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Deluxe Two Table Packing Station

June 28, 2016  |  Comments

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Packing Station 

We are excited to share our new addition to the mailing furniture section with our customers. We introduce to you the Deluxe Two Table Packing Station. There is a handful of qualities the packing station has that is virtually unseen in the warehouse equipment business. Here, at A Plus Warehouse, you will receive the best packing station imaginable. This station has the best quality material, and it is bigger than most others are. Instead of being a typical 6-foot-long table, this table is a foot longer than the usual, which means even more space for packing purposes. No one likes a crowded area while deluxe packing stationworking; therefore, the extra foot of space is a major addition to the Deluxe Two Double Station. The two-table setup is quite beneficial because, you are able to spread your work out in an organized manner.

One can be completely satisfied while working because the table height varies. The table can be two and a half feet tall, or with the magic of interchangeable height, it can extend to three feet, which enables someone who is a bit taller to work more comfortably. Instead of having to deal with a sore back due to height problems, all one has to do is purchase this table, and adjust the height to create the perfect working conditions. In addition, this packing area has a great organization system because, the top shelf holds a full 6 sections for 5 different box sizes and envelopes.

It seems as though this packing station cannot get better, yet it can. In fact, it consists of a CPU side bracket to hold a flat screen computer. This addition to the packing station can only make your work more efficient. When the computer is mounted and has its own area, there is much more space to work. Also, this is a perfect example of the modern light weight computer use.  You do not have to worry about a lack of space due to the computer, nor do you have to worry about the instability of the mounted computer

This product also would go well with a high quality anti-fatigue mat because, this job is easiest while standing therefore, you will need a mat in order to meet your full comfort while working. This packing system, along with the anti-fatigue mat will make for a completely efficient work zone.  A Plus Warehouse is happy to sell you this splendid deluxe two table packing station along with a breathtaking anti-fatigue mat to complete the packing station look. 


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