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Bulk Product Management Made Easy with Pre-Configured Bin Shelving and Tilt Trucks from A Plus Warehouse

June 17, 2008  |  Comments

Warehouses and companies can now save time and effort with pre-configured bin shelving and bin cabinets from A Plus Warehouse, a leading national material handling dealer. 

A Plus Warehouse sells tip-out bins in strips ranging from one bin up to ten bins per strip. These plastic bins can be as small as two inches and as big as over ten inches. Plastic bin systems from A Plus Warehouse are pre-configured for ease in ordering and to eliminate the worry of ordering the correct amount of nut and bolts, the optimum amount of strips and strip mounting hardware. 

"Bin cabinets are just what you need if you are storing many small or medium size parts and want a bit more organization or security," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Ordering the proper amount of shelf bins to maximize storage space on shelving can be confusing however, so we started offering our systems pre-designed. Order our bin shelving systems and you won't worry about having too few bins."

Many companies dealing with large quantities of small and medium sized objects also turn to A Plus Warehouse for tilt trucks, which allow the user to collect and move large quantities of materials. 

"When you have bulk product that needs to be transported then dumped, tilt trucks are your best choice," said Stairman. "These eliminate the lifting, carrying and hand emptying of buckets or barrels, and just save you a lot of overall time and effort."

A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer of material handling equipment including bin cabinets, tilt trucks, work benches, metal cabinets, industrial conveyors, plastic bins of all types, strip doors, loading dock equipment, anti fatigue matting, packaging supplies and platform trucks. For more information on ordering, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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