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August 17, 2017  |  Comments

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 Bollards at A Plus Warehouse

Bollards are a necessity in several different occasions. A Plus Warehouse will supply you the bollards you need for your work zone. Not only do we sell you typical bollards, but we also have movable bollards, folding ones, curved ones, spring loaded ones, and even smoker bollards. Bollards are known to block off an area, but we go to the next level by adding more to a standard one. Not only will the smoker bollard protected an area from a vehicle, but it also supplies a place to toss away cigarettes. Instead of having both a bollard and smoker trash, you can combine the two to make for more space and to save money. Our bollards will prevent speeding cars from crashing into your building. Protect your buildings and people!ornamental bollard

Our folding bollards are excellent for parking spaces. It works as a blocker but it also can take some force. The blocker will be clearly seen and cars will not be getting destroyed from hitting it. If a car lightly taps a folding bollard there is no damage, but if a car lightly taps a steel bollard, there may be some dents.

car and bollard image

Just like many other places, we also have the pour in place bollard. This bollard is permanently set in place. This is good for some places that want to maintain an exact boundary, however many places are always changing and resizing therefore, a movable bollard is the way to go. If a building and parking lot is constantly resizing, what better way could there be to not waste money trying to take down old bollards and buying new ones then have a movable bollard?

movable bollard

All our bollards are high quality and trusting. We choose our vendors wisely so we can give the best to our customers. We aim to give our customers their best satisfaction. Do not hesitate to visit our website or call us at 800-209-8798!


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