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How to Choose a Power Stacker

May 18, 2016  |  Comments

guide to power stackers

Power Stacker Buying Guide

Have you been to our power stacker page lately? We have many power stacker products to help you move heavy loads around your warehouse. But which one is right for you? With so many to choose from, picking the right one can seem impossible.

Let A Plus Warehouse help you! Our guide will show you how to choose the best power stacker for your warehouse. It will go over important things like whether you should choose forks or a platform, or whether you want hand-powered or electric. By the end of the guide, you should know exactly what you need.

Power Stacker Capacity

The first thing you should look for is capacity. How much do you need your power stacker to lift? You have many power stackers with varying maximum capacities to choose from.

Think about what you plan on using it for. If your inventory is comprised of smaller products, a powered stacker with a maximum capacity of 500 lbs. can suit you just fine. However, you can find power stackers that can lift up to 2000 lbs., like this high capacity powered stacker, so you’re covered there too.

fixed stack 3

Power Stacker Height

The maximum height of your powered stacker to-be matters. How high do you need to raise your pallets? Are you stocking several levels of inventory or mostly working close to the ground? You can find power stackers that can reach heights as high as 127”.

Keep in mind that the max lifting height of your powered stacker will affect its capacity. Be sure to double-check how much it can handle while at its highest level and see if it matches up with your needs.

Forks or Platform?

What kinds of loads are you lifting? Are you working with pallets and skids, or some other kind of load? Forks are the standard that lift pallets and skids with ease, while a platform is useful for other loads like cartons. However, many forks are adjustable, so they can work with many different types of pallets and skids. You have a lot of options to explore here!

Hand-Powered or Electric Power Stacker?

This one is a matter of convenience. Electric power stackers are raised and lowered with a button, while the hand-powered one operates using a hand pump. If you expect to use your power stacker all the time, consider getting an electric one so you don’t tire out your arms.

Of course, you could always get the best of both worlds with the combination hand pump and electric stacker. This hybrid power stacker works great for maintenance and commercial applications and is an economical choice for both your wallet and your body.

Find the Perfect Power Stacker at A Plus Warehouse

Now that you know what to look for, finding the right power stacker should be easy. Just find the features you need according to capacity, height, forks or platform, and hand-powered or electric, and choose one from A Plus Warehouse. We’ll get you a great price for it and will ship it to you quick!

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You need the Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine Today

May 13, 2016  |  Comments

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Robotic Stretch Wrap Machine

A Plus Warehouse constantly adds new products to its website.  The people at A Plus Warehouse care very much about customer satisfaction.  We are proud to give customers more options day in and day out. By doing this, we know our customers will find items perfect for their needs. We are particularly excited about our brand new Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine.stretch wrapper handleit

            So, what is so special about the Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine anyway? For starters, A Plus Warehouse is offering this item with FREE FREIGHT. This is quite the deal for such a great product! The product can wrap most any pallet. On top of this, the Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine wraps pallets all by itself! All you need to do is press a button and it is off! The machine goes faster than the wind with a speed of 250 Feet per Minute. While the machine is wrapping pallets, it give you room to work on another project. This saves you both time and money!

Call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798 to order your own Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine! Remember to check out the video below of the Robotic Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine in action.

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3 Industries That Need an Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler

May 10, 2016  |  Comments

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler blog post

The electric hydraulic dock leveler is great for many industries. It makes moving loads from dock to truck a simple, safe affair. Depending on what you do, an electric hydraulic dock leveler can make the loading and unloading process easier and more efficient than ever.

Here are some heavy duty industries who could benefit from an electric hydraulic dock leveler.

1. Shipping/Receiving

Shipping and receiving plants move thousands of products a week. Because they receive a lot of traffic, these facilities need equipment that will always operate at peak efficiency, otherwise things will fall behind. An electric hydraulic dock leveler ensures everything gets where it needs to go by fitting right to the dock.

The dock leveler is single operator and works at the press of a button. The lip raises to meet the loading truck and gets out of the way just as fast. This makes for an efficient loading dock at all times.

electric hydraulic Dock Leveler

2. Manufacturing Facilities

A manufacturing facility produces tons of products that are packaged and sent to customers. But to be profitable, you need to ship them quickly. Your facility needs the flexibility and capability to get customers’ orders where they need to go.

Luckily for you, the electric hydraulic dock leveler comes in 6’ and 7’ widths. That’s more than enough space for a power stacker carrying several pallets. And you’ll have room to spare! Then, your shipments will go through without a hitch, and it’s all thanks in large part to the dock leveler.

3. Seaside Storage

For as strong as an electric hydraulic dock leveler is, it simply can’t hold a fully loaded shipping container (you’d need a container crane for that). However, it works great for the loads going into the container. With a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs., you can fill as many containers as needed before they head out to sea.

Unlike other facilities, which move loads several times before reaching their final destinations, shipping containers do not need constant loading and unloading. The loading has to be done right the first time, and a dock leveler helps with this.

Use an Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler in Any Industry

More industries can benefit from this product than just the ones mentioned here. The dock leveler also has a ton of options available. So don’t worry about a one-size-fits-all approach to your dock—we understand you may need specialized equipment.

If you need a convenient, single-operator use, electric hydraulic dock leveler with a 20,000 capacity, you’ll find it right here. No loading dock is complete without one!

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5 Reasons you Must Have an Aluminum Access Ladder

May 10, 2016  |  Comments


Aluminum Access Ladder

You Need an Aluminum Access Ladder Now! You may ask, “Why do I need an Aluminum Access Ladder?” Well, Let me Tell You!  Here are the 5 Reasons you need an Aluminum Access Ladder Today!


#1-Safety- At A Plus Warehouse your safety is our first priority. That is why this ladder is slip resistant. If you need access to the roof of a building, an Access Ladder is by far the safest. In fact, the Access Ladder is designed just for this purpose!

#2-The Aluminum Factor- What makes an Aluminum Access Ladder different from a standard Steel Access Ladder?  Aluminum in noncorrosive! No Need to worry about corrosion with this Ladder! It can most definitely withstand the elements.

#3-The Looks- Do I need to say anymore? This ladder is gorgeous!

aluminum access ladder with cage walk through style

#4- Easy-Everybody wants something that is quick and easy, right?! Look no further than the Aluminum Access Ladder! The Ladder ships fully assembled and ready to install.

#5-Includes a Cage- Who doesn’t want a ladder with a cage? Our Aluminum Access Ladders range from 10-30 feet. The ladder cage adds additional safety!


Order your Aluminum Access Ladder today from 


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Save the Day with the Lifting Power of a Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom

May 4, 2016  |  Comments


Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom Review

Are you a one-man lifting army? When your coworkers struggle with the latest package from UPS, do they turn to you for help?

If so, you would love the hydraulic drum carrier boom. This empowering piece of equipment lets you lift hundreds of pounds that would otherwise be impossible to move. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself!

Read on to find out more about your new best friend and lifting partner, the hydraulic drum carrier boom.

What Makes the Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom So Super?

Like other jib cranes, the hydraulic drum carrier boom lifts loads far beyond the capacity of a normal human being. You can really channel your inner superhero with one of these. You can single-handedly lift, transport, and dispense up to 800 pounds thanks to this convenient carrier.

That’s right, the hydraulic drum carrier boom is a single operator machine. Just secure the drum via a safety saddle and lift it with the hydraulic foot pump. You can then roll your heavy load using 4” rear swivel casters and 8” rigid wheels for stability.

This product uses hand crank or chain rotation to tilt and rotate the drum. This is great for positioning drums right where you need them. Generally, fully loaded drums are heavy and unwieldy. They can’t be easily moved without help, and this hydraulic boom was invented to solve this very problem. Even superheroes like you need a little help now and then. This crane gives you that help, and you can still operate it all by yourself.

Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom


Choose the Right Version for Your Needs

You have your choice of four available lift heights with the hydraulic drum carrier boom. It comes in 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96” maximum heights. Remember—the maximum capacity for this product is 800 lbs., so be sure not to overextend beyond the maximum height and capacity. You know how everyone says to lift with your legs, not your back? Safe lifting applies here too.

The hydraulic drum carrier boom is available as either an AC or DC powered version. Or, if you want to feel rally macho, you should order the hand crank version. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to lift heavy drums with ease.

Are you ready to move heavy drums safely and with perfect efficiency? Order the hydraulic drum carrier boom today!

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5 Ways the “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Offers Quite A Lot

April 27, 2016  |  Comments


A Bit Of Everything Cabinet

You’re familiar with the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none,” right? It refers to something that has more than one function, but doesn’t excel at any of them. Each function is adequate. Well, the A Bit of Everything Cabinet is the exception to this phrase. This cabinet is GREAT at what it does!

But what does it do exactly?

The A Bit of Everything Cabinet, which is a type of 5S lean cabinet, follows a strict methodology. It Sorts, Sets in order, Shines, Standardizes, and Sustains to the highest degree of quality. We’ve explained what that means here and why this cabinet is a great choice for your industrial workplace.

"Sort" Your Tools and Hardware

At its most basic level, a storage cabinet needs to store items. You’ll be happy to know the A Bit of Everything Cabinet has 72 bins, 4 drawers, 2 cabinet shelves, and 12 door shelves. If that isn’t enough for you, you can order additional cabinet and door shelves to build your ideal storage station.

"Set in Order" Your Workplace

The fourth principle of the 5S methodology, “Set in order,” is more important than it seems. Tightening up the organization around the workplace can increase everyone’s efficiency. This 5S lean cabinet offers the storage capability of three different products in one. There’s no question where a certain tool or bit will be when you’re using the A Bit of Everything Cabinet. Everything will be right where you need it.

a bit of everything cabinet

"Shine” On You Crazy Cabinet

To “shine” means to keep a workplace clean. With its superior organization, this 5S lean cabinet passes this requirement with flying colors. Speaking of colors, you can order bins in yellow, red, or blue to make your workplace shine.

Maintain the Highest “Standard” of Storage

Believe it or not, storage has a standard. Every storage feature, be it cabinet, shelf, or bin, must meet the demands of your workplace. The A Bit of Everything Cabinet features all three, so you can bet it can meet your standards!

This Cabinet Does Not Lack Self Discipline

We admit it’s kind of weird to think of a cabinet as having “self-discipline.” All that means is you can rely on it to work when you need it to. After all, this 5S lean cabinet features a 14GA steel design and a 700# shelf capacity. So don’t worry about self-discipline; this cabinet has plenty.

The “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Does It All

Modern industrial workplaces need a lot of storage. Bins, drawers, and shelves offer a good amount, but oftentimes it’s hard to find a single storage product that meets all these needs.

That’s where the A Bit of Everything Cabinet excels. It contains all those other types of storage in a single cabinet. Get one today for your workplace and see why it can be the only cabinet you need!

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What Can You Do With a Standard Electronic Work Bench?

April 22, 2016  |  Comments

standard electronic workbench review blog

Standard Electronic Workbench Review

Perhaps a better question is “what can’t you do with a standard electronic work bench?” Anyway, the point is this work bench is a real workhorse. It has tons of features that can make it the ideal place of work for anyone in the electronic or mechanical industries. We’re going to take a good, long look at this work bench and show you just what you can do with one.

Assemble Products

The standard electronic work bench has two types of work benches to choose from: a basic bench and an ESD bench. The ESD bench, or electrostatic discharge bench, is more suited for you if you work on delicate electronics, while the basic bench works just fine as a standard work bench. In fact, you can work on some pretty heavy duty items on this work bench, as the top support beams can hold up to a whopping 1000 lbs.

standard electronic workbench image

Additionally, the standard electronic work bench has an electrical channel and riser electrical panel, so it’s easy to plug in power tools or other electronic tools.

Store Important Items

Have you ever experienced a time where you’re hard at work and you realize you don’t have the exact tool you need? Rather than heading all the way over to tool storage to find the right part, you can just store it in your standard electronic work bench. This will save you time and headaches, and will allow you to keep up the good work momentum.

All this is possible thanks to the shelves, cabinets, and drawers you can add to your work bench. You can store tools, important documents, even electronic parts with the ESD shelves, keeping them nearby at your workstation.

Work in Comfort

Comfort is an important yet often-overlooked aspect of working that the standard electronic work bench is well-equipped to solve. You can get one with a foot rest tube or an ESD footrest pan to rest those poor, tired toes of yours. Consider pairing your work bench with an anti-fatigue mat for even more comfort and efficiency.

Customize Your Standard Electronic Work Bench to Your Liking

All these features we’ve talked about are actually optional. You don’t need to order anything other than the work bench if all you need is to get some good solid work done. But take it from us—these optional features can make your day at work a heck of a lot more comfortable and convenient. We urge you to order one today!

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Why the Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Cart is the Only Cart You’ll Need

April 12, 2016  |  Comments

Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts blog

Kingcab Heavy Duty Mobile Cart

The Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart by Strong Hold sounds like quite a mouthful, but it couldn’t be simpler. This mobile cart is among the best items for your maintenance needs. Managing many different carts to haul around all your essential tools works for some people, but if you want a simpler, all-inclusive solution, boy, have we got a product for you!

Allow us to tell you why this Kingcab mobile cart is the only kind of cart you’ll need.

Stainless Steel Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts

It’s strong enough for heavy, daily use

Heavy duty work requires heavy duty equipment. Whether that’s working on cars or heavy machinery all day long, you need a mobile cart that can stand up to a lot of punishment.

This Kingcab maintenance cart is built from top grade 12 GA steel. It has a 2000 lb. total capacity and a giant 48” width, ensuring you can take all your essential tools on the go. It sits on four sturdy casters and features two doors for safety and security. Each drawer boasts a 225 lb. capacity—perfect for heavy duty industrial applications.

It has just about every feature you need.

We could talk all day about the strength of the Kingcab mobile cart, but that means little without features to support it. Thankfully, this cart has plenty:

Six pull-out drawers. The Kingcab heavy duty cart has your small parts storage covered. Six drawers can hold bits or even small tools, saving you the trouble of having to go back and forth between the job and the tool shed. The cart comes with one 6” high drawer while the other five are 5” high.

One adjustable shelf. For bigger jobs, you’ll love having two shelves. Drills and other large tools will easily fit inside a single cart. You can also adjust the shelves as needed, giving you the maximum amount of room you need, when you need it.

A workbench. The top surface of a Kingcab maintenance cart actually acts a sturdy workbench. This is great when you need a mobile surface to work with, or even just a flat surface to set your tools down for a moment.

Order Your Kingcab Mobile Cart Today

Strong Hold is known for making some exceptionally sturdy products. But the Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart may just take the cake. If you’ve been looking for a sturdy all-purpose cart to help you work more effectively and efficiently, we invite you to give this one a try.

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Economizer Bin Shelving Systems | The Next Big Deal in Plastic Shelving

April 11, 2016  |  Comments

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Shelving With Stacking Shelf Bins

We now stock Shelving with Economizer bins. Economizer bins are very interesting. They are a combination of tall shelf bins and stacking bins.  Traditional shelf bins typically are no wider than 6 inches - but the economizers are as wide as 12 inches! We call them 'econo' as they cost less than Ultra Stack Bins.

The Sales People at A Plus Warehouse are here to help - give us a call at 800-209-8798 is you need help.shelving with stackable shelf bins


These bin shelving units are free freight items.

Order Now!!



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How to Save Space (and Dollars) with an Economy Stacking Bin Setup

April 8, 2016  |  Comments



Economy Stacking Bin Setup For Work

Everyone wants an easier way to stay organized, and an economy stacking bin setup is the way to do it. From mechanic shops to manufacturing plants, economy stacking bins can help organize even the most chaotic workplaces.

Ordering economy stacking bin products ship free from A Plus Warehouse when you order over three cases, and they come in some excellent color choices. But the bins themselves won’t offer you the order you seek. You have to know the most ideal way to set them up, a way that will save you space and money at the same time. Here are our suggestions.

economy stacking bins in variety of colors

Stack and Save

The best feature about economy stacking bins is right in their name—they stack. They are designed to hook on louvered panels to create rows of small parts storage. These are perfect for saving space, and they’re kept at a low price point to make sure you can buy as many bins as you need.

Move as Needed

Maybe your needs for plastic bins goes beyond just saving a little space. Maybe saving space means being able to move your bins at will. Well, you’re in luck—economy stacking bins are also available with casters.

Three sizes of stacking bins are available with casters, so you can move them more efficiently. This makes a lot of sense, since larger bins tend to be difficult to move without help.

Divide and Conquer

You can order economy stacking bins with dividers, so you can organize down to the very last bit. What good is a bin full of screws or bolts if all different sizes are thrown in there together? Dividers are available for every size bin we offer, offering efficient small parts storage for you.

More Room with a View

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what do they say about the windows that come with stackable bins? Well, nothing that profound, but windows are extremely useful. With windows added to your bins, you can save time by knowing exactly what’s inside your bins without actually having to pull them out. Now that’s smart thinking!

Why Choose Economy Stacking Bins Over Other Bins

How does the economy stacking bin “stack up” to the competition? Well, with so many features to choose from you can definitely save a bundle. And not just money—but space and time too!

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. Now that you know how to best set up your economy stacking bins, we hope you’ll take advantage of the FREE FREIGHT available from A Plus Warehouse to get the bins you need!

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