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5 Ways the “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Offers Quite A Lot

April 27, 2016  |  Comments


You’re familiar with the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none,” right? It refers to something that has more than one function, but doesn’t excel at any of them. Each function is adequate. Well, the A Bit of Everything Cabinet is the exception to this phrase. This cabinet is GREAT at what it does!

But what does it do exactly?

The A Bit of Everything Cabinet, which is a type of 5S lean cabinet, follows a strict methodology. It Sorts, Sets in order, Shines, Standardizes, and Sustains to the highest degree of quality. We’ve explained what that means here and why this cabinet is a great choice for your industrial workplace.

"Sort" Your Tools and Hardware

At its most basic level, a storage cabinet needs to store items. You’ll be happy to know the A Bit of Everything Cabinet has 72 bins, 4 drawers, 2 cabinet shelves, and 12 door shelves. If that isn’t enough for you, you can order additional cabinet and door shelves to build your ideal storage station.

"Set in Order" Your Workplace

The fourth principle of the 5S methodology, “Set in order,” is more important than it seems. Tightening up the organization around the workplace can increase everyone’s efficiency. This 5S lean cabinet offers the storage capability of three different products in one. There’s no question where a certain tool or bit will be when you’re using the A Bit of Everything Cabinet. Everything will be right where you need it.

a bit of everything cabinet

"Shine” On You Crazy Cabinet

To “shine” means to keep a workplace clean. With its superior organization, this 5S lean cabinet passes this requirement with flying colors. Speaking of colors, you can order bins in yellow, red, or blue to make your workplace shine.

Maintain the Highest “Standard” of Storage

Believe it or not, storage has a standard. Every storage feature, be it cabinet, shelf, or bin, must meet the demands of your workplace. The A Bit of Everything Cabinet features all three, so you can bet it can meet your standards!

This Cabinet Does Not Lack Self Discipline

We admit it’s kind of weird to think of a cabinet as having “self-discipline.” All that means is you can rely on it to work when you need it to. After all, this 5S lean cabinet features a 14GA steel design and a 700# shelf capacity. So don’t worry about self-discipline; this cabinet has plenty.

The “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Does It All

Modern industrial workplaces need a lot of storage. Bins, drawers, and shelves offer a good amount, but oftentimes it’s hard to find a single storage product that meets all these needs.

That’s where the A Bit of Everything Cabinet excels. It contains all those other types of storage in a single cabinet. Get one today for your workplace and see why it can be the only cabinet you need!

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What Can You Do With a Standard Electronic Work Bench?

April 22, 2016  |  Comments

standard electronic workbench review blog


Perhaps a better question is “what can’t you do with a standard electronic work bench?” Anyway, the point is this work bench is a real workhorse. It has tons of features that can make it the ideal place of work for anyone in the electronic or mechanical industries. We’re going to take a good, long look at this work bench and show you just what you can do with one.

Assemble Products

The standard electronic work bench has two types of work benches to choose from: a basic bench and an ESD bench. The ESD bench, or electrostatic discharge bench, is more suited for you if you work on delicate electronics, while the basic bench works just fine as a standard work bench. In fact, you can work on some pretty heavy duty items on this work bench, as the top support beams can hold up to a whopping 1000 lbs.

standard electronic workbench image

Additionally, the standard electronic work bench has an electrical channel and riser electrical panel, so it’s easy to plug in power tools or other electronic tools.

Store Important Items

Have you ever experienced a time where you’re hard at work and you realize you don’t have the exact tool you need? Rather than heading all the way over to tool storage to find the right part, you can just store it in your standard electronic work bench. This will save you time and headaches, and will allow you to keep up the good work momentum.

All this is possible thanks to the shelves, cabinets, and drawers you can add to your work bench. You can store tools, important documents, even electronic parts with the ESD shelves, keeping them nearby at your workstation.

Work in Comfort

Comfort is an important yet often-overlooked aspect of working that the standard electronic work bench is well-equipped to solve. You can get one with a foot rest tube or an ESD footrest pan to rest those poor, tired toes of yours. Consider pairing your work bench with an anti-fatigue mat for even more comfort and efficiency.

Customize Your Standard Electronic Work Bench to Your Liking

All these features we’ve talked about are actually optional. You don’t need to order anything other than the work bench if all you need is to get some good solid work done. But take it from us—these optional features can make your day at work a heck of a lot more comfortable and convenient. We urge you to order one today!

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Why the Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Cart is the Only Cart You’ll Need

April 12, 2016  |  Comments

Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts blog

Kingcab Heavy Duty Mobile Cart

The Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart by Strong Hold sounds like quite a mouthful, but it couldn’t be simpler. This mobile cart is among the best items for your maintenance needs. Managing many different carts to haul around all your essential tools works for some people, but if you want a simpler, all-inclusive solution, boy, have we got a product for you!

Allow us to tell you why this Kingcab mobile cart is the only kind of cart you’ll need.

Stainless Steel Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts

It’s strong enough for heavy, daily use

Heavy duty work requires heavy duty equipment. Whether that’s working on cars or heavy machinery all day long, you need a mobile cart that can stand up to a lot of punishment.

This Kingcab maintenance cart is built from top grade 12 GA steel. It has a 2000 lb. total capacity and a giant 48” width, ensuring you can take all your essential tools on the go. It sits on four sturdy casters and features two doors for safety and security. Each drawer boasts a 225 lb. capacity—perfect for heavy duty industrial applications.

It has just about every feature you need.

We could talk all day about the strength of the Kingcab mobile cart, but that means little without features to support it. Thankfully, this cart has plenty:

Six pull-out drawers. The Kingcab heavy duty cart has your small parts storage covered. Six drawers can hold bits or even small tools, saving you the trouble of having to go back and forth between the job and the tool shed. The cart comes with one 6” high drawer while the other five are 5” high.

One adjustable shelf. For bigger jobs, you’ll love having two shelves. Drills and other large tools will easily fit inside a single cart. You can also adjust the shelves as needed, giving you the maximum amount of room you need, when you need it.

A workbench. The top surface of a Kingcab maintenance cart actually acts a sturdy workbench. This is great when you need a mobile surface to work with, or even just a flat surface to set your tools down for a moment.

Order Your Kingcab Mobile Cart Today

Strong Hold is known for making some exceptionally sturdy products. But the Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart may just take the cake. If you’ve been looking for a sturdy all-purpose cart to help you work more effectively and efficiently, we invite you to give this one a try.

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Economizer Bin Shelving Systems | The Next Big Deal in Plastic Shelving

April 11, 2016  |  Comments

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Shelving With Stacking Shelf Bins

We now stock Shelving with Economizer bins. Economizer bins are very interesting. They are a combination of tall shelf bins and stacking bins.  Traditional shelf bins typically are no wider than 6 inches - but the economizers are as wide as 12 inches! We call them 'econo' as they cosy less than Ultra Stack Bins.

The Sales People at A Plus Warehouse are here to help - give us a call at 800-209-8798 is you need help.shelving with stackable shelf bins


These bin shelving units are free freight items.

Order Now!!



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How to Save Space (and Dollars) with an Economy Stacking Bin Setup

April 8, 2016  |  Comments



Economy Stacking Bin Setup For Work

Everyone wants an easier way to stay organized, and an economy stacking bin setup is the way to do it. From mechanic shops to manufacturing plants, economy stacking bins can help organize even the most chaotic workplaces.

Ordering economy stacking bin products ship free from A Plus Warehouse when you order over three cases, and they come in some excellent color choices. But the bins themselves won’t offer you the order you seek. You have to know the most ideal way to set them up, a way that will save you space and money at the same time. Here are our suggestions.

economy stacking bins in variety of colors

Stack and Save

The best feature about economy stacking bins is right in their name—they stack. They are designed to hook on louvered panels to create rows of small parts storage. These are perfect for saving space, and they’re kept at a low price point to make sure you can buy as many bins as you need.

Move as Needed

Maybe your needs for plastic bins goes beyond just saving a little space. Maybe saving space means being able to move your bins at will. Well, you’re in luck—economy stacking bins are also available with casters.

Three sizes of stacking bins are available with casters, so you can move them more efficiently. This makes a lot of sense, since larger bins tend to be difficult to move without help.

Divide and Conquer

You can order economy stacking bins with dividers, so you can organize down to the very last bit. What good is a bin full of screws or bolts if all different sizes are thrown in there together? Dividers are available for every size bin we offer, offering efficient small parts storage for you.

More Room with a View

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what do they say about the windows that come with stackable bins? Well, nothing that profound, but windows are extremely useful. With windows added to your bins, you can save time by knowing exactly what’s inside your bins without actually having to pull them out. Now that’s smart thinking!

Why Choose Economy Stacking Bins Over Other Bins

How does the economy stacking bin “stack up” to the competition? Well, with so many features to choose from you can definitely save a bundle. And not just money—but space and time too!

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. Now that you know how to best set up your economy stacking bins, we hope you’ll take advantage of the FREE FREIGHT available from A Plus Warehouse to get the bins you need!

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Should You Buy Roof Access Ladders With or Without Safety Cages?

March 28, 2016  |  Comments

 Roof Access Ladders

Which Roof Access Ladders Work For You

Roof access ladders are often the easiest way to access the roof or top floors of most facilities. But are they the safest way to get up there? When do you need the safety cage option that often comes with roof access ladders?

Proper ladder safety depends on several factors. We at A Plus Warehouse will explore this important topic to find you the right product for your safety needs.

Fixed Walk Through Access Ladders with and without cage

When Your Roof Access Ladder Needs a Safety Cage

A safety cage adds excellent fall protection for a roof access ladder. After all, you are climbing pretty high up, sometimes almost 30 feet in the air. But is a cage absolutely needed?

Not always. OSHA standards state that if your fixed ladder is 20 feet or taller, a safety cage is required. Workers who are climbing to the top of a building will have added safety in case the worst should happen.

But what about ladders that don’t need a safety cage? What about the safety of those workers?

Many fixed roof access ladders are built with sturdy, all-welded construction. They also feature your choice of serrated or round rungs that add stability. You can even find fixed walk through access ladders, which have extended hand rails for easily entering and exiting the ladder. These offer workers a way to ascend and descend with ease, offering safety in lieu of a cage.

Note: A cage is important to add for safety reasons. But by having one for a 20’ tall ladder, you’ll also avoid OSHA fines when the inspectors come knocking. So really, there’s no excuse for choosing a fixed roof access ladder with a cage if it’s required.

Practice Safety on Any Ladder

Regardless of whether a roof access ladder has a cage or not, you should always perform safe working practices. Even though a safety cage is not required for fixed ladders under 20 feet, a fall can still be dangerous. You need to keep a steady pace and not rush your way up the ladder. So even if your ladder doesn’t require a cage, you may still want one to avoid injuries.

Now that you know what you require, it’s time to make an informed purchase. Simply find out how tall your ladder should be and then choose the right fixed roof access ladder with or without a cage. You’ll be safer for it.

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How to Pick the Right Safes for Your Pharmacy

March 22, 2016  |  Comments

Pharmaceutical Safes

Choosing Pharmacy Safes

Pharmacies distribute a wide variety of medicinal drugs. So when it comes to storing and safekeeping them, you need the right safes. But you wouldn’t use just any old safes for your needs; you need safes designed for pharmaceutical use. Here’s how to choose the ones that will fit you best.

Sturdy Materials

As you know, pharmacies uphold a high standard of cleanliness. The medicines they store cannot be contaminated by outside agents. When choosing pharmacy safes, you want to consider what the safes are made out of. You want a material that will safely store your sensitive goods. Steel is a great material for pharmacy safes. It’s durable and long-lasting, and is even rust and corrosion-resistant. You can find safes with 11 GA all-steel construction that ensure your medicines will be kept in good condition. This large pharmacy safe is a sturdy all-around choice that can store up to seven shelves’ worth of goods. A word of caution: Don’t be tempted to settle for plastic safes. As far as safety and longevity is concerned, steel is always superior to plastic.

Large pharmacy safe with the door open

Safety Features

As important as materials are, the additional safety features offered by safes are even more important. Pharmacies must keep inventory for hundreds, if not thousands, of prescriptions. Organization and safety is key, which is why you can find safes that offer both.For example, the large pharmacy safe we talked about earlier is protected by a digital security lock. This offers even more security than a regular lock. It’s even reinforced with a hardplate! Another great feature for pharmacy use are see-through windows. This allows pharmacists to locate the right prescription for their customers at a glance. The Under Counter See-Through Pharmacy Safe has great visibility and is even stackable to save space and maximize inventory.

Complete Convenience

When filling out your pharmacy with the right safes, of course you’ve got your customers’ best interests in mind. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing safes that make your job easier too. Pharmacies come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to choose safes that will fit. You can’t be bumping into corners or having safe doors overlap. You can find pharmacy safes in a range of sizes that will fit your complete inventory and still seem spacious. This narrow pharmacy safe has seven shelves but is just over a foot wide. When space is at a premium, narrow is the way to go. Now that you’re a safe-picking pro, it’s time to make the most of your purchase. Figure out what materials, features, and conveniences you need, then find the safes that fit!

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All About the Steel Frame Pedalift

January 6, 2016  |  Comments

Steel Frame Pedalift Options

Pedalift. Say it with me: pe-dal-lift. When you break it down like that, this product makes a lot of sense. It’s a lift you raise with a pedal. And that's what this blog is all about -- making sense of the steel frame pedalift products we now sell. Although they are considered part of the lift truck family, these items provide a much-needed kind of convenience around the workplace. But what makes them different from their other lift truck brethren?  

Join us as we explore what makes these products an essential part of your everyday work!  

steel fram pedalift

What is the Purpose of a Pedalift?

Like other lift trucks, pedalifts let you raise and lower product without causing strain on your body. These handy machines take on the hard work of picking up heavy loads and putting them where needed. Commonly used in packaging plants, industrial warehouses, and other facilities, pedalifts are the next iteration of convenient warehouse machinery.  

Choosing the Best Kind of Steel Frame Pedalift

When choosing a steel frame pedalift for your lifting needs, you've got some great options. Although all of these are framed with the superior durability of steel, our pedalifts feature several different designs.  

First, decide if your lifting needs requires forks or a platform. Forks are great for handling skids and pallets, while platforms lift boxes with ease. Whichever you choose, you'll have a capacity of 750 lbs. at your disposal.  

The second decision you'll have to make is whether you want a two-wheel or four-wheel steel frame pedalift. A two-wheel pedalift will let you cart your load around like a hand truck. A four-wheel can be used this way as well, but its additional wheels let you handle much bulkier loads. One key difference is that the two-wheel version makes contact with the floor, while the four-wheel sits at a minimum of 5.75 inches off the ground. So consider where you are lifting from and where you're lifting to when choosing your steel frame pedalift.  

You'll next have to choose between a foot pump or winch operated pedalift. The hydraulic foot pump version has a foot release pedal that eases loads to the ground. The hand-operated winch version is also an option if you want to get more hands-on with your lifting. Both are great choices and will let you lift either 40 inches or 54 inches off the ground.  

Now that you know everything there is to know about our steel frame pedalift products, get one for your warehouse. Or two, if you need one with forks and one with a platform. They're sure to add a huge amount of convenience to your daily workload!  

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5 Reasons Why You Need Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

December 2, 2015  |  Comments

Uses for Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

Need a reason to check out the new Stackbin hopper metal bins from A Plus Warehouse? We’ll give you five. These metal storage bins are an industry standard. They’re everything you could possibly want out of strong, secure storage. Here’s why.

 genuine stackbin

1. Each bin holds a huge amount weight.

When it comes to storage, capacity is everything. How else can you store all your important equipment and materials? Stackbin hopper metal bins are made of rugged 18 GA steel and are spot-welded for durability. These bins are made to last and can hold anything you can fit inside. Yes, that includes your cutting die, machine parts, and heavy duty nuts and bolts.

2. They can stack to save you space.

We’re all looking to make the most of our space. That’s why Stackbin hopper metal bins are so great. Each bin stacks on top of each other to create a sturdy wall of storage. Using vertical rows of bins rather than horizontal rows leaves you with more floor space. All the better to get work done, right?

3. They’ll look great in your facility.

Think looks don’t matter much in your industrial facility? Maybe a clean appearance is low on your list of priorities. But choose a color for your metal bins and see if you don’t feel more productive. Maybe it’s the way the stacked look gives your facility a neat, put-together appearance. Or maybe it’s the way they add some much-needed organization to the chaos of your warehouse. Either way, Stackbin metal bins add an aesthetic appeal you may not know you need until you get it.

4. The more bins you order, the more money you save.

Storage comes at a cost. A very high one sometimes. But Stackbin proves storage doesn’t have to cost you a ton. Each individual bin is set at a reasonable price to ensure you won’t have to dip into your savings. And who orders a single bin, anyway? Metal storage containers are at their best when ordered in multiples. Lucky for you Stackbins from A Plus Warehouse decrease in price per unit the more you buy. This way you’re getting the most storage and savings at the same time.

5. They’re the original Stackbin metal bin.

You might not think name brand products matter much in the world of industrial storage. But hear us out when we say you need to pay attention to Stackbin. They’ve been building these products since 1931. That’s over 80 years dedicated to strong storage! Stackbin has spent all that time refining and perfecting their product. And that’s a history we can get behind. Not all metal bins were created equal. And now you know five reasons why Stackbin metal bins are among the best. Order your Stackbin metal bins today and see for yourself how great they are at meeting your needs!

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New Restricted and Controlled access cabinets with bins

November 25, 2015  |  Comments

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Restricted and Controlled Access Cabinets from A Plus Warehouse

A PLUS Warehouse announces its new line of Restricted and Controlled access cabinets. These cabinets have an electronic lock that accommodates up to 250 users! Restricted access cabinets also have 3 different size bins for storing important items that are required to be audit-capable and user traced. The bins are also available in 3 different colors , red yellow or blue. The new restricted access cabinets come in three different  sizes, three feet wide, four feet wide and a jumbo five feet wide.. These are sturdy 14 ga steel restricted access cabinets, and the electronic lock records a total of 1500 open attempts for security and control. APLUS Warehouse combines versatility, security and aesthetics in this new product line. Check out the Restricted Access line today at


 giant restricted access cabinet with red bins


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