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3 Great Uses for Cell Phone Lockers

July 28, 2016  |  Comments

three great uses for cell phone lockers


Cell Phone Lockers

Providing proper cell phone storage has never been easy. That is, until cell phone lockers were invented. Whether installing storage lockers for work, school, or even recreational facilities, protecting people’s most valuable possessions has never been easier. These small-sized lockers are unobtrusive and can be a great fit for just about any application. However, as this blog is about to explain, you’ll find that some places have a greater need for cell phone lockers than others.

Cell Phone Lockers for Phone and Tablets


People often change into lighter garments when at the gym, which leaves no room for their phones. Although many use their phones to listen to music while they work out, some may prefer to simply store their device away. In cases like these, cell phone lockers are a necessity. Not everyone will want to be on their phone while they’re pumping iron. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll drop a dumbbell on it. Whatever the case, you should consider cell phone lockers if you are outfitting a gym’s locker rooms. This way, visitors can improve their health and wellness free without being bothered by constant emails and Facebook notifications.


It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, including kids and young adults. This poses a problem, as the internet offers nearly endless distractions right at students’ fingertips. Many high schools (and younger!) have a “no cell phone” policy while in the classroom. But kids still need somewhere to store their phones safely. Cell phone lockers solve this problem, keeping the devices out of sight when there’s schoolwork to be done but safe from prying hands. Cell phone lockers can have up to 60 separate doors, which won’t likely be enough for the entire student body but is great if you want storage for a specific room (think a quiet music room or P.E. locker room).

Industrial Facilities

Keeping people’s phones out of harm’s way isn’t easy while on the job. This is especially true if the job involves a lot of heavy machinery. Conveyors, hydraulic presses, and other industrial equipment can be dangerous enough without having to worry about a device. One wrong move, and someone’s expensive phone could turn into an expensive pile of glass, metal, and plastic.

Cell phone lockers for industrial manufacturing plants, packaging plants, fulfillment centers, and the like are becoming more and more commonplace as we continue into the tech-obsessed era. Luckily, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily pair them with uniform lockers or other kinds of storage commonly found in industrial facilities.

Cell Phone Lockers: Security for Your Valuable Technology

Protecting cell phones is simple and convenient with a cell phone locker system. Employees, children—even gym nuts will be able to go about their day without worrying about the safety of their fragile, expensive device. Build your cell phone locker system today!

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Stainless Steel Cabinets

July 27, 2016  |  Comments

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Stainless Steel Cabinets

We sell Stainless Steel Cabinets for industrial and commercial use. Only this product lets you store your food with certainty of no contamination. Many industries like this material because it is corrosive free and built to last. You can never go wrong with choosing stainless steel because it is always very sanitary. We have all the stainless steel cabinets you could even need. Our top of the line cabinet is the Kingcab, it is of great quality! Following is the Valumaster, it has less capacity for a lower price.

Stainless Steel!

The  Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet56 244SS is an excellent product of ours that you should check out. It is rust proof, acid resistance, and very durable which can be great for those food companies that want to store their heavy food supply. Also this product is a very safe material for hospitals and pharmaceuticals to use. This cabinet is an ultra-heavy duty 12 GA. This product has number 3 finishes unlike most others. The shelves are adjustable on 2 inch centers, which is perfect for those food storage jars. We suggested you buy the key less lock for your convenience. It is a simple way to lock up your product. We can sell this to you with a regular top or a slope top. The slope top is great because it ensures that nothing gets stuck up there. It is good to have in a food industry because no one wants rotting food stuck on top of their cabinets.

If you ss storagecabinetwere looking to buy a premium the previous one is great, but if you are searching for something less expensive but still good quality, the Valustar Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets can be a great option for you. This product is still great like the other because of its stainless steel property. Anything stainless steel is always going to be very clean. We can ship this to you ready to use so you can avoid the hassle. This cabinet comes is several sizes so you can choose what will fit your warehouse. It also has 2 inch center shelves that are adjustable.

Order Today

Take a glance at all our other cabinets along with the stainless steel ones, and we can promise you, you will find one you love!


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lunch tables

July 26, 2016  |  Comments

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Lunch Tables

We have the best lunch table for your needs! We know that similar products are sold elsewhere; but, if you would like the best material for the best price, the right choice is us. We aim to please our customers, and we will stop at nothing to ensure your expectations are met. We try our hardest to please our customers and make sure they are all set with their equipment. A Plus Warehouse is the right choice for warehouse equipment. Start order online now, and you will not regret it.

Need a Table?

Our Lunchroom Cafeteria Tables SetSize200200 469are a big hit!  This is a simple and attractive one piece table. There is nothing dangerously sharp poking out so you don’t have to worry about school children using it. The seating is neatly welded to the frame which means you will be able to keep your lunch room clean. You won’t have to worry about putting seats where they belong after meal time because they will never have been moved. This is a nice 29 inch tall product with 18 GA constructions. We decided to add color options to this table because of how popular it has become. We have colors choices for two separate parts, the table top and the frame. For the frame you can pick Black, Brown, Grey, Putty, and Tan. For the table you can choose Walnut, Quartered Oak, Mahogany, English Oak, Teak, Wild Cherry, Heather Legacy, Graphite Nebula, and Grey Nebula. This product has the most variety than any other!

Need Another?

The SetSize200200 industrial lunch tableIndustrial Lunch Table is another well put together item similar to the other. This product is available in hardwood top, and steel. The base is grey for all models. They both have great qualities, and from that you decide what you want for your lunch table top. This is perfect for a school environment! The table and seats are both very sturdy.

We, at A Plus Warehouse, like to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction and hope that we can get you what you want!

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Electronic Work Benches

July 25, 2016  |  Comments

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Electronic Work Benches

It’s time to learn about our splendid Electronic Work Benches. Here at A Plus Warehouse we love having a variety of products, and our electric work benches can give you that. Unlike many other places we can sell this to you pre-configured. If you see the picture of the model and like it, all you have to do is purchase it. You will not have to buy separate pieces if that is how you choose to do your spending. Now, this product is required by many high tech manufacturing firms as well as schools and government agencies. You can buy them from us easily. We can sell you conductive tops along with the standard plastic laminate type.  The conductive top is best because it allows you to use electronics because the actual desk contains power plugs. Our product is at value price and we aim to satisfy our customers from coast to coast.

EVerything You Need

The Economy Work Bench1381 will have everything you may need. This product has just started to be sold fully made as it looks on the screen to save you time from buying parts. However, if you still like buying parts we would love to sell you the parts. We have all the parts to this product therefore you will be content with your options. We even have an easy to read assembling guide. This model comes is a pretty grey color. This color is always nice because this is very classy, and if you want a classy look then you just found the right product. Our tops are Non Glare White with High Density Plastic Laminated Top and backing sheet. The height can be adjusted from 31-35 inches. This also will include leveling glides.

Another excellentModel HD product is our Deluxe Electronic Work Bench because it too has everything you may need. This is in stock for immediate delivery so you don’t have to wait long. You can order this as shown or just buy the parts, whatever is better for you. Our bin rails are provided with bins. We offer this in 3 fantastic colors, a light blue, grey, and beige.

Order now from and receive our awesome products.


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Rack bins

July 22, 2016  |  Comments

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Rack Bins

Are you looking for super large bins? Do you want an organized office like us at A Plus Warehouse? Do you need a place to store large bulky items? Well, you have come to the right site. We are about to reveal our awesome rack bins. They are so amazing because, they don’t have a set use. You get to decide how you use your bin at a Plus Warehouse. Not only do we have the bins for organizational purposes, but we also have racks in order to take up less space. The less space taken up, the more efficient one’s work will be. We are all about efficiency which is why we sell this.

Our SetSize200200 wsRack Bin System is perfect for your warehouse needs. This is designed to specifically fit pallet racks, or other deep racks. This material is even water proof. You won’t have to worry about water ruining it or corrosion. Forward shifting is prevented and stability is assured with a wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock. When buying this you will have the option between grey, the typical classic one, or blue the new funky one. When you buy this you should also consider buying a dolly too. The dolly will make moving this item much easier. It will become easier to handle.

Mobile Plastic Bin Rack

Another SetSize200200 2337similar contraption would be the Mobile Plastic Bin Rack. This device is pretty simple overall, there is not much confusion when using the object. All you do is buy the stand which comes with the bins, and then casters if you want it to have quick and easy transportation. This is a nice set of bins for a cheap price. A Plus Warehouse is your go to for bins because we have a grand variety.

A Plus Warehouse is your Right Choice Right Now!!


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See Through Lockers

July 21, 2016  |  Comments

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See Through Lockers

A Plus Warehouse is here to sell you our See Through Lockers. These lockers are perfect because they can lock which gives one some privacy, but they are also see through so nothing can be hidden. In the scenario of a work place, the employee will be able to lock their stuff, and the employer will be able to check for contraband without invading the other person’s privacy by unlocking the locker. This product is also aesthetically pleasing; it can make any area look nice. These are like any other locker, but the only difference is the fact that it is see through. More places are starting to use these now; For example, schools, jails, factories, and other similar areas use them.  We can sell these metal lockers to you assembled or unassembled, so you can save some money. We aim to bring our customers to their needs efficiently, and these lockers will do the job.

The Six Foot High Single Tier See Through Locker is a fantasticsingle tier see through lockers locker of ours. Many of our customers like this locker because it is very simple. This product is perfect for the industry. Of course, we will ship this to you either assembled or unassembled, depending on what satisfies you more. In this product, the hat shelf is even adjustable. Although grey is the king of the colors, we also offer blue because we know customers really love this color, and we even include tan for those customers that want to be different from the rest. With these features you get to choose how you organize your locker, and everything is more personal. This model contains an intermediate amount of depth, 18 inches. We alsohall include a coat rod in this model. This item is available single wide, or triple wide. When possible it is best to order in a set of triple because, sides will be shared which means less metal will be used, and the cost will go down because there is less metal than there would be if you bought 3 singles. 

Another outstanding locker would be our See Through Double Tier Lockers. This product is in stock and ready to ship just for you. This is perfect for conserving space because, sometimes a full sized locker is not needed for one person, and instead 2 people can take 2 half sized lockers to save room. This product is different than most others because it comes in beige. If you were looking to be unique, you have found the right place!

Check out our Lockers on our website, and you won’t be upset with what you find. Give us a call at 800-209-8798!!

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Heavy Duty Storage Lockers

July 20, 2016  |  Comments

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Learn About Heavy Duty Storage Lockers

Need Storage Lockers?

A Plus Warehouse has plenty of High Quality Storage Lockers to offer you. We have wire storage lockers, wire mesh, army lockers, single and double tiers, combination, and so many more! Just glance at the website and you will be surprised by our variety. These lockers are handy to have when you need to store bulky items. When storing large items, nothing does better than our storage lockers. They are very durable, which is an excellent quality for storage equipment. This is a low cost method for storing valuables safely. Typically one would use these in condominiums. This product is larger and cheaper than a usual steel locker. Also, these products are all quick ships!

Our Newest Storage Lockerstorage lockers

The California Stock Wire Storage Locker is perfect for your storage needs. This is perfect for any apartment complexes. You can choose between the single or double Tier when buying this. You can even put together Starters and Adders to make the perfect appliance for your Warehouse! This will save you much money because, you will be able to combine sides. Also, a wall could be used as a side, which will definitely lower price of your product because you will not need all sides, unless the product is in the middle of a room. This has 14 GA steel frames. Also, if you buy the optional shelves, you will see that each shelf can hold 125 pounds. This is also great for those who live around California because it is in stock there.


Here, at A Plus Warehouse we want the best for our customers, and with the products we have we can provide you the best warehouse equipment around. Call us at 800-209-8798 and get your fabulous storage locker!


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wooden cabinets

July 19, 2016  |  Comments

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Heavy Duty Wood Combination Cabinet

A Plus Warehouse has a new set of wooden cabinets coming just for you. These cabinets are perfect because they can be used for almost anything. You could store clothing, tools, equipment, and most other objects. The great thing about it is that it is wooden which makes it look superb. The wood gives this product a nice finishing look. These will look perfect in your office, warehouse, home, and any other building.

OurSetSize200200 deep wooden combination cabinets Wooden Combination Cabinet can function as both a wardrobe and storage cabinet. It even comes with 3 adjustable shelves and 1 coat rod. When ordering this, you should also consider buying a sloping hood. This cabinet is heavy duty which means you won’t have to worry about objects you place in there. This product also comes in 6 attractive colors. You can choose grey, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Any one of these colors can give a plant a nice overall look. We also will provide you with lock option, we can even provide you with a colored lock option.

The Wooden Storage CabinetSetSize200200 deep wooden storage cabinet is an excellent product as well. This product will ship to you fully assembled. This is perfect for a professional setting. This is also available in a variety of colors just like our other cabinet. The benefit of having such pretty colors is that fact that it can make any room unique. This product is very similar to the past because it also has 6 adjustable shelves, and locking options. The only difference is whether you use it for just storage, or other things.

The Wooden Wardrobe Cabinet is perfect for your clothing. It contains two coat rods which is an efficient storage part. We can sell this to you fully assembled, and in a variety of beautiful colors. This product also has a locking option, but the difference is the locks for this are black, gold, and silver, whereas the other is black and silver. This is the ideal furniture to sort your hats and coats. This also includes a fixed top and 31 inch wide shelves. Order our cabinets now at 800-209-8798, and make sure ask about our IZZY5 discount! 

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Mobile Shop Desk- The Next Big Thing

July 18, 2016  |  Comments

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Mobile Shop Desk

A Plus Warehouse proudly presents the next best thing. We are eager to show our new Mobile Shop Desk.This new product makes for an excellent purchase.SetSize200200 mobile shop desk It is fairly small, cheap, and it even comes in several colors so you can personalize it. Everyone loves this product because it has such a simple use. You can easily store object like tools in here to prevent future misplacement of your tools. What would this be if it did not come in pretty colors? It would be too boring; that is why we can provide you with 4 different colors to choose from. There is blue, green, grey, and orange. We want you to be happy with the look of your warehouse which is why we are providing you with beautiful colors.

This desk includes a superb 20" X 20" writing surface which is capped on 3 sides. We can sell this to your assembled so you can avoid the hassle or we can sell it unassembled if you want to save some money. We will do whatever is best for our customers. Not to mention, this desk can move easily because it is on swivel casters. Life in the office becomes much easier when you are able to move your materials easily.

Along with this new product we have the old stnad by. SetSize200200 2228The Two Drawer Mobile Shop Desk is really worth your money. It has the same basic use as our other piece of equipment. This desk also has 4 locking drawers; this is convenient because sometimes certain tools may only be allowed to be used by certain people, and a way to make sure this happens would be by locking them up. Also, 4 drawers is an outstanding amount of storage to have. The desk aspect has lots of space as well, which will be great for your work. This is also easily mobile because it has lovely 3 inch rolling swivel casters.

A third awesome 2229shop desk would be our Open Base Mobile Shop Desk. This desk is different from all the other because, the top desk is sloped but, it has a front lip to secure your object from continuing to fall down the slant. This makes handling paper work much easier. Also, this object features sliding drawers, which is always a plus to most products. All three pieces of equipment are very durable, and you cannot go wrong with any one of them. 

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Organize Your Drums with Our Drum Racks

July 15, 2016  |  Comments

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 Warehouse Drum Racks

We provide our customers with the best and most efficient storage techniques. We would like to present another one of our awesome storage equipment. Our High Quality Drum Racks are a perfect storage product for us to sell. You willSetSize200200 dpr12 save plenty of space in your warehouse if you buy this. More space means more room to do your work, which is necessary in any work area. A messy work area is never helpful to your business, but a clean work area will be quite beneficial. Make sure to buy this and your work space will be more spacious and organized.

This drum rack is exceptionally heavy duty. The cross beams are adjustable every 2 inches along the upright frame. Our portable drum cradles are made of 1.25 inches of tubing to prevent premature drum wear. We are always taking precautions to make sure everything1024 happens smoothly and there are no issues. Cradles are included with each rack and can be moved easily to allow other materials. We can sell you Drum Pallet Rack Starters, Add-Ons, and Drum Cradles. All of these materials will make your warehouse much more efficient than it ever has been. If you did not have this rack, the drums would either roll around on the floor which can be very dangerous, or they would be stacked, taking up a whole space. You will be able to increase the amount of space you have by at least double because, this system of organization is really dense which makes for more room for other tasks.

A following question may be, “how do you place the drums in?” Well, once again A Plus Warehouse likes to find the most efficient solutions to problems. In this case, all you would have to do is buy our Drum Positioner. That will make positioning the drums a much easier task for you. The drum holder will position the drum horizontally, and it contains a latching system to ensure your total safety when handling this machine. It can lift at most a massive 800 pounds.

We like to see our customers happy with their product choice and we are certain you will be content with your Drum Rack and Positioner. Order now, or if you have any question visit us at



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