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Keep Warm during Winter with These Cold Weather Prep Items

September 24, 2015  |  Comments

The cold season is right around the corner—is your warehouse prepared? With autumn here and winter on its way, you need to make sure your warehouse has all the cold weather prep items it needs to keep your employees warm and toasty and your warehouse equipment fully functional. Here are several items every warehouse or industrial facility needs to survive the cold months.

Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

Heat up the Place with Infrared Heaters

Nothing slows production down like the cold. How can you expect to operate heavy equipment with frozen hands? Doing so is not only difficult but dangerous. That’s why you should use your warehouse’s infrared heaters to warm up whenever you feel the chilled. While infrared heaters aren’t really for human use (they’re usually used for drying paint, laminating, or welding) there’s no reason your employees can’t enjoy the warmth they produce. Industrial infrared heaters focus heat on a central spot without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air, so if you’re going to stay warm, you’d better stay close by.

Block the Cold with Vinyl Strip Doors

You know those bone-chilling breezes that sometimes creep under your covers on cold winter mornings? Imagine that happening all the time at work. Whenever the warehouse door has to be opened for a forklift to drive through, it lets in lots of bitter cold air. But you don’t have to suffer as long as your warehouse has vinyl strip doors.

Vinyl strip doors and high wind strip doors are made from heavy PVC strips and are designed to mount over your warehouse entrance. These are the same plastic strip curtains you use for freezer applications, so you know they’re perfectly capable of withstanding the winter weather. Vinyl strip doors also keep heat in, which ends up saving you quite a bit on your heating bill.

Forklift Mounted Snow Plow

No Snow with Fork Lift Attachments

Remember snow days as a kid? Staying home and skipping school was great fun, but as an adult, being snowed in means there’s a lot of work not getting done. You and your staff can’t afford to miss work on account of the weather, so what can you do? Forklift attachments include snow removal plows and snow blades that can easily move snow and other debris away from your warehouse entrance. Simply secure them on the ends of your forklift and clear away thousands of pounds of snow at a time.

Are You Prepared for Winter?

Game of Thrones isn’t kidding when they say, “Winter is coming.” Although wearing gloves and extra layers of clothing will help offset the chill, it’s much more effective if you prep your entire warehouse for the drop in temperature. With infrared heaters, vinyl strip doors, and snow removal forklift attachments, you’ll be sure to have a warm, productive winter!

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