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3 Industries That Need an Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler

May 10, 2016  |  Comments

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler blog post

The electric hydraulic dock leveler is great for many industries. It makes moving loads from dock to truck a simple, safe affair. Depending on what you do, an electric hydraulic dock leveler can make the loading and unloading process easier and more efficient than ever.

Here are some heavy duty industries who could benefit from an electric hydraulic dock leveler.

1. Shipping/Receiving

Shipping and receiving plants move thousands of products a week. Because they receive a lot of traffic, these facilities need equipment that will always operate at peak efficiency, otherwise things will fall behind. An electric hydraulic dock leveler ensures everything gets where it needs to go by fitting right to the dock.

The dock leveler is single operator and works at the press of a button. The lip raises to meet the loading truck and gets out of the way just as fast. This makes for an efficient loading dock at all times.

electric hydraulic Dock Leveler

2. Manufacturing Facilities

A manufacturing facility produces tons of products that are packaged and sent to customers. But to be profitable, you need to ship them quickly. Your facility needs the flexibility and capability to get customers’ orders where they need to go.

Luckily for you, the electric hydraulic dock leveler comes in 6’ and 7’ widths. That’s more than enough space for a power stacker carrying several pallets. And you’ll have room to spare! Then, your shipments will go through without a hitch, and it’s all thanks in large part to the dock leveler.

3. Seaside Storage

For as strong as an electric hydraulic dock leveler is, it simply can’t hold a fully loaded shipping container (you’d need a container crane for that). However, it works great for the loads going into the container. With a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs., you can fill as many containers as needed before they head out to sea.

Unlike other facilities, which move loads several times before reaching their final destinations, shipping containers do not need constant loading and unloading. The loading has to be done right the first time, and a dock leveler helps with this.

Use an Electric Hydraulic Dock Leveler in Any Industry

More industries can benefit from this product than just the ones mentioned here. The dock leveler also has a ton of options available. So don’t worry about a one-size-fits-all approach to your dock—we understand you may need specialized equipment.

If you need a convenient, single-operator use, electric hydraulic dock leveler with a 20,000 capacity, you’ll find it right here. No loading dock is complete without one!

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