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A Plus Inplant Office Buildings Qualify For Accelerated Depreciation According To Recent Tax Laws

April 16, 2007  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse designs, delivers and installs inplant offices and inplant buildings nationwide. The prefabricated inplant offices are made by National Partitions, PortaKing, Portafab, and other fine names. A Plus Warehouse National Partitions buildings are available nationwide with factory installation. Both the offices and buildings are available with or without load bearing roofs. 

A Plus inplant offices can be used as administrative offices, shipping and receiving offices, cafeterias and break rooms, conference rooms, sound, paint and dust enclosures, janitorial supply rooms, clean rooms, plant foreman's office or computer and engineering labs. They also provide prefabricated mezzanines to accompany modular offices.

All systems feature a non-progressive design and easily accessible electrical wire ways for simple reconfigurations or expansions. Inplant modular components are reusable and interchangeable, making moves & changes to a new location possible. 

Plus, inplant offices are completed in about 25 percent of the time of permanent construction and can save up to 50 percent of total project costs compared to traditional construction; they also allow drastically reduced down time with no mess, dust or debris. 

Often, an inplant office can be installed over the weekend, ready for occupancy (and work) Monday morning in a clean, quiet, comfortable environment. 

All material is pre-cut, mitered and comes completely finished requiring no sanding or painting. Customers can choose from a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors allowing owners, architects and contractors the freedom to design offices from high profile administrative offices to industrial applications. 

A Plus Warehouse offers the finest structural performance in the industry. The wire studs act as true structural posts, which are capable of carrying increased load and spanning up to 50 feet without the use of additional structural steel or post inserts. 

The A Plus design and manufacturing process includes several quality checks to ensure that each job is built to each customer's expectations. For example, customers can add a second story, tear down one big office and construct two smaller ones. 

Manufacturing is quality controlled at each step: from raw materials through paint line, resulting in a product that will provide customers with years of maintenance-free use. A Plus Warehouse inplant offices and buildings are rugged and durable, and will continue to meet business facility space needs for years to come. 

To learn more about inplant offices and buildings, call A Plus Warehouse today at 800-209-8798 or visit

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