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Electro Kinetic Technologies

June 30, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse has recently welcomed a new vendor to our already long list of vendors. This vendor looks promising to the A Plus Warehouse community. We have recently added four products from tuggerthis vendor and hope to expand their line with our company in the future.  Electro Kinetic Technologies is A Plus Warehouse’s newest vendor! Each of their products is made in America.  They pride themselves on invented innovative and ergonomically focused solutions for material handling needs. All products customers order from A Plus Warehouse are guaranteed to be high quality. Our Electro Kinetic Technologies line is not an exception to this rule.  Some of these new high quality products are our tugger, platform cart, cylinder cart, and stock cart.  We are confident customers will like these new items. Our Pony Express Tugger is one of the new items from Electro Kinetic Technologies that we have available. This item has an amazing 5,000 pound capacity and is used to literally tug equipment around your warehouse. The appliance accommodates a large variety of standard and custom hitches.  It runs with Rechargeable AGM batteries and has a handle that adjusts for different heights. Another one of our new products is the Pony Express Cylinder Cart. This cart can be used for transporting items through labs or hospitals. The item features a solid steel welded rack mounted on the platform deck. Just as the previous item, this product also uses AGM rechargeable batteries. This product guarantees quiet transport without any bothersome scratching and chipping sounds. Our Pony Express Platform Cart is for customers wanting a motorized platform cart. This product is shipped fully assembled. This makes it so the customer is worry free. This product also has forward and reverse control from 0 to 3 miles per hour in fast mode and 0 to 1.5 miles per hour in slow mode. Finally, we have our last of the four products. This product is called the Pony Express Stock Cart. This product features wire chrome shelving unit and 3 adjustable wire shelves. This is a great product and we recommend it to our customers. In fact, we recommend all of these wonderful new products to our customers. Order Now.

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