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A Plus Warehouse Gets Ready for Summer With Swamp Coolers

May 7, 2018  |  Comments

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Summer is just a month away and A Plus Warehouse is ready to keep you cool and happy this summer! For those of you who will be experiencing extreme heat and dryness this summer we have you covered with our collection of swamp coolers. The swamp coolers can be used outside in very dry areas to cool you off with its evaporative power, or it can be used to cool workers down in a warehouse. Our coolers are easily portable so you will not have to worry about bringing them from one place to the next. No worker will be straining their back moving our evaporative coolers. Employee love these coolers because it keeps them comfortable in their work environment, which in turn will make them more efficient.

the king evaporative cooler

Why not purchase our 50 Inch Evaporative Cooler from A Plus Warehouse this summer? We are positive that you will love this contraption and it will help to make your work life this summer much more pleasant. This is the biggest cooler we offer and it is still portable because of the 4 inch casters. This grand fan can cool 6500 square feet. That is more than enough for your warehouse. One may think that a piece of equipment that is so extravagant must be loud, but in fact it is quiet and is comparable to a light rain fall. If anything, that sound may calm employees and make them more peaceful. Swamp coolers at A Plus Warehouse is just what you need this summer. Buy yourself one today before summer starts so you can be completely ready for the summer heat.

A Plus Warehouse only wants the best for all our customers, whether we have known them for a while or if it is a new customer. The employees at A Plus Warehouse are ready to help you choose what swamp cooler you need for your summertime experience. Give a call at 800-209-8798 or email us at [email protected].

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