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How To Order Roller Conveyors

April 18, 2015  |  Comments


Ordering Roller Conveyors Online

Our loyal readers know that A Plus Warehouse sells Roller Conveyors by Roach Conveyors and Roll A Way - with each company having their own benefits.671

The roller conveyor on the right has .300 inch thick 3 1/2 inch rollers and have an enormous capacity - we call this the KingConveyor.

There are several steps in ordering a roller conveyor - and this blog post is about the process.  Here then are the steps..

(1) Choose the right dealer - You have chosen us already - so this is covered

(2) Consider the total weight being transported. Our conveyors have a capacity based on stands every 5 ft and every 10 feet.  Roach Conveyors have the heaviest duty structural steel stands with maximum capacity of 12,000 pounds per leg

(3) Consider the conveying surface needed - The Between Frame measure is distance between the frames

(4) Think of the smallest load being conveyed - you want 3 rollers under every load at least to prevent submarining.  All of our roller conveyors have various roller centers

(5) Now you need to think about length . Roach Conveyors stocks conveyors from 1 to 10 feet in length.  Although we only show 5 and 10 foot sections, we can quote specials easily. The price is the same per foot plus a nominal cutting fee

(6) Next consider the rollers - we typically set them high [ above the frame ] but we can set low for no extra cost

(7) For all roller conveyors with 2 1/2 inch roller diameter and greater - we can provide guard railings - if you need them , let us know

(8) Now choose the type - steel , aluminum , stainless , or PVC coated rollers

(9) Get a quote from your friendly A Plus Warehouse sales rep

(10) Place your order and enjoy roller conveyor bliss


As always - please share our lovingly written blogpost and make any comments you like.

We are your roller conveyors source




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