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How to Prevent Costly Spills

July 19, 2019  |  Comments

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Warehouse spills can be very costly, and steps should be taken to avoid and prevent this problem. A spill can’t always be stopped but the next best thing is to contain it well. A spill means little if it isn’t pricey and destructive, containing a spill is sure to avoid costly issues. To prevent this the right spill containment equipment should be used. Not to mention some spills can be dangerous and vital when working with oils or other liquids that may be harmful to humans.

Industrial spills are not good in general because it effects our environment, can harm people, and is very expensive to take care of. Some liquids should not be spilt into nature or meet human skin if it is harmful or poisonous. A System is needed to control and maintain a spill if it happens. A Plus warehouse cares about the environment and safety of our customers and because of this we have a page dedicated to industrial spill equipment. When possible, we want to protect our planet from deadly chemicals and to help us with that, we use spill equipment.


Some products used to eliminate spill damage would be berms, spill control pallets, spill control kits and other containment supplies. For large trucks containing liquids such as oils, our drive though flexwall berm will do the trick. Anything that may leak from the truck will end up on the berm rather than spilling and spreading elsewhere. For leaks that could be contained pillows, socks, sorbents, pads, rolls, and more are all items uses to absorb thee liquid and soak it up it from the ground. With the proper equipment spills and hazards can be reduced in just a few easy steps. For more information about individual spill containment products be sure to view them on the A Plus Warehouse website.

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