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Deluxe Panel Saw

March 16, 2018  |  Comments

You need a Deluxe Panel Saw today. This is one of the best saws out on the market. This product gives you the ability to cut large panels all day long.  Find out more about this unique product.

    A Plus Warehouse is no stranger to saws. Our vertical panel saws cut plywood, styrene, and foam board.  Our product catalog includes our good better and best saws, which are relatively popular. They were the start of A Plus Warehouse’s venture into the vertical panel saw line. We know that two of the most important things when ordering a saw are accuracy and ease of use. You will be impressed with the Deluxe Panel Saws .005” cutting accuracy. It is also incredibly simply to use. The operator can leave a panel stationary while blade moves both horizontally and vertically thanks to the traveling beam.

    This dream saw also has all the extra features.  A lot of customers love the carriage that traverses the full length of the machine frame. The product also includes panel mover, built in gauges with length stop, stops for horizontal cuts, self moving panel supports, and a MID-WAY FENCE system which brings small panel work to waist height. This saw is dust collection ready. A vacuum is not included with this product, however A Plus Warehouse does sell vacuums. Our industrial super quiet backpack vacuum tackles large areas as well as hard to reach spots with minimum effort.

    We highly recommend checking out the video shown below for a better idea about the product.  Trust A Plus Warehouse for high quality products you can rely on. We are always here to answer all customer questions. Our sales staff is very highly trained. When you call A Plus Warehouse, you are talking to a person-not a robot. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now

deluxe panel saw

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