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5 Ways the “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Offers Quite A Lot

April 27, 2016  |  Comments


A Bit Of Everything Cabinet

You’re familiar with the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none,” right? It refers to something that has more than one function, but doesn’t excel at any of them. Each function is adequate. Well, the A Bit of Everything Cabinet is the exception to this phrase. This cabinet is GREAT at what it does!

But what does it do exactly?

The A Bit of Everything Cabinet, which is a type of 5S lean cabinet, follows a strict methodology. It Sorts, Sets in order, Shines, Standardizes, and Sustains to the highest degree of quality. We’ve explained what that means here and why this cabinet is a great choice for your industrial workplace.

"Sort" Your Tools and Hardware

At its most basic level, a storage cabinet needs to store items. You’ll be happy to know the A Bit of Everything Cabinet has 72 bins, 4 drawers, 2 cabinet shelves, and 12 door shelves. If that isn’t enough for you, you can order additional cabinet and door shelves to build your ideal storage station.

"Set in Order" Your Workplace

The fourth principle of the 5S methodology, “Set in order,” is more important than it seems. Tightening up the organization around the workplace can increase everyone’s efficiency. This 5S lean cabinet offers the storage capability of three different products in one. There’s no question where a certain tool or bit will be when you’re using the A Bit of Everything Cabinet. Everything will be right where you need it.

a bit of everything cabinet

"Shine” On You Crazy Cabinet

To “shine” means to keep a workplace clean. With its superior organization, this 5S lean cabinet passes this requirement with flying colors. Speaking of colors, you can order bins in yellow, red, or blue to make your workplace shine.

Maintain the Highest “Standard” of Storage

Believe it or not, storage has a standard. Every storage feature, be it cabinet, shelf, or bin, must meet the demands of your workplace. The A Bit of Everything Cabinet features all three, so you can bet it can meet your standards!

This Cabinet Does Not Lack Self Discipline

We admit it’s kind of weird to think of a cabinet as having “self-discipline.” All that means is you can rely on it to work when you need it to. After all, this 5S lean cabinet features a 14GA steel design and a 700# shelf capacity. So don’t worry about self-discipline; this cabinet has plenty.

The “A Bit of Everything Cabinet” Does It All

Modern industrial workplaces need a lot of storage. Bins, drawers, and shelves offer a good amount, but oftentimes it’s hard to find a single storage product that meets all these needs.

That’s where the A Bit of Everything Cabinet excels. It contains all those other types of storage in a single cabinet. Get one today for your workplace and see why it can be the only cabinet you need!

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