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A Plus Warehouse Goes Green With Berms!

July 8, 2016  |  Comments

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Containment Berms

A Plus Warehouse proudly presents that we are going green; we sell high quality berms to help us save the world from unwanted vehicle toxins. Berms are placed under a large vehicle so the oils and other waste dripping from the vehicle does not end up on our ground. Also, when one is cleaning the vehicle, the dirt and waste on it will not touch our Earth a bit; the Berm will catch it all. SetSize200200 drivethroughberm Without the Berm, one would be terribly hurting the environment, when you add the Berm you are no longer causing problems to our Earth. We are taking safety precautions to make sure our world is not destroyed. If you are looking for spill containment, you have come to the right place.

We have imgres a Drive Through Flexwall Berm. This open walled Berm is perfect for big trucks to drive over. Since there is an open part, a truck can drive through it very easily. The standard color is black, and we have quite a few sizes to choose from. We can even make a special order for the size you want. Washdown Berms are also very popular among our customers. You can wash your vehicle without worrying about the toxins because they will all be captured in the Berm. This Berm has quick and compact storage, which is ideal for a confined area. This Berm can hold up to 1800 gallons of liquid!

Do you want to go green too? An excellent way to start would be by buying these Berms! Don’t let gross waste flow to Earth. Purchase this Berm and you will no longer worry about waste again! Remember, go green, be clean, buy a Berm FROM A Plus Warehouse!!

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