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Announcing the In-Stock Large Single Tier Locker

September 25, 2015  |  Comments

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single tier open

When you want lockers for your work or home - they typically want them right away! We now offer a locker very similar to our Rhino Locker that ships from stock available in colors gray, tan or blue. We are pleased to welcome the large single tier locker to our line of heavy duty lockers available online.

color options for single tier lockers

Our customers can now order these 24 x 24 x 72 single tier lockers and get delivery within one week - most anywhere in USA and Canada - how can you beat that? And, just like the Rhino Lockers we have available online, these single tier lockers are also all welded and made from 14 GA metal.

built in locks for single tier lockers

We also offer built-in keyed or combination locks for large single tier locker. Just let us know your preference and it will be taken care of for you.

Truly, you won't go wrong when ordering this fantastic new item!

Mention this blog post when ordering for a 5% discount!

As always thanks for reading!

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Keep Warm during Winter with These Cold Weather Prep Items

September 24, 2015  |  Comments

The cold season is right around the corner—is your warehouse prepared? With autumn here and winter on its way, you need to make sure your warehouse has all the cold weather prep items it needs to keep your employees warm and toasty and your warehouse equipment fully functional. Here are several items every warehouse or industrial facility needs to survive the cold months.

Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

Heat up the Place with Infrared Heaters

Nothing slows production down like the cold. How can you expect to operate heavy equipment with frozen hands? Doing so is not only difficult but dangerous. That’s why you should use your warehouse’s infrared heaters to warm up whenever you feel the chilled. While infrared heaters aren’t really for human use (they’re usually used for drying paint, laminating, or welding) there’s no reason your employees can’t enjoy the warmth they produce. Industrial infrared heaters focus heat on a central spot without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air, so if you’re going to stay warm, you’d better stay close by.

Block the Cold with Vinyl Strip Doors

You know those bone-chilling breezes that sometimes creep under your covers on cold winter mornings? Imagine that happening all the time at work. Whenever the warehouse door has to be opened for a forklift to drive through, it lets in lots of bitter cold air. But you don’t have to suffer as long as your warehouse has vinyl strip doors.

Vinyl strip doors and high wind strip doors are made from heavy PVC strips and are designed to mount over your warehouse entrance. These are the same plastic strip curtains you use for freezer applications, so you know they’re perfectly capable of withstanding the winter weather. Vinyl strip doors also keep heat in, which ends up saving you quite a bit on your heating bill.

Forklift Mounted Snow Plow

No Snow with Fork Lift Attachments

Remember snow days as a kid? Staying home and skipping school was great fun, but as an adult, being snowed in means there’s a lot of work not getting done. You and your staff can’t afford to miss work on account of the weather, so what can you do? Forklift attachments include snow removal plows and snow blades that can easily move snow and other debris away from your warehouse entrance. Simply secure them on the ends of your forklift and clear away thousands of pounds of snow at a time.

Are You Prepared for Winter?

Game of Thrones isn’t kidding when they say, “Winter is coming.” Although wearing gloves and extra layers of clothing will help offset the chill, it’s much more effective if you prep your entire warehouse for the drop in temperature. With infrared heaters, vinyl strip doors, and snow removal forklift attachments, you’ll be sure to have a warm, productive winter!

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The Must-Have Equipment Guide for New Warehouses

September 16, 2015  |  Comments

There’s something exciting about moving into a new warehouse. Maybe it’s the vast emptiness of a space yet to be filled with the sound of machinery grinding and conveyors rolling. Or maybe it's the promise of all the good, honest work that will soon be done. Whatever the reason, a new warehouse is a sacred place, so you want to do right by it.   Filling your new warehouse with high quality warehouse equipment is the first step to take toward honoring your new place of work. That's why we've designed this Must-Have Equipment Guide to make sure you have everything you need to be working at peak efficiency. Look it over and make sure you aren't missing something essential for your warehouse's maiden voyage.  


It's important to have a little privacy, and we don't just mean in the restrooms. Employees in upper management need a separate place where they can safely oversee and plan without distractions. Inplant offices are great for this, as they let managers work in peace and quiet while still keeping close to the action. The best part is that modular offices can fit just about anywhere, so when you're planning the layout of your new warehouse be sure to save some space for the prefab offices.   Choose them in 2-, 3-, and 4-wall configurations, with lighting and glass windows as well.  



Facilitating work on the go is a critical part of your new warehouse's efficiency. To get things moving, you'll want to choose mobile warehouse equipment products that can move right where they're needed without hassle.

Rolling conveyors are essential items for manufacturing plants and other warehouse facilities that require you to keep your product line moving smoothly. Medium, heavy duty, extra heavy duty, and accordian style industrial roller conveyor systems can make moving things an effortless part of your workday. Equipped with stainless steel roller conveyor rollers that clean easily and won't rust, these products offer you an ergonomic way to move things without use of a forklift.   is a critical part of your new warehouse's efficiency. To get things moving, you'll want to choose mobile warehouse equipment products that can move right where they're needed without hassle.  

Rolling ladders improve on the basic functions of normal warehouse ladders by adding the ability to move just about anywhere. Reaching high products is easy when you use industrial rolling ladders that position you exactly where you need to go. Rolling ladders with cantilevers, varying slope, and extra-wide steps are among the possible configurations you can find when ordering the perfect style of rolling ladder for your new warehouse.  

Safety and Security


With all the excitement of moving into a new space, it's easy to overlook the many important safety features your new warehouse needs. You and your employees are the ones that make everything work, so choosing warehouse equipment that caters to their needs should be high on your list of priorities.  

Anti-fatigue mats ensure that your workers feel comfortable all day long. When standing on their feet all day, your employees will appreciate having a thick layer of ribbed, sponge, or even electrical discharge protection beneath their feet.  

Lockers are another safety feature that offers security for storing your employees' belongings. Lockers also add an element of organization to your warehouse, ensuring you'll always have a place to put your things that won't get in the way of work.

---   The last thing you want is to forget some crucial part of your new warehouse. This guide should serve you well as the basis for some of your warehouse’s most essential equipment products. Order them now from A Plus Warehouse!      

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You Can’t Be Lazy With an Industrial Lazy Susan

September 10, 2015  |  Comments

Vestil Manual Carousels and Thin Spins

You probably saw your first lazy Susan in the kitchen, which made dishes easy to reach for everyone seated at the table. But for those of us who sell warehouse equipment, we’re much more familiar with the time-saving, efficient qualities of an industrial lazy Susan. These items are available now from A Plus Warehouse to help you move big pallets of product.

Use an Industrial Lazy Susan for Easy, Efficient Movement

While you could use our large lazy Susan products for serving appetizers, they’ll be much more effective in your industrial warehouse or packaging plant. That’s because an industrial lazy Susan, also called a pallet carousel or industrial turntable, is designed with ergonomic movement in mind. Watch the video on our industrial lazy Susan page. Do you see how easy it is for those warehouse workers to spin those big pallets around? Using only their hands, they can spin boxes of product a full 360 degrees with barely any effort at all. This is due to each heavy duty lazy Susan featuring an industrial-strength stainless steel ring. This ring floats on low-friction bearings for smooth turning in all directions. Stacking, spinning, and positioning is easy with heavy duty industrial turntables. All you have to do (besides moving it) is order the right size of lazy Susan. A Plus Warehouse has industrial lazy Susans for sale in 30, 36, 40, 48, 60, and 72-inch diameters. Each size comes in a variety of capacities, from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 6,000 pounds. That’s a lot of product you can move all by yourself, or a lot of Thanksgiving dinners if you’re still intent on using it at the dinner table.  

An Industrial Size Lazy Susan for All Your Warehouse Uses

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t be lazy with an industrial lazy Susan turntable. Even if you put out the barest amount of effort you’ll find yourself accomplishing a lot. The smooth movement of each rotation will have you moving your products right where you need them—all without causing you unnecessary effort. When you’re ready to use a lazy Susan for more than passing the veggies, we think you’ll find the industrial version a welcome addition to your industrial facility.

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Stainless Steel Drum and Hand Truck Combination Available at A Plus Warehouse

September 2, 2015  |  Comments

210352 in use

A Plus Warehouse is constantly adding new products to enhance customer satisfaction.  We have recently added a new product that makes us especially excited. This product is the Stainless Steel Drum and Hand Truck Combination. This product functions as two separate products: a drum and a hand truck.  This product is the best of both worlds! The hand truck function of this products makes it can roll items around on two wheels.  It is easier to move items from place to place with an A Plus Warehouse hand truck. The drum function of this product makes it easy for the transport of specifically drums. Drums have a specific shape so a truck is needed to tailor to this shape. The Stainless Steel Drum and Hand Truck Combination can transport both everyday items and drums. It is also easily transformable. Not only is it dual functioning, but it also is made with stainless steel. Stainless Steel is the ideal material for a long lasting, anti-rust, and attractive finish to a product.  Stainless Steel is popular in many food industries and manufacturing plants. We highly encourage customers to check out this product today. You will not be disappointed!

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We are living in a Material Handling World and I am a Material Handling Dude

August 26, 2015  |  Comments

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In the midst of an amazing summer vacation , I have come to realize that Madonna is correct when she said "We are living in a material handling world and I am a material handling girl".  Was that not what she said?monster ladder ballymore

The equipment A Plus Warehouse sells is everywhere! I took the family to see Kinky Boots [a Broadway play well worth seeing if you liked musicals the likes of La Cage au Folles or Birdcage] and what was highlighted throughout the play? A big rolling ladder and a mezzanine! They also had multi-shelf carts flying all about a warehouse and a nice roller bed conveyor.

While dancing on a powered conveyor makes for great entertainment, A Plus Warehouse equipment is NNNNNot theatrical equipment.  Dancing or other activities on conveyors we sell is strictly forbidden. They are awesome for moving boxes of supplies and equipment!

Look anywhere and you will see materials handling products -- when your company need to order them - A Plus Warehouse is always your right choice!

Enjoy the summer , and also enjoy our work bench video 

This one was a real bear to put together, so please view it and throw us a bone and order some work benches [models do not work for free].

Work Benches at

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Abby Lee Needs Our Storage Cabinets

August 12, 2015  |  Comments

If only Abby Lee, the star of Dance Moms, had storage cabinets, the competitions would be more organized. The dance company would never have to deal with Dance Mom Christi freaking out about a forgotten costume. Often times when a costume or prop is forgotten, Abby decides to pull the plug on the dance. Indeed, this makes Abby look unprepared and unprofessional. Does she want that reputation? No, she doesn’t. She can prevent it by buying shelving to stay organized.


As we all know, Maddie is considered the best. Her mom would never want her to do something that could injure her, and stop her from winning a competition.  Carrying a giant box filled with either props that will be used or merchandise being sold can injure the dancers. If only Abby Lee had a roller conveyor, she would easily be able to put everything she needs to bring in the car without letting the precious Maddie jeopardize her winning titles.Steel Cabinet BigBlue


A roller conveyor can also carry a load of shoes that are to be sold into a deliver truck. Why waste time carrying these heavy boxes when Abby can be training her dancers to win against the Candy Apples. No one wants the Candy Apples to win.


Maddie- Of course she would love having big industrial shelving because she has too many dance supplies to even use. She needs a place to put all her costumes, props, and shoes. Since Maddie wins everything, she tends to run out of trophy room. Luckily for her, she can just use the big industrial shelving.


Mackenzie- She would love the hand truck because it makes life easier. Imagine Mackenzie, a little girl, trying to move around dance supplies. Why not do things efficiently? Instead of taking more energy, and a longer time to move dance supplies, she can just simply use the handtruck.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if Abby were able to arrange all of this to happen? The Abby Lee Dance Company would be in much better shape overall.


As you can see, this post is all about Dance Moms and our equipment at A plus Warehouse. Watch Dance moms and also don’t forget…


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Now Offering Gas Powered Trailer Movers

July 30, 2015  |  Comments

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Have you ever needed to move a 12,000 pound loaded trailer in the yard and spent endless hours messing with forklift trailer mover ptm wpttrucks and lots of labor?

We have been there too ! A Plus Warehouse is pleased to announce that Vestil Manufacturing - one of the nation's premier manufacturer of quality materials handling equipment now produces a gas powered trailer mover

Just look at this beauty ! This machine is based on Vestil's gas powered construction site pallet truck . Customers that need the Gas powered pallet truck typically are the same people that have heavy work outside - and with some engineering , the materials handling elves at Vestil were able to put together a great new item.

A Plus Warehouse has been selling the entire Vestil line for over 20 years now - and that should only continue. A world class manufacturer like Vestil needs world class distribution - that is where A Plus Warehouse comes in.

Customers always get great service and an attention to detail that is sadly lacking in some corners of our industry.

One final product note - For a limited time , A Plus Warehouse has the machine on a FREE FREIGHT program! No additional transportation fee for dock to dock delivery!

Have a look at the professionally produced video to see the Gas Powered Trailer Mover in action.

As always feel free to call us at 800-209-8798

We are the right source - right now !!

Vestil PTM GPT 0310

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Wesco Long Fork Pallet Trucks Now Available

July 28, 2015  |  Comments

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Long Fork Pallet Trucks by Wesco

A Plus Warehouse is now selling the Wesco Long Fork Pallet Truck.272701

These pallet truck are excellent for over-sized pallets and shipping crates.  Have you ever tried moving a 96 inch pallet with a 48 inch pallet truck ? It is possible , but it involves more than one person - typically one person to handle the pallet truck and another to deploy a wheeled pry bar.  Here at A Plus Warehouse , we suggest the right tool for the right job!

Call our sales department at 800-209-8798 if you have any questions

Please check out the amazing video

Wesco Long Fork Pallet Truck

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What is Stainless Steel Used for?

July 27, 2015  |  Comments

You’ve no doubt seen “stainless steel” praised as a standout feature of many products. Everything from cookware to commercial stainless steel cabinets seem to have used it as a selling point. But why is stainless steel so popular? What is it used for? As it turns out, stainless steel has many uses. Many pieces of warehouse equipment become even more useful once they benefit from the added protection of stainless steel. If you work in a hospital, manufacturing plant, or some other industrial or commercial facility, stainless steel is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Add an Extra Level of Protection with Stainless Steel

Plenty of industrial products benefit from stainless steel. That’s because they are made with durability in mind. Stainless steel is, unsurprisingly, stainless, as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. Products made from this alloy are sought after in workspaces where sensitive items must be handled carefully or kept in peak condition. Considering all these qualities, stainless steel seems tailor-made for the food service industry. When handling food products such as produce, you need a clean surface. A stainless steel conveyor is perfect for this! Materials will roll along smoothly on a conveyor’s corrosion-free rollers, and if an unfortunate spill happens you can wash it down easily without fear of rusting.

Stainless Steel Gives You High Performance Products

Because of its anti-rust qualities, stainless steel offers increased functionality for any number of industrial products. When work efficiency depends on the quality and capability of its machinery, industrial facilities must invest in the very best to ensure the work goes smoothly. High lifts are essential to many warehouse environments by raising and lowering loads of all sizes. But some environments can cause lifts to rust, decreasing their effectiveness. Stainless steel high lifts provide great durability to this type of equipment, making rusting impossible while safely handling heavy loads.

Stainless Steel Helps Keep Up Appearances

There’s no denying the usefulness of stainless steel products. However, stainless steel also has cosmetic advantages. Stainless steel products look clean and clean up easily.

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals choose stainless steel to help give your facility a well-maintained appearance. Stainless steel cabinets are an industry-standard in this field. The added protection helps keep these spaces hygienic, but they also give off an appearance of cleanliness. Patients can feel put off by a rusted or corroded cabinet, but stainless steel means you won’t have to worry about that.

Now that you know what stainless steel can do, be sure to keep it in mind when ordering from A Plus Warehouse!

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