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Ginormous Fans

May 28, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is as ready for summer as you are. We have had a long cold winter and are ready for a hot summer. Of course, the heat becomes tiring and potentially dangerous which is why we are here to sell you our ginormous fan. Warehouses get hot and sometimes even sticky during summer, it gets to a point that it becomes uncomfortable to work. Working with discomfort leads to more mistakes being made. When one is more focused on their discomfort they are less likely to be focuses on their work. So, we are here to provide you with this fan to improve your warehouse this summer.

ginormous fan

This fan will cool down any warehouse or work zone. With a diameter up to 20 feet this fan is sure to cool an area unlike any other fan. With a 20 feet diameter there is plenty of space being covered by cooling. Even if you think your warehouse is all set with your evaporative coolers , it still will not be as cooling as the fan. If there is one product you buy from us this summer it would have to be our giant fan. You want to be comfortable this summer. A comfortable worker is a productive worker.

Our standard color for this fan is brown, but we do have several other colors you can choose from for only a little extra money. We know that many people may not want this giant fan because of the way it looks, which is why we are here to provide you with color options. You can choose from blue, gold, green, gray, red, white, or yellow! Not only is this product so unique because of it’s size but also because of its variation. Not many companies sell fans quite as big as we do, and the one that happen to have them certainly do not sell them with color options. When looking for a fan this summer A Plus Warehouse is your right choice!

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