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Bird Repellent Products from A Plus Warehouse Provide Non-Lethal Method of Bird Control

June 16, 2009  |  Comments

Birds are always a pleasure to see out in nature or in an aviary, but wild birds in close proximity to where people eat, work and play is another story. More than 60 transmittable bird diseases are associated with geese, pigeons, starlings and house sparrows. A Plus Warehouse, a leading national material handling dealer is a nationwide online dealer for non-lethal BirdX bird repellent and bird control devices. 

“Not only are birds in any building an annoyance, but many potentially deadly human diseases are caused by birds. It's essential to get birds back to nature and away from where we live and where we keep our food and water,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. “We sell the bird controls you need to keep your facility safe and sanitary.”

Since 1964, BirdX has been making high quality bird control devices. BirdX bird control products annoy birds through ultrasonic sounds, lasers, and strobes. None of these things are a bother to people; they're just terribly annoying to birds. BirdX bird repellent products can be placed in attics, ledges, schools, offices, warehouses and other popular nesting and roosting sites for wild birds.

“As a health conscious, green company, we are proud to carry BirdX bird control products which do not kill or harm birds, they simply scare them to other areas that are not protected by bird control,” said Stairman.

In addition to bird repellent and bird control products, A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer of essential material handling equipment including lockers, steel shelving, industrial conveyors, storage cabinets, tilt trucks, work benches, metal cabinets, and plastic bins of all types.

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