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Best Conveyors for Your Uses

May 18, 2017  |  Comments

”What Do Conveyors Do?” Part 1: A High-Level Overview of Conveyor Classifications

“What do conveyors do?” To those unfamiliar with the everyday workings of industrial facilities, all conveyors look the same. These individuals think all conveyors have the same function, too -- moving loads or items from one place to another. But this is a very surface-level understanding -- to answer the question “what do conveyors do?,” a more thorough look is required. Today we'll be looking at two kinds of conveyors: bucket conveyors and roller conveyors.

Bucket Conveyor

What are Bucket Conveyors?

Bucket conveyors specialize in moving dry, dusty materials such as aggregates and fertilizers. These conveyors are a staple for contracting jobs where clearing work sites quickly is critical, although they can be seen in agricultural, chemical, and the ceramic and glass industries, too.

What are bucket conveyors identified by? Unlike other conveyors, the conveyor belt is equipped with containers called “buckets,” which may carry loose materials vertically or at an incline away from a work site or to another location. When the buckets reach the end of the conveyor -- usually at the apex -- the buckets empty their contents and travel back down the conveyor to repeat the process. You can see how this can save you the effort of shoveling and moving materials yourself!

Curved Roller Conveyor

What are Roller Conveyors?

Roller conveyors are probably closer to what a layman would identify as a “conveyor.” They are ideal for side loading and unloading goods of all sizes and quantities. Manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses, and other industrial facilities use roller conveyors for their everyday operations. Even food service applications are common with stainless steel roller conveyors.

What are roller conveyors identified by? Roller conveyors use an electric belt or gravity to move items along sturdy metal tubes.These “rollers” can vary in diameter and are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. Roller conveyors are held together on frames that vary from medium duty to extremely heavy duty. There are even maximum capacity roller conveyors that can support capacities over fifteen thousand pounds.

Are There Other Kinds of Industrial Conveyors?

The simple answer to this is… yes! We have barely scratched the surface of the many different types of industrial conveyors available to you. All of them have different functions and fulfill different needs. Be sure to return to our blog to learn which conveyor system will work best for your industrial needs.

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5 New Locker Ideas for Your Employees

May 18, 2017  |  Comments

5 New locker Ideas for your employees

New Locker Ideas for Happier Employees

You think you've seen it all when it comes to employee lockers for sale. But think again -- there’s plenty of fertile ground in this field that's just ripe for innovation. Show your outside-the-box approach to employee storage with new locker ideas from A Plus Warehouse!

Four Tier Wood Lockers for Storage

Color-Coordinated Lockers

We know you're tired of looking at the same old dingy brown and gray lockers for your staff. Well, that's nothing a little color can’t fix! Coordinating your lockers to take on the colorful tones of your room can make them feel like a livelier part of the place, not just a necessary addition.

You can find lockers for sale in vibrant reds, blues, and other hues to bring out the personality and warmth of a room, and you'll enjoy top of the line security, too. Check out locker models by Valumaster, available in a range of colors. Or if you're going for a wooden aesthetic, choose designer wood lockers for a vibrant, natural look.

Keypad Lockers

Safety Lockers Without Keys

Rows upon rows of padlocked lockers -- what could be less inspiring? Well, now you can inject a little enthusiasm into your employees’ lives by offering an exciting locker option that's state of the art -- and even a little fun!

We're talking about keypad lockers by DigiTech. These high tech lockers for sale from A Plus Warehouse have programmable locks that the user inputs for complete custom security. Locks are battery-powered, so no need to remember where you kept your key. Just input the code and presto!

 Cell Phone Lockers

Laptop and Cell Phone Lockers

Technology and the workplace are becoming more entwined, and employees rely on their devices more than ever for work and communication. But when laptops, smartphones, and tablets aren't in use, employees want peace of mind that their devices are safe. 

Enter laptop lockers and cell phone lockers. These specialized lockers are perfectly suited to serve the twenty-first century workforce with sufficient space and multiple security options. Laptop lockers have the added advantage of providing electrical outlets to charge laptops while they are not in use. So convenient!

Of course, you don't have to provide lockers for employees that cater to such specific needs, but you'll find they'll appreciate the gesture!


Many more ideas for lockers are currently shaking up the workforce and offering employees interesting ways to store their belongings. Make sure to take advantage of these ideas to add your facility to the forefront of innovation.

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Crank Out Cantilever Racks Now Available

May 14, 2017  |  Comments

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Crank Out Cantilever Racks also known as Stow Away Cantilever rack is now available

 at A Plus Warehouse - complete vertical access - unlike with traditional Cantilever Racks - where there can be vertical access only to the less footprintr is required and the systems can be customized - and you see a great solution for cantilever style storage.  A Plus Warehouse is here to help

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Work Doesn't Have To Be A Pain - Ergonomic Office Furniture

April 24, 2017  |  Comments

ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Has work become, well, a pain? This doesn't have to be the case for you or your employees.  Just a few changes in the office and warehouse can make what once was a pain to deal with, a lot easier.

Why office furniture is important to both employees and employers

Using ergonomic furniture isn't just about making your workers comfy cozy. Avoiding muscular and overuse issues helps with retention and lowers health costs!  

Some ways that ergonomic furniture can help your employees -

1.            Maintain Neutral Posture

2.            Work in the Power/Comfort Zone

3.            Allow for Movement and Stretching

4.            Reduce Excessive Force

5.            Reduce Excessive Motions

6.            Minimize Contact Stress

7.            Reduce Excessive Vibration

8.            Provide Adequate Lighting


How ergonomic office furniture affects productivity

Ergonomic office furniture improves productivity by designing the workspace to allow for good posture and less physical exertion. Poor ergonomics can lead to fatigue and frustration, which can negatively affect the quality of work that an employee performs. It’s a logical line of thought that if employees aren’t experiencing discomfort and fatigue on a daily basis, they will perform better. not to mention the benefits of reducing turnover, decreasing absenteeism, improving morale and increasing employee involvement. Using ergonomic furniture in a workspace can also significantly reduce costs for employers by systematically reducing the overall risk of employee injury caused by uncomfortable workstations.

Why ergonomic office furniture/equipment is important to employers, aside from productivity

swivel zenergy at desk

Positive ergonomics can reduce costs for employers (prevent costly musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries, epicondylitis, trigger finger, muscle strains and low back injuries) which are some of the most frequently reported causes of lost/restricted work time. Not to mention the benefits of reducing turnover, decreasing absenteeism, improving morale and increasing employee involvement. Using ergonomic furniture in a workspace can significantly reduce costs for employers by systematically reducing the overall risk of employee injury caused by uncomfortable workstations.

ergonomic mobis seat in use


A Plus Warehouse stocks a variety of ergonomic designed office furniture. We offer chairs and desks, from leaning seats to adjustable tables and desks as well as anti-fatigue floor mats and operational equipment such as lift trucks, power stackers, and scissor lifts for safe lifting. 

Optimizing Office Space for Maximum Employee Happiness and Productivity

Turnkey Inplant Offices

Divide the office: Keep professional and personal spaces separate (work space vs. lounge space, kitchen, etc) to achieve balance between professional/private life, create two different environments in the same office to make employees more productive.  Use Implant Offices from A+ Warehouse: easily install implant offices in your warehouse/office without having to close for construction. Create comfortable leisure/mealtime spaces for employees.

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Happy Purim From A Plus Warehouse

March 10, 2017  |  Comments

Happy Purim

Purim is a festive holiday celebrating freedom and the power of good over evil.

The whole team at A Plus Warehouse wishes peace an happiness to all of our excellent employees, customers, vendors, and political leaders as well. Governance is at best very difficult and we all pray for a good outcome from our leaders actions - both locally and nationally.


Happy Purim

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What is the Difference Between Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel?

March 2, 2017  |  Comments

galvanized steel vs stainless steel

Galvanized Steel versus Stainless Steel

So you're in the market for steel equipment. And not just any steel -- you've heard all about these other, reportedly stronger, more durable kinds of steel. That's right, we're talking galvanized steel and stainless steel.

What is the difference between them? When would you choose one over the other? And which is right for your needs? We at A Plus Warehouse are here to answer these questions and shed some light on their differences, similarities, and general uses.

The Materials

Before we can make any sort of claim to how strong they are, first we have to know how these steels are made.

How is galvanized steel made?

When manufacturing galvanized steel, a sheet of regular carbon steel is coated with rust- and corrosion-resistant zinc.

How is stainless steel made?

Stainless steel is made by mixing molten steel with chromium, which protects from rust.

Their Uses

A wide range of industries use both galvanized and stainless steel equipment in their everyday work. Common uses for them include outside or wet environments, as their rust-resistant qualities provide you capable equipment you'll be able to use for years. Food service or agricultural applications commonly use either galvanized or stainless steel equipment.

We suggest that if you are going to be using the equipment outside that you would choose galvanized steel. 

Stainless steel is specially designed to work with food, pharmaceuticals, and in applications where there needs to be no static electricity, like computers. 

The Cost

All right, let's talk price -- how much does one type of steel cost compared to the other?

Because manufacturing stainless steel is a much more involved process, galvanized steel is generally the more affordable option. Remember, galvanizing a sheet of carbon steel only requires a zinc coat, while stainless steel must be made early on during the mixing stage.

Three Shelf Stainless Steel Mobile Stand

That said, you can find plenty of low-cost, high-durability stainless steel products, such as this three shelf stainless steel mobile stand.

The Bottom Line

And now the moment you've been waiting for… the question you've been dying to hear an answer to… Is galvanized steel stronger than stainless steel?

pre configured galvanized pallet rack

And the answer is… it depends! Although, yes, technically stainless steel is stronger because its rust-resistance is built into its make-up, galvanized steel can be plenty strong enough for most applications. For example, you can reliably store 20,000 to 27,000 pounds on this Galvanized Pallet Rack -- an impressive feat by anyone's standards!

Galvanized or Stainless Steel?

So which type of steel will you use? The sturdy yet affordable galvanized steel, or the uncompromising, near-flawless stainless steel? Now that you know all about them, reaching a decision should be a matter of research and knowing your needs.

Stainless Steel Bench With Galvanized Legs

If you can't decide, you can always compromise. You can find equipment that utilizes both types, such as this stainless steel workbench with galvanized legs. Truly the best of both worlds!

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Are You Using the Wrong Lockers?

February 6, 2017  |  Comments

Are you using the wrong work lockers

Could Your Workspace Benefit from Lockers?

Every workspace varies according to the type of work being done. This raises an important question: does every workspace need lockers of some sort? Because lockers are so widely used in a variety of workspaces, it’s natural to assume any locker would be a perfect fit for yours.

However, before you decide whether you need lockers or not, you may need to ask yourself some questions. We’ve listed a few of the most important ones here to ensure your workspace can get the most benefit from the right kinds of lockers.

“Do I need to protect belongings and/or private information?”

Protecting personal belongings is of paramount importance in any workspace. This is especially true in schools and colleges, which you may not think of as a traditional workplace. However, lockers are a staple of educational facilities around the world. Both iconic in appearance and unrivaled in function, lockers have provided safe, secure storage for students of all ages for generations.

smart phone lockers social sharing

School lockers come in many different types, from ventilated to box lockers that can meet a variety of security needs. As we move into the digital age, we may see students trading in their physical textbooks for tablets, laptops, and other electronic storage devices. This may lead to a decreased need for the traditional lockers of the past. Cell phone lockers can make capable replacements, as they provide secure storage for smartphones and tablets.

“Is my storage flexible enough for my needs?”

You can depend on lockers to provide you with ample storage space. However, if your storage needs change, will your chosen locker be up to the task? Lockers that provide multiple kinds of storage may be what you need.

The good news is you can find lockers with multiple storage capabilities. Combination uniform and shelf lockers could provide the flexibility you’re looking for, as they allow you to store work uniforms and personal belongings in a single locker.

“Is my equipment safe both during and after work hours?”

Although the people are the highest priority around the workspace, you can’t ignore the need for equipment storage. For manufacturing facilities, packaging plants, and other industrial workspaces, the equipment is necessary to getting the day’s work done. Storage for this equipment is a must-have.

Heavy duty lockers are the best suited for industrial equipment storage, as they are made from sturdy 12-14 GA steel and are all-welded for strength. Shelves within have wide openings that allow you to secure a range of items.

Get the Lockers You Need Today

If your workspace could benefit from lockers, now’s the time to add them to your workspace. Lockers can keep your items safe and secure when you need them. Choose the ones that fit your needs best!

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Which Ladder Works Best for the Space You Have?

January 18, 2017  |  Comments

ladder for your work space

Your Work Space Determines Your Ladder

No matter what kind of warehouse you have, a ladder is an essential piece of equipment. However, no two warehouses are set up in quite the same way. You’ll need to figure out the right kind of ladder your warehouse needs.

We at A Plus Warehouse have put together this handy guide to help you decide on a ladder that fits your space, adds work efficiency, and gets the most bang for your buck.

The Tall and Narrow Warehouse

Many warehouses store products or materials on tall racks. Racks can be on the tall side; to reach the top you’d need an equally tall ladder. For that, we recommend the Everest Extra Tall Rolling Ladder. The Everest is one of the tallest production ladders on the market, with a maximum of 16 steps at 160” high.

The Wide and Flat Warehouse

If your warehouse space is wide and flat, you’ll want a ladder that can easily navigate between your storage equipment. A ladder as tall as the Everest ladder won’t likely work here. A shorter ladder may work well here to avoid straining to get items out of your reach.

Oftentimes, a wide, flat warehouse space will need multiple ladders at multiple locations. Rolling ladders solve this by providing height and mobility, allowing you to move them where they’re needed most to get you ergonomic (and economic) value.

The Large Storeroom

A large warehouse is great for storage purposes, but the sheer amount of space to navigate can be problematic. Keeping track of the thousands of products it contains can be difficult as well, so wouldn’t it be great if you had a ladder that helped with both?

Stock picking ladders specialize in keeping the items you need to stock close at hand, saving you from having to constantly go to the storeroom. A 6-8 or 9-12 step ladder combines with either two or three 350-lb. shelves, offering you a convenient way to take your work with you.

The Right Ladder for You is at A Plus Warehouse

A ladder offers you a simple way to reach up high without having to strain yourself or use any complicated machinery. Although all ladders have a similar functionality—just set it up, and up you go!—the ways you can use one will be limited by the kind of warehouse you have.

But no matter what kind of warehouse you have, you can find an ideal ladder at A Plus Warehouse. Our selection is always stocked and ready to help you achieve better work efficiency.

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The Secret Solution(s) to Successful Warehouse Organization

January 9, 2017  |  Comments

The Secret to Warehouse Organization

What's the secret to getting orgazined?

With proper warehouse organization, you can accomplish so much. Without it, you can feel like you’re rolling a giant boulder up an even more giant hill. But you’ve got a job to do; you can’t be held up by trivialities like a disorganized warehouse. Especially not when the solution to this problem is easily solved. Getting work done around your warehouse doesn’t need to feel like an immovable boulder; all you need is better warehouse organization. Here are our secret tips for getting your warehouse organized.

The Problem: You don’t have the right kind of storage.

Eight Opening Uniform Exchange Locker

Uniform Exchange Locker


Let’s go back to our boulder analogy. Once you get the boulder up the hill, you need somewhere to put it. Except when you go to put it away you find all your storage is square- or rectangle-shaped, and the boulder is a circle. No matter how much you turn it, it’ll never fit in the storage you have. The Secret Solution: You need the right kind of storage. Does your warehouse have a variety of bin cabinet storage for small parts storage?  Does it have uniform exchange lockers for your employees? Do your hazardous materials have their own separate space, like flammable liquid cabinets?

tall flammable liquids cabinet

Flammable Liquids Cabinet

All of your equipment, tools, and materials need a dedicated space. Specific storage ensures they will be easy to find when you need them while keeping them out of the way of your other items.

The Problem: You don’t enough storage.

Jumbo Storage Cabinets

Jumbo Storage Cabinets

So you’ve brought your boulder to the top of the hill. And you’ve put it in the right-sized storage container. But what about the next boulder? All those boulders need to be put away too, or else you’ll just end up cluttering the place. The Secret Solution: Get more storage space than you think you need. Over time, it’s highly likely your warehouse will need more space than you previously anticipated. So the only logical course of action is to make sure you have enough space to support a surplus of materials, equipment, etc. After all, growth is good for a business. In the inevitable case that you end up running out of space in your usual storage spot, you’ll have plenty of backup storage to cover it, which will lead to better warehouse efficiency. You can partly solve this by going with larger storage items, such as jumbo cabinets.

Solving Warehouse Organization

You and your employees may be the most productive workers on the planet, but even that might not be enough to get all your work done. With warehouse organization being such a pervasive issue, it’s a problem that needs solving right now. Ask yourself the following questions: Does your warehouse have the right storage it needs to succeed? Does it have enough storage capacity to support a surplus or excess? Only by following these principles can you prepare your warehouse for the challenges ahead and then overcome them with ease.

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Show Snow Who's Boss With Snow Melting Mats

December 23, 2016  |  Comments

Snow to be shoveled or you can use a snow melting mat

Snow Melting Mats

During the winter season shoveling and salting snow can be time consuming and a pain. So what’s an easy alternative?

Snow melting mats.

Eliminate the need to shovel and salt snow, making your industrial, residential, or commercial area easily accessible without the hassle.

Snow Melting Mats - Use

Whether your heated snow melting mat is for your home or business they can be used to:

  • Create a walkway – By placing heated mats around foot or wheel traffic before it begins to snow, that area will stay snow-free while it’s snowing. This allows you to maneuver in and out of your work space or residence with ease.
  • Keep your loading dock or driveway clear – Place the ice and snow melting mats where you need your cars and trucks. Our industrial snow melting mats are covered in thick heavy duty rubber allowing you to create a space where you can park your car or unload a truck at any given time.

ice and snow melting outdoor mats

Snow Melting Mats - Placement

When placing your snow and ice melting mats take into consideration where snow may not reach. Over hanging roofs and awnings may provide extra space where mats don’t need to be placed giving you more floor space to use your mats. The industrial mats have 6-foot power cables that are water-tight and extra durable, protected with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Snow Melting Mats - Efficiency

Instead of shoveling or salting the snow away, these mats do it for you.

Shoveling snow is time consuming if there isn’t a snow blower to do it, and even then there is less work with heated mats.

Salting the snow can be easy but the mess that salting creates can be tracked into your home or business, expanding the mess. Also salting will eat away concrete over time, ruining your driveway, sidewalks, and any other areas.

The mats plug right into the wall and can be turned on or off with ease. The most efficient snow removal while being low cost to operate, cleaner areas, and they are also slip preventive.

What are you waiting for?

For warehouse areas there are always places outside the building that snow can impede on work being completed in a timely manner. Even office buildings that have a walkway leading to it can be a tough time in the snow. The snow melting mats melt snow at 2 inches an hour, by turning them on when it begins to snow you already prevent the first 2 inches of snow from affecting your walkways.

…or you could stick to shoveling.



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