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A Plus Warehouse | Here to Sell You Meat Saws

May 21, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is now selling meat saws! It may not fit in with our warehouse equipment trend however, if we have it you can buy it. Just because you wouldn’t put it in a warehouse, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong anywhere. You most certainly would put it in a food industry. We sell a lot of product to food industries, so we figured why not include more food service equipment onto our website.

This meat saw is extremely powerful, it ranges from 1 HP to 3 HP so be careful when sawing your meat. This piece of equipment has two different sized cutting tables for you to choose from. There is the standard one and then the larger one. They both work the same, yet the larger one can work with more meat at a time and larger meat. Not only can this butchering machine cut through meat, but it can even cut through bone. What could be better for your butcher shop?

meat saw

To go along with your meat saw, you may also want to try our deluxe meat grinder. Sure you will need to cut your meat in your food industry, but you are also very likely to need to grind the meat as well. Our meat grinder fits in with most food establishments so you might as well buy the one from A Plus Warehouse today! This meat grinder includes a stainless steel head, worm, and knife. The sausage stuffing equipment comes attached. Our product will not let you down, it is reliable and efficient.

A Plus Warehouse is here to satisfy you with your material handling needs but we also what to provide you satisfaction with food service equipment. To learn more about what we sell give us a call at 800-209-8798 or visit our website

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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