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A Plus Warehouse Storage Lockers: The Best Kind Around

July 20, 2016  |  Comments

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Learn About Heavy Duty Storage Lockers

Need Storage Lockers?

A Plus Warehouse has plenty of High Quality Storage Lockers to offer you. We have wire storage lockers, wire mesh, army lockers, single and double tiers, combination, and so many more! Just glance at the website and you will be surprised by our variety. These lockers are handy to have when you need to store bulky items. When storing large items, nothing does better than our storage lockers. They are very durable, which is an excellent quality for storage equipment. This is a low cost method for storing valuables safely. Typically one would use these in condominiums. This product is larger and cheaper than a usual steel locker. Also, these products are all quick ships!

Our Newest Storage Lockerstorage lockers

The California Stock Wire Storage Locker is perfect for your storage needs. This is perfect for any apartment complexes. You can choose between the single or double Tier when buying this. You can even put together Starters and Adders to make the perfect appliance for your Warehouse! This will save you much money because, you will be able to combine sides. Also, a wall could be used as a side, which will definitely lower price of your product because you will not need all sides, unless the product is in the middle of a room. This has 14 GA steel frames. Also, if you buy the optional shelves, you will see that each shelf can hold 125 pounds. This is also great for those who live around California because it is in stock there.


Here, at A Plus Warehouse we want the best for our customers, and with the products we have we can provide you the best warehouse equipment around. Call us at 800-209-8798 and get your fabulous storage locker!


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