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Now Offering Gas Powered Trailer Movers

July 30, 2015  |  Comments

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Have you ever needed to move a 12,000 pound loaded trailer in the yard and spent endless hours messing with forklift trailer mover ptm wpttrucks and lots of labor?

We have been there too ! A Plus Warehouse is pleased to announce that Vestil Manufacturing - one of the nation's premier manufacturer of quality materials handling equipment now produces a gas powered trailer mover

Just look at this beauty ! This machine is based on Vestil's gas powered construction site pallet truck . Customers that need the Gas powered pallet truck typically are the same people that have heavy work outside - and with some engineering , the materials handling elves at Vestil were able to put together a great new item.

A Plus Warehouse has been selling the entire Vestil line for over 20 years now - and that should only continue. A world class manufacturer like Vestil needs world class distribution - that is where A Plus Warehouse comes in.

Customers always get great service and an attention to detail that is sadly lacking in some corners of our industry.

One final product note - For a limited time , A Plus Warehouse has the machine on a FREE FREIGHT program! No additional transportation fee for dock to dock delivery!

Have a look at the professionally produced video to see the Gas Powered Trailer Mover in action.

As always feel free to call us at 800-209-8798

We are the right source - right now !!

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Wesco Long Fork Pallet Trucks Now Available

July 28, 2015  |  Comments

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Long Fork Pallet Trucks by Wesco

A Plus Warehouse is now selling the Wesco Long Fork Pallet Truck.272701

These pallet truck are excellent for over-sized pallets and shipping crates.  Have you ever tried moving a 96 inch pallet with a 48 inch pallet truck ? It is possible , but it involves more than one person - typically one person to handle the pallet truck and another to deploy a wheeled pry bar.  Here at A Plus Warehouse , we suggest the right tool for the right job!

Call our sales department at 800-209-8798 if you have any questions

Please check out the amazing video

Wesco Long Fork Pallet Truck

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What is Stainless Steel Used for?

July 27, 2015  |  Comments

You’ve no doubt seen “stainless steel” praised as a standout feature of many products. Everything from cookware to commercial stainless steel cabinets seem to have used it as a selling point. But why is stainless steel so popular? What is it used for? As it turns out, stainless steel has many uses. Many pieces of warehouse equipment become even more useful once they benefit from the added protection of stainless steel. If you work in a hospital, manufacturing plant, or some other industrial or commercial facility, stainless steel is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Add an Extra Level of Protection with Stainless Steel

Plenty of industrial products benefit from stainless steel. That’s because they are made with durability in mind. Stainless steel is, unsurprisingly, stainless, as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. Products made from this alloy are sought after in workspaces where sensitive items must be handled carefully or kept in peak condition. Considering all these qualities, stainless steel seems tailor-made for the food service industry. When handling food products such as produce, you need a clean surface. A stainless steel conveyor is perfect for this! Materials will roll along smoothly on a conveyor’s corrosion-free rollers, and if an unfortunate spill happens you can wash it down easily without fear of rusting.

Stainless Steel Gives You High Performance Products

Because of its anti-rust qualities, stainless steel offers increased functionality for any number of industrial products. When work efficiency depends on the quality and capability of its machinery, industrial facilities must invest in the very best to ensure the work goes smoothly. High lifts are essential to many warehouse environments by raising and lowering loads of all sizes. But some environments can cause lifts to rust, decreasing their effectiveness. Stainless steel high lifts provide great durability to this type of equipment, making rusting impossible while safely handling heavy loads.

Stainless Steel Helps Keep Up Appearances

There’s no denying the usefulness of stainless steel products. However, stainless steel also has cosmetic advantages. Stainless steel products look clean and clean up easily.

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals choose stainless steel to help give your facility a well-maintained appearance. Stainless steel cabinets are an industry-standard in this field. The added protection helps keep these spaces hygienic, but they also give off an appearance of cleanliness. Patients can feel put off by a rusted or corroded cabinet, but stainless steel means you won’t have to worry about that.

Now that you know what stainless steel can do, be sure to keep it in mind when ordering from A Plus Warehouse!

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Now selling Aluminum Roller Conveyors

July 27, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is always adding new items to satisfy customer needs. We have been selling steel roller conveyors and Stianless as well - but many customers Medium Duty Conveyorneed the sanitation of stainless without the cost. We are proud to introduce the Aluminum Roller Conveyor

These conveyors are medium duty and can be ordered with quite close roller centers. These roller conveyors can be used in a variety of industries where corrosion is problematic.

Our sales people stand ready to help with any roller conveyor question.

Give us a call at 800-209-8798

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Anti Fatigue Mats At A Plus Warehouse

July 8, 2015  |  Comments

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Anti Fatigue Mats

A Plus Warehouseis selling anti fatigue mats in many different styles now. The styles can range from plain colors to a marble pattern. There would be many injuries within companies due to the lack of an anti- fatigue mat. 2490Now with the mat you can ensure that no workers will get injured on the job. When that happens there is usually a fine you must pay. Having this mat prevents you from getting this fine. Also, this matt is much more comfortable than a slab of concrete. If a worker is uncomfortable with the conditions than they wont be completely focused on their job. They will be focused on their own discomfort. 

These mats can be put wherever there is a worker. If a worker has been standing for a long period of time, then it is best for them to have the mat. A cashier would benefit greatly from a mat like this. Also, worker working at a production line or conveyor would find this mat rather useful.

Our mats have a bright outlined border, which shows someone where the soft ground ends, and hard one begins. Stepping on soft ground is very different than stepping on hard ground. This lowers the injury rates of someone stepping on a piece of machinery without noticing.

Any organization that buys from us will be very pleased with our mat. You will notice that the workers will become more efficient, and stronger. After a while, standing on a hard floor can tire you out and make you weaker.

Here at , we think about your workers and we want the best for them, so by buying this matt, you can ensure their safety. 

Apluswhs is happy to sell  you this wonderful product, along with all the other products on your page and we hope you glace through them along with this one.

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Steel Appliance Dollie | With Popout Wheels In Stock

July 3, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is now selling the Wesco Steel Vending Machine Truck with popout wheels. The hand truck has a belt which can be easily tightened to hold an object in place so it does not fall off. The extra set of wheels on the appliance truck may be more pricey; however, it ensures safety for the workers. The price of this deluxe machine is much less than the price of a worker being hurt due to a regular machine truck. Also, this product makes moving object more easy and efficient. Along with the extra set of wheels, the truck wheels can lock. this is useful because then you can be certain the object on the machine will shift. 

For those customers with a bigger budget A Plus Warehouse also sells a computer controlled power stair climbing appliance truck.
vending machine truck

Check out the amazing video of our steel vending machine truck in use.

The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is ready to help with your requirements. Feel free to comment on this and any other post, and please share our content. 

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LiftKar Video

July 1, 2015  |  Comments

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Enjoy the Video and Learn about the LiftKar Powered Stairclimbing Handtruck.

Introducing the new LiftKar HD battery powered stair climbing truck with advanced safety features available exclusively from Wesco. There are two LiftKar HD models with 725 pound capacity and a wide variety of options. Standard manual delivery typically requires two or three people to transport a heavy load upstairs. The result can be damaged products or worker injury. But with the LiftKar HD loads of up to 725 pounds can be moved by one person, making it possible to move bulky loads with greatly reduced effort. The load is secured with a safety strap that can be attached anywhere along the length of the frame. The effective use of the LiftKar HD will save time and money and reduce the chance of worker injury. No other climbing mechanism does the heavy lifting while the operator guides the truck. This individual is certainly not a professional delivery person yet she is able to quickly move the cargo up the stairs. The LiftKar HD is powered by a rechargeable battery that quickly and easily snaps into place. Sphere battery packs can be purchased to extend the operating time. Each battery pack is equipped with a safety switch. The LiftKar HD is activated by pushing a button and a green LED indicates that its ready to use. The speed switch can be set for a higher or lower speed and this switch controls the direction. An identical switch on the other side performs the same function thus allowing optimal handling according to the situation or user preference. With the LiftKar foam model the optimal gripping position can be set easily just by releasing a lever. The infinitely adjusting handle makes it easy to find the center of gravity of the load while the operator remains in the most ergonomic position. The handle also folds down for more compact storage and transport. The LiftKar HD series is the ideal solution for transporting loads on all types of stairs up to 8.25 inches in height and notice how the handle on this fold model is adjusted for the most comfortable operator position. Fold is ideal for short and heavy loads that require the truck to be tilted to a steep angle to be properly balanced and notice how easily the load is moved with the optional caster equipped step on toe plate. As soon as the LiftKar HD is switched on fully automatic breaks are activated. The breaks sense the edge of the steps and stop the wheels to prevent further rolling. This makes transport safer by minimizing the chance of accidently rolling off a step or losing control of the load. The optional snap on toe plate can be attached in seconds. It is equipped with four swivel casters which can allow especially heavy loads to be easily steered and transport in an upright position without having to tip the truck back thus reducing operator strain and fatigue. This is especially helpful in confined spaces such as the stairwell. The LiftKar HD has two Micro Cellular tires so you never have to worry about a flat. Both the tires and the stairway sensors are designed to leave no tracks on the floor or stairs or other sensitive surfaces. No matter which model you choose the LiftKar HD will save money and time and take the load off your delivery personnel.  Find out more by calling Wesco or by downloading our literature from our website at

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Electro Kinetic Technologies

June 30, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse has recently welcomed a new vendor to our already long list of vendors. This vendor looks promising to the A Plus Warehouse community. We have recently added four products from tuggerthis vendor and hope to expand their line with our company in the future.  Electro Kinetic Technologies is A Plus Warehouse’s newest vendor! Each of their products is made in America.  They pride themselves on invented innovative and ergonomically focused solutions for material handling needs. All products customers order from A Plus Warehouse are guaranteed to be high quality. Our Electro Kinetic Technologies line is not an exception to this rule.  Some of these new high quality products are our tugger, platform cart, cylinder cart, and stock cart.  We are confident customers will like these new items. Our Pony Express Tugger is one of the new items from Electro Kinetic Technologies that we have available. This item has an amazing 5,000 pound capacity and is used to literally tug equipment around your warehouse. The appliance accommodates a large variety of standard and custom hitches.  It runs with Rechargeable AGM batteries and has a handle that adjusts for different heights. Another one of our new products is the Pony Express Cylinder Cart. This cart can be used for transporting items through labs or hospitals. The item features a solid steel welded rack mounted on the platform deck. Just as the previous item, this product also uses AGM rechargeable batteries. This product guarantees quiet transport without any bothersome scratching and chipping sounds. Our Pony Express Platform Cart is for customers wanting a motorized platform cart. This product is shipped fully assembled. This makes it so the customer is worry free. This product also has forward and reverse control from 0 to 3 miles per hour in fast mode and 0 to 1.5 miles per hour in slow mode. Finally, we have our last of the four products. This product is called the Pony Express Stock Cart. This product features wire chrome shelving unit and 3 adjustable wire shelves. This is a great product and we recommend it to our customers. In fact, we recommend all of these wonderful new products to our customers. Order Now.

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Roller Conveyors | Learn All About Them

June 3, 2015  |  Comments

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Roller ConveyorsAccordion Conveyor Video

                A Plus Warehouse is pleased to offer customers a large amount of variety in their products.  We are especially proud of our Roller Conveyor line. These products can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of customer needs. They are essential for most warehouse facilities. When ordering from A Plus Warehouse, customers know that they will always being getting high quality products at a fair price. All of our products are made by well-known and trusted manufacturers such as Roach Conveyor and Roll-A-Way.


Mini Roller Conveyor

A Plus Warehouse offers many interesting Roller Conveyors. One of these products is the

Mini Roller Conveyor. It is the perfect light duty roller conveyor. This Product is a company favorite. It has a roller diameter of .75 inches, which is the smallest standard roller diameter in the country. Optional Conveyor stands are also available with this product. The conveyor itself is available in Aluminum or Steel.     

Medium Duty Roller Conveyor 

If a customer is looking for a conveyor with a bit more capacity, than the


Medium Duty Roller Conveyor is a good choice. This Conveyor has a 250 # capacity per roller and a 3200 # capacity on the 5 ft support center.


Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors

Some customers need an even more heavy duty conveyor. These customers do not need to worry because A Plus Warehouse also offers heavy duty conveyors. Our

Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors is equipped with 3 ½” rollers and 1100 pound capacity per roller. The frame itself has a 18000 # Capacity for a 10 foot section floor mounted. The product is also available with 1200 # and 6000 # capacity conveyor stands. This Conveyor is monstrous and customers love it!

                Order your light, medium, and heavy duty roller conveyors from A Plus Warehouse today. You will not be disappointed.


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Durham Safety Cabinets Now Available

May 30, 2015  |  Comments

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Durham Safety Cabinets

Durham Safety Cabinets are now being offered at A Plus Warehouse. Durham manufactures cabinets in USA from 16 Gauge Steel.  Many other manufacturers are satisfied producing lower capacity 18 durham flammable safety cabinetsGauge product. This is not the case with our friends at Durham Manufacturing.  Headquartered in Durham , CT - the company is so awesome , the city named itself after the company.

On the right you will see the whole family of these fine safety cabinets.  As of May 2015 - Durham is the ONLY company that makes a 4 gallon safety cabinet that is FM approved.  Customers needing a small cabinets do not have to sacrifice FM compliance anymore! Thanks , Durham!

Safety cabinets are provided with self closing or manual doors.  A self closing door can extinguish a fire that workers are not even aware of. The extra $50 can save a building or perhaps even a life. Now that is an investment!

Call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798 . We are your Durham MFG experts.

Feel free to be social and share this post to anyone anywhere.

A Plus Warehouse - Your Right Source Right Now



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