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5 Reasons Why You Need Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

December 2, 2015  |  Comments

Uses for Stackbin Hopper Metal Bins

Need a reason to check out the new Stackbin hopper metal bins from A Plus Warehouse? We’ll give you five. These metal storage bins are an industry standard. They’re everything you could possibly want out of strong, secure storage. Here’s why.

 genuine stackbin

1. Each bin holds a huge amount weight.

When it comes to storage, capacity is everything. How else can you store all your important equipment and materials? Stackbin hopper metal bins are made of rugged 18 GA steel and are spot-welded for durability. These bins are made to last and can hold anything you can fit inside. Yes, that includes your cutting die, machine parts, and heavy duty nuts and bolts.

2. They can stack to save you space.

We’re all looking to make the most of our space. That’s why Stackbin hopper metal bins are so great. Each bin stacks on top of each other to create a sturdy wall of storage. Using vertical rows of bins rather than horizontal rows leaves you with more floor space. All the better to get work done, right?

3. They’ll look great in your facility.

Think looks don’t matter much in your industrial facility? Maybe a clean appearance is low on your list of priorities. But choose a color for your metal bins and see if you don’t feel more productive. Maybe it’s the way the stacked look gives your facility a neat, put-together appearance. Or maybe it’s the way they add some much-needed organization to the chaos of your warehouse. Either way, Stackbin metal bins add an aesthetic appeal you may not know you need until you get it.

4. The more bins you order, the more money you save.

Storage comes at a cost. A very high one sometimes. But Stackbin proves storage doesn’t have to cost you a ton. Each individual bin is set at a reasonable price to ensure you won’t have to dip into your savings. And who orders a single bin, anyway? Metal storage containers are at their best when ordered in multiples. Lucky for you Stackbins from A Plus Warehouse decrease in price per unit the more you buy. This way you’re getting the most storage and savings at the same time.

5. They’re the original Stackbin metal bin.

You might not think name brand products matter much in the world of industrial storage. But hear us out when we say you need to pay attention to Stackbin. They’ve been building these products since 1931. That’s over 80 years dedicated to strong storage! Stackbin has spent all that time refining and perfecting their product. And that’s a history we can get behind. Not all metal bins were created equal. And now you know five reasons why Stackbin metal bins are among the best. Order your Stackbin metal bins today and see for yourself how great they are at meeting your needs!

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