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Heavy Duty Structural and Regular Conveyors

June 29, 2016  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse would like to point out our favorite roller conveyors from the entire Roller Conveyor section. Both the Roller Conveyor and Structural Roller Conveyor are heavy duty machinery; the only difference is that you would use the structural one with a machine, and the regular one with your hands. They both work perfectly to transport items.  

The Structural Roller Conveyor  is used when loading large, heavy objects onto the conveyor by means of a fork lift, or another machine similar to it. The structural conveyor can handle strong forces much better than the regular roller conveyor because, the base for the structural one is built to have the capability to handle the harsh force, whereas the regular conveyor is not. Overall, anything involving loading or unloading machinery, the Structural Conveyor is the way to go.

One could use these conveyors to move almost anything such as boxes, pipes, lumber, and general work in process inventory. The ten foot center can support up to 3400 pounds, and the five foot center can hold up to 7500 pounds. At A Plus Warehouse your satisfaction is our priority so, we have plenty of roller center options for you to choose from. There must be 3 rollers under the package to ensure the package does not fall through, the smaller the package, the tighter the roller center.

We also sell guard wheels that could make the process of moving your object much easier. A Plus Warehouse has plenty of conveyor stands to adjust the height you set your conveyor at. Without the stands, using the roller conveyors can be a hassle. With a roller conveyor, guard wheel, and a conveyor stand, you could get the complete look that will make your work much more efficient and enjoyable. Buy from A Plus Warehouse today!

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