments

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The High Quality Tilt Trucks

We are your right choice for buying tilt trucks. If you have a big bulk of items that must be transported our truck is your best option for efficiency. That hard dumping work that people do can in the snap of a finger become easy to do with these products. This product is in stock for immediate delivery nationwide. Because of that, you get quick shipping time and low costs. You can't get a deal quite like this at many warehouses. Another great aspect is that these items can have a lid to prevent things from falling out. Some trucks will be able to handle equipment on the lid!

Light and Pretty

A nice overall tilt truck would be our Economy Heavy Duty Tilt Truck. 746It is lightweight and economical. This product is made of all-welded steel frame. This can hold almost up to 3,000 pounds. The height can range from 30 inches to 56 inches. Also, this item comes in several beautiful colors in order to make it look nicer. You can choose from gray, blue, white, red, green, yellow, black, and orange. We can promise you, you won’t get bored with these fun colors.

Ultra Heavy Duty

We sell the Suncast Commercial Tilt Truck rcp1315for those of you who want an ultra heavy duty truck.  This is a free freight item in most of the states! Free freight is the best when you can get it, and we, at A Plus Warehouse, can get you that free freight offer. The inside of this product is smooth for simple cleaning. This design will never chip or rust. It will always be looking fresh. The 1 and 1.5 yard versions are even forkliftable. What could be more convenient? They are perfect for temporarily installations.

Rubbermaid- The Name You’ve Trusted since the Dinosaur Ages

If you1331 want the ultimate brand in tilt Trucks, this is the one to go with. It has been used and loved all the way since the dinosaur age. This was the best way to transport all the dinosaurs. In fact, Fred Flinstone was one of our first tilt truck customers. The town of bedrock used them to collect dinosaur waste. If this was the item back then, imagine what it is now. This item never gets old. If the Flinstones used it, you can too! Buy our Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks today!





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Our High Quality Stainless Steel Shelving

August 5, 2016  |  Comments

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Stainless Steel Shelving

The Stainless Steel Shelving at A Plus Warehouse is in great demand,wire shelf thumb and is a quick ship. This is ideal for use involving extreme temperatures and moisture. We offer these to you nationwide at the best pricing available. This type of product is more expensive than the standard but, the cost of fixing rust, and other problems due to poor material eventually outweighs the cost of stainless steel.  These are the right cabinets to be looking at, and they have never gone wrong. Our customers love this product because of its noncorrosive and its overall great condition.

Wire Shelving

Our Stainless Steel Wire Shelving may be the choice for you.stainless shelving thumb This style is typically used in food service manufacturing and distribution. We will sell this in pre-configured 4 shelf units and also as shelves and posts. You get to decide the size of your post with the options below the product. We can sell you additional shelves, so you can meet the ultimate organization you desire with this shelving unit. This has the best resistance to rust and corrosion.

Economy Shelving

The Economy Stainless Steel Shelving may also be a great choice if you are looking for a high capacity shelf with a cheaper price. In order to save freight, we can ship this to you unassembled. This product consists of 18 gauge shelves with 600 pound capacity. This storage option is very attractive and efficient.stainless rivet

Rivet Shelving

Lastly, you could also go with the Stainless Steel Rivet Shelving, many customers like this product of ours. This includes 5 adjustable shelves so you can rearrange how you organize your items. This is ideal for storing food, because it can easily maintain its cleanliness. You can assemble this very simply, and it is in stock for immediate shipping. Each shelf can hold 600 pounds. View our variety of sizes to get your best pick.

Visit us at to view our products or give us a call at 800-209-8798 with any questions! Our stainless steel shelving is your right choice right now!

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A Plus Warehouse Jib Cranes | The Best

August 5, 2016  |  Comments

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The Best Jib Cranes Around

A Plus Warehouse is here to introduce to you our High Quality Jib Cranes. This product is heavy duty so it can meet all your transporting and lifting needs in the most productive way. When moving heavy object, you must have a piece of equipment you can rely on to prevent accidents. You can rely on our jib cranes for safety. We are here to sell you the best jib crane brands, which are the Harrington Hoists, Contrx, and Handling Systems. We ca sell you a variety of this ranging from floor mounted to portable. This product has several industrial and commercial uses. We have this product in several heights, so you can decide what you need.

Light Appliance

We have a lovely low costing crane with a full 360 degree rotation just1165 for you. The Pillar Base Mounted Jib Crane is a self- supporting crane that is made of rolled steel I-beam to fit most standard trolleys and hoists. This machine can go well with most anything because it is the standard. This is designed specifically for light assembly. This items has several size options to choose from. You can get a capacity around 250 pounds, or a massive capacity of 2,000 pounds. Look at all our options, we are sure you’ll find something you love.


Heavy Appliance

If you are looking for a tool that you could use everyday, instead of getting the previously mention product, check out1175 the Ultra Rugged Jib Crane. The crane is ideal for someone who plans to use it everyday. It is simple to maneuver, and is maintenance free. The go to tool for almost everyday use would be this one. It is built to last because, we don’t want you to have to buy new machines constantly. This machine can hold up to a massive 5 tons.

Simply Portable

An easy access jib crane would be ourportable jibs Portable Jibs. This will eliminate the costly sight preparation. There is no need for making a concrete base because, the steel base provides a firm stability with no other installations needed. You will not need the typical concrete footing with this product. The variety with this product is also very large. You can get a jib that supports at least 250 pounds or at most 1,000 pounds.

Order your Jib Crane from us today, at 800-209-8798!

We want the best for our customers!!  

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The Multi Tier Lockers

August 4, 2016  |  Comments

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The Best Multi Tier Lockers

Four Tier?

A Plus Warehouse supplies several locker options for you to choose from. Our Four Tier Designer Lockersdesigner four tier locker could be a great locker for you. This locker is excellent for use in a professional environment because of its classy looks. This Wooden Locker comes in 6 aesthetically pleasing colors. We can provide this in 5 feet or 6 feet tall. The Industrial Grade Particleboard gives our product a beautiful finishing look. This heavy duty locker is a perfect size that you could store some clothing in, without it being too big. One could also fit school supplies in here easily. We advise that when you purchase this you order one side panel per exposed side in order for your product to look the best it can.

Box Style?

Along with our four tier designer box style designer lockerslocker we also have a Box Style Designer Locker for those who would like even more compartments. If you have limited space, this is the product to go for. This will come to you fully assembled, which is great. Similarly, it is made of Industrial Grade Particleboard. We can sell this to you with a sloping hood in order to prevent a mess. We can sell you additional shelves with this product, and we have a variety of lock options you can choose from and colors. Many people like this locker because it has several compartments, so any office that may be small, or that may have several employees, would typically buy this product.

Heavy Duty?

If you are look for an ultra strong locker you have found the right12box place to look. Our Triple Tier Ultra Heavy Duty Locker is just what you need. This product is in stock for immediate shipping so you don’t have to wait. These box lockers are a rugged 12 gauge. Each opening has a 750 pound capacity. Instead of storing employee clothing in here, the main purpose is to store heavy things. For example, people will store their heavy tools. This is perfect for any industrial location. This locker is the most heavy duty triple tier locker around. 

For more information call 800-209-8798! Your Right Choice Right Now


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Lazy Susan | The Best Rotating Device

August 3, 2016  |  Comments

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 Best Rotating Equipment

Using the Lazy Susan is the best way to move large pallets of product around. It is extremely simple to operate and easy to set up. It can go on top of any work bench, desk, or table; it is great at ground level.  This can hold a high amount of capacity, and rotates very smoothly. This equipment will allow you to rotate as needed so you can do your job. For example, you may need this to do your seamless wrapping, your loading, and unloading job. We carry many different sizes because we want you to get exactly what you need. If you are searching for the simple way to turn heavy objects, then you have found the right piece of equipment.

Need Something Strong?

A very strong model of this machine is our air bearing turntablesAir Bearing Turntables With this you can rotate 1000 pounds by only giving 10 pounds worth of force. Instead of moving yourself or the object, all you have to do is give a little force, and you are all set. Of course this is very easy to install so you don’t have to worry about that when it is delivered. This is maintenance free, there are not many ways one could break this piece of machinery. The top floats on a layer of compressed air. When buying this product make sure to also buy the compressor. Once you do your equipment will be ready for use.

Afraid of Rust?

We can sell you our Stainless Steel Low Profile Turntable if you stainless thin spin lazy susanare looking for a material that is corrosive free. If you are using this outside, the stainless steel one is highly advocated because, the outdoors can ruin products, and we wouldn’t want that to happen to your equipment. This one comes in 3 different sizes just for you. It’s even part of the free freight program! This Lazy Susan can hold up to a massive 5000 pounds. This is a great turntable, especially for those who will be working with it outside.

Photo Ready?

We even have a perfect turntable for a photophoto shoot power turntable artist. We have a giant powered Lazy Susan for photo shoots. The width of this plat form is around 7 feet, which is definitely a good amount for whatever it may be you are taking a photo of. Most objects are within the size of this diameter. The Photo Shoot Power Turntable can hold 3000 pounds. This can make a wonderful display as well! It’s perfect for those artist you don’t have a place to store their art, especially if it's heavy, like metal sculptures. Our plates roll smoothly on metal casters. An awesome choice for 3D photo sessions.

Check out all our turntables today at A Plus Warehouse!

Need help, have a question, want to order? Call at 800-209-8798

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Dock Lifts | All about Them

August 2, 2016  |  Comments

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 The Amazing Loading Dock Lifts

We sell High Quality Loading Dock Lifts 1304here at A Plus Warehouse. Every loading dock should have a dock lift because, that makes loading much easier. Trucks with odd heights will not be able to serve your dock without a Dock Lift. This proves to be the simplest and best way to load a truck. Why take the risk of injuring yourself by carrying large bulks when you can use the lift. Imagine having to get several heavy packages without a lift. This product will make your everyday loading life much more efficient and painless.

Heavy Duty Dock Lifts

If you are searching for a very heavy duty dock lifter, you should check out the Hydraulic Dock Lift. You can load and unload trucks with this. This was created for maximum safety and efficiency. We can sell this to you in many ways. The capacity can range from 5,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds. The lowered height can range from 8 inches to 14. You could even upgrade to an aluminum bridge! We include an emergency velocity fuse if the hose breaks. It also includes a pre-wired control box with magnetic starters and overload fuse.  With this machine comes several safety features because of how hazardous it can be. We provide a toe guard, which should never be removed.


Outdoor Dock Lifts

If searchingdocklift2 for a lift you can use outside, view the Outdoor Dock Lift. You could use an outdoor lift if you have to clean a window, fix a roof, etc. The dock lift is a great mix between a ladder and a scaffold. You may want to have more room than a ladder gives, and you might not want a semi-permanent structure like a scaffold, so a good mix would be our dock. To minimize rust this machine has a hot dipped galvanized base and legs. This is a quick delivery piece of equipment with all sub-assemblies in stock, and we will ship it to you full assembled for your convenience. It is even environmentally friendly because of it biodegradable hydraulic fluids.

If you want the best docks around come to A Plus Warehouse, and you will be happy with your decision. We aim to satisfy our customers from when we start working with them to the end!

Call us at 800-209-8798 for help - We are your right source right now

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Get Your Strip Doors Today

August 1, 2016  |  Comments

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Strip Doors

A Plus Warehouse sells you our High Quality Strip Doors. These kind of doors are a must have for many industries such a refrigeration, food service, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and many others. Our strip doors are all unique because they all are made for difference reason. Some are thicker, some overlap more, some take up more space, etc. Strip doors can be for personal use or even for fork trucks. We accommodate you by adjusting the strip door sizes to its best for your use. This is used for making barriers, typically between air temperatures. It also can keep insects our, or in if you like bugs.

Personal Use

A great strip3strip door for people to just walk through would be our Personal Strip Door. Just like all the other strip doors, it is in stock for immediate shipping. This is ideal for foot traffic. This will work well in any food service industry because it minimizes dust and other airborne problems. This extra sense of security is just what a food company needs. It is a good idea for the food industries that don’t have this to buy it from us. We don’t want you to run into any germs inadvertently  while working with food and we even have fair pricing to offer you. We also offer you low temperature strip material so it will not become brittle when near a cold area like a refrigerator. The standard overlap is 50%. You can pick and choose sizes below the product to really get the product you want.

Heavy Duty Use

If yourefrigerated want a heavier duty strip door take a look at the Delivery Truck Strip Doors. This will prevent mixing of the 2 different atmospheres. For example, if you have an ice cream truck you could even get a low temperature strip to ensure the truck stays cold when it opens. One wouldn’t want their food to spoil, and the strips act as great insulators because it prevents any unwanted air temperatures. If you want the primary forklift use, you should just chosoe the 100% overlap.

When buying your strip doors we provide a lot of variety in order for our customers to meet their needs based on the task they need to get done!

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Learn About Our New Single Tier Designer Lockers

July 29, 2016  |  Comments

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Single Tier Designer Lockers

Introducing the designer lockers. They are perfect for executive areas. This is a step up from the simple locker, it is very sophisticated. This is ideal for a professional environment. If you are looking for something like that, something that can awe the crowd, then you found the right place.

Single Tier Designer

The Single Tier Designer Lockers single tier design lockerscome in a wide variety of styles which will be nice for the environment because it will be more personalized.  Our colors consist of grey, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Many people get a single toned locker; however, if you have the desire to make a statement about your locker you can 2 tone it. A 2 toned locker will definitely stand out, and if that was what you wanted, you could try a maple locker with black side panels. These two colors will look great together and make a strong depth perception because there is an extreme light and dark color. You will be able to spice up any room with our attractive wood lockers. A full depth hat shelf, a shoe shelf, and a double prong ceiling hook is included. That will give you the best amount of storage, what could be better?

You can buy the standard model which is the cheapest. If you are looking for something a bit better you could also add on the sloping hood to prevent lost objects overhead, and side panels to gain a nice finished look. This ships fully assembled for your convenience.

Want simple?

If you are searching for somethingUH3258 1A PT cheaper that you can buy in a big bulk, consider our Inexpensive Single Tier Lockers. They are a step down from the previous locker, but it still gets the job done. This simple locker is in stock for fast delivery in 2 colors. The door has a 16 GA construction. To make this locker more personal you can get metal lockers with wood doors for only a small premium. Inside is a double prong ceiling hook and 2 single hooks. If you like this model but want a different locking system try the Single Tier Lockers.

All of our lockers are made to benefit our customers, call today at 800-209-8798!

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3 Great Uses for Cell Phone Lockers

July 28, 2016  |  Comments

three great uses for cell phone lockers


Cell Phone Lockers

Providing proper cell phone storage has never been easy. That is, until cell phone lockers were invented. Whether installing storage lockers for work, school, or even recreational facilities, protecting people’s most valuable possessions has never been easier. These small-sized lockers are unobtrusive and can be a great fit for just about any application. However, as this blog is about to explain, you’ll find that some places have a greater need for cell phone lockers than others.

Cell Phone Lockers for Phone and Tablets


People often change into lighter garments when at the gym, which leaves no room for their phones. Although many use their phones to listen to music while they work out, some may prefer to simply store their device away. In cases like these, cell phone lockers are a necessity. Not everyone will want to be on their phone while they’re pumping iron. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll drop a dumbbell on it. Whatever the case, you should consider cell phone lockers if you are outfitting a gym’s locker rooms. This way, visitors can improve their health and wellness free without being bothered by constant emails and Facebook notifications.


It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, including kids and young adults. This poses a problem, as the internet offers nearly endless distractions right at students’ fingertips. Many high schools (and younger!) have a “no cell phone” policy while in the classroom. But kids still need somewhere to store their phones safely. Cell phone lockers solve this problem, keeping the devices out of sight when there’s schoolwork to be done but safe from prying hands. Cell phone lockers can have up to 60 separate doors, which won’t likely be enough for the entire student body but is great if you want storage for a specific room (think a quiet music room or P.E. locker room).

Industrial Facilities

Keeping people’s phones out of harm’s way isn’t easy while on the job. This is especially true if the job involves a lot of heavy machinery. Conveyors, hydraulic presses, and other industrial equipment can be dangerous enough without having to worry about a device. One wrong move, and someone’s expensive phone could turn into an expensive pile of glass, metal, and plastic.

Cell phone lockers for industrial manufacturing plants, packaging plants, fulfillment centers, and the like are becoming more and more commonplace as we continue into the tech-obsessed era. Luckily, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily pair them with uniform lockers or other kinds of storage commonly found in industrial facilities.

Cell Phone Lockers: Security for Your Valuable Technology

Protecting cell phones is simple and convenient with a cell phone locker system. Employees, children—even gym nuts will be able to go about their day without worrying about the safety of their fragile, expensive device. Build your cell phone locker system today!

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