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Keep your trailer safe with trailer locks

November 20, 2006  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse, a leading nationwide business-to-business distributor of industrial storage equipment has answered the demands of truckers nationwide to promote and distribute these highly effective automatic trailer safety locks online. 

"Every day at loading docks across the nation powerful trucks and men are tirelessly loading and unloading equipment. These safety trailer locks secure the trucks and protect workers from catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. That's why we are proud to be the only online distributor of these automatic safety trailer locks," claims Ed Stairman, President of A Plus Warehouse. 

These premium quality trailer locks include an electric/hydraulic system that automatically grabs the truck's ICC bar. It installs easily in front of the loading dock allowing the operator to be notified immediately of any problems in deploying the hook. These trailer locks have an emergency hook release pin in case of a power outage, and they include a traffic light system displaying red and green stop and go safety indicators. As an added safety feature, these trailer locks have an electronic accumulator that allows the unit to ride up and down as the load leaves or enters the truck to prevent injuries and accidents. 

These automatic safety trailer locks are one of the many quality industrial dock equipment products built for safety and durability that A Plus Warehouse maintains in stock and ready for shipment.

In addition to the built in safety features on all the automatic trailer locks, the automatic dock levers and the activated dock levers are also designed for sturdiness and safety. The automatic dock levers mechanically line up with the trucks to eliminate human error and avoid dock worker injury. The activated dock levers allow trucks to safely and securely dock and load, thereby significantly decreasing loading time and industrial accidents. 

The galvanized rubber dock bumpers and wheel chocks are manufactured by T&S, Vestil, Pauling Rubber, and Tennessee Mat. The rubber dock bumpers reduce the risk of damage to buildings caused by trucks backing into loading docks. When the wheel chocks are in place, the trucks cannot pull out until the wheel chocks are removed. This simple and efficient safety device can eliminate costly accidents and time stoppage. 

For more information about these safety trailer locks and other safe and durable dock equipment call 800-209-8798 or visit


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